XXL Forex Real Profit Review Is Xxlforexrealprofit.com A Scam

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XXL Forex Real Profit Review – Scam or Trusted?

XXL Forex Real Profit Review – Scam or Trusted?


Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020 @ 11:37 am

XXL Forex Real Profit has created some chatter on the web since it was launched. Some blogs are even endorsing it just because it appears to be successful, thanks to the noise around it.

However, endorsing such a product is impossible for us because of the unverified claims made by this website whose domain can be accessed here — Xxlforexrealprofit.com.

XXL Forex Real Profit comes across as a game changer due to the hype that surrounds it. They’ve mounted an aggressive marketing campaign since June 2020.

And now the first thing that you will see on this website is that XXL Forex Real Profit can make you a millionaire.

We take those claims with a pinch of salt since it is not possible to change your life in such a short period of time.

In fact, most developers who sell expert advisors claim that they have the ability to change any their customers’ lives. And now am thinking: if that is the case, why can’t they change their lives first before helping someone else? It shows that these people are only interested in selling and selling some more.

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Indeed the website of XXL Forex Real Profit has ”proof” that this system works. They have posted their myfxbook and FX blue accounts for you and me to see and judge their system accordingly.

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However, before we go there, we should be addressing some concerns first.

XXL Forex Real Profit Review: Genuine or just another hype?

Personally, I hate to see people coming up with Forex robots and using hype marketing to mislead would-be users of that product.

Truth be told.. you cannot make a million dollar with this product in a short time. In fact, the reason why it is being hyped is because you can’t even make profits with it in the long run.

We will begin analyzing past and live performance shortly.

But before this happens, I’d like to state that the profit projection of XXL Forex Real Profit is kind of exaggerated. Sure, you may gamble and make abnormal profits in a short time. However, that does not mean that you will be consistently making money.

The one thing with trading is that you can’t always be sure that you will make and preserve that profit for your use. Many bogus Forex systems have a high draw down percentage.

This means that if you manage to make the alleged 86% return on investment during the first month, a big part of that money will be donated back to the market because of the huge draw down factor.

And sometimes you will end up wiping your account clean because the robot only gambles as opposed to making calculated trades.

Past and live performance of XXL Forex Real Profit

We’ve got both live and past performance data on myfxbook and fx Blue platforms.

Let’s start with myfxbook results first. As you can see from the chart below, the equity curve is plateauing after achieving a gain of +200%.

While we admit that this is outstanding performance, the period of testing is very short. What you’re seeing does not guarantee that XXL Forex Real Profit will perform the same way in the long run.

A testing period of less than 2 months is not sufficient enough to help us form an opinion on whether this robot is good or bad.

This is because it is impossible to say what will happen with this software 3 or 4 months down the line.

The same applies to the results which you’re seeing on FX Blue platform. This is a very short testing period. So if you buy XXL Forex Real Profit, you are actually gambling with your money since your decision is not based on long-term data and trend.

The equity curve on Myfxbook is kind of forming a plateau which could suggest that this developer has changed their trading strategy, or the robot is failing altogether. It is difficult to tell at this early stage. However, the fact that this equity curve stopped the aggressive climb is still a major concern.

Which strategy does XXL Forex Real Profit use?

What exactly is the trading strategy here? Unfortunately, the owner of XXL Forex Real Profit does not tell us anything.

This is a problem because all investors have a right to know what strategy this robot will be using on their account.

Traders are comfortable with various risk settings and levels. It is therefore not possible for all traders to be comfortable with one strategy.

However, we can attempt to figure it out by taking a look at the equity curve.

According to the myfxbook results above, this robot was able to yield a 74% return on investment. That’s not possible to maintain in the long run.

Secondly, it would suggest that XXL Forex Real Profit is a scalper that also takes huge risks to make more money quickly. It does not seem to trade conservatively — going by what we can see on the chart above.

So the truth is that this system’s reliability is questionable. You cannot trust a vendor just because they showed you their myfxbook results for 2 months. It’s the mistake that many traders make only to complain later that they were duped, despite being show myfxbook results prior to buying that product.


I really wonder why the price of such a ”good” Forex robot is $50 per month. XXL Forex Real Profit comes in two versions — Light version and Power version. All of them cost the same amount.

That’s the cheapest Forex robot that we’ve ever encountered on the web. Always remember that cheap is expensive. Traders who love cheap Forex products have always suffered losses.

On the other hand, those who have selected genuine Forex products at whatever budget have always reported good results.

Personally, I wouldn’t invest my money on a cheap Forex product because it would certainly blow my account at one point.

Other things worth taking note of

It seems the vendor is recommending that traders should use XXL Forex Real Profit on a $1,000 account. What if you can’t afford that amount? Probably you will get bad results. It seems.

The bottom line is that XXL Forex Real Profit is risky to trade with. After reviewing and analyzing the strategy (It was tested on a Forex account leveraged to 500:1), I can conclude that the results you will get won’t be sustainable in the long run.

Also, since XXL Forex Real Profit is very new, the vendor will have to undergo something that is akin to a learning phase, where they will update the software as mistakes emerge. It is better to invest in an established Forex robot which has already been tested several times (based on user feedback).

Our best advice for you

When someone makes claims that they have a system that can make you a millionaire, you need to question them first.

It is not enough to see myfxbook results and form an opinion about the product. Instead, a number of things should go into evaluating the product to find out its efficacy.

Therefore, I can only state that XXL Forex Real Profit is not a stable FX trading robot. The promise that this robot makes people millionaires just knocked out a number of points off this product.

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