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Best Stock Brokers by Customer Service-2020

Last updated on 20th Jan 2020
by Team Top Share Brokers

Customer service / Customer support / Customer care is a factor that cannot be neglected while trading. The client needs prompt and continued customer service from stockbroker to get trading done successfully. It is an active responsibility of a stockbroker to provide customer service through phone, email and live chat if possible, especially in market hours and back-office support post-market hours.

Here we are assessing the brokers in terms of how prompt they are in delivering the support over phone and email. All the brokers we choose in this category are reliable and consistent in providing customer service to their best and thus winning the hearts of their clients and makes them favorite brokers in the Industry.

Customer Service offered by a stockbroker or ways a broker can assist its clients.

  • Email Support: Replying of email within a few hours during business time is considered reasonable in this matter. Its depend on the severity of the incident.
  • Phone/Toll Free No: Broker can provide excellent customer care through phone and toll free no. We do not include brokers who use phone service only for call and trade and squaring up orders.
  • Live Chat Support: As far as live chat goes, the response should be immediate but is only possible during working days and for certain time.
  • Leave a message on their website: This can also help a client in getting assisted fast and directed to the specific representative.
  • Discussion Forum: This is a new and popular concept these days where you can ask questions directly to the broker related to any particular topic or issue.
  • Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials: Quick presentation of recurring issue in the knowledge-base is one of the effective ways for the online community. Training and features about the tools are best to demonstrate in video tutorials to reduce traffic on other support features.

Few brokers have Toll Free numbers while others try to do query resolution over discussion forum. Brokers like Zerodha and Upstox provides immediate response for handling technical issues. The only downside is that some of them don’t have 24/7 phone support which would be a great feature if included.

Here we come with “Best Stock Brokers by Customer Service in India“:


Zerodha is known for its online support, knowledgebase, quick turnaround, and trained employees. Overall offering great customer service. Varsity, TradingQnA, Z-Connect are the ways to connect with the clients, educate them, make them aware about the latest updates in the market. Other than online support portal, Zerodha has Email and over the phone support. Zerodha also has most discussed and reviewed discussion forum on Traderji.


Sharekhan with its quality customer support offers online live chat, phone call support, email and whatsapp number. Sharekhan’s query resolution time is pretty quick and accurate. Strong and up to date knowledge center and local branch presence helps to resolve queries faster.

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities customer care, offering like live chat in business hrs, Toll-free number, service email, Knowledge bank, video tutorials making them one of the favorites in the customer service category.


SAMCO, A discount broker is also up in its customer service by resolving online queries, strong knowledge base, customer care phone support and strong email support, query resolution and Video Tutorials.


Fyers customer service also has a very strong online knowledge base and video tutorial to help and quickly resolve queries for their customers. Offers phone call and email support. A big presence on Traderji and actively involve in all traders related queries.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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Stock Broker Customer Care – Various ways to connect with Stock Brokers

While you are choosing your broking house, then along with the other things you also need to make sure that the broking house will provide the best customer care service for the traders and investors.

Here in this article, we will try to discuss the ways in which they will provide their service. If you are willing to get a good opportunity or outcome, then you need to choose a broking house that will provide the best service.

The proper guidance from the customer care service provider can be helpful for you. The full-service stockbroking houses will provide much better customer care service than the discount stockbroker. It is very important to satisfy your clients and traders by providing top class service.

What is Stock Broker Customer Care?

Stock broker customer care service is a factor that needs to be taken in a serious way. Customer care service is one of those aspects that is normally neglected by the users because of the relevance or importance regarding trading.

When someone is willing to open a Demat or trading account, then most of the time they look for aspects like brokerage fees, account opening fees, trading platforms and so on and they neglect the customer care service.

However, traders or investors cannot deny the fact the customer care service is one of the most important parts on which you need to look properly while you are choosing your broking house.

The main responsibility of customer care is to provide their service through phone, email and live chat and they will provide necessary help during the market hours and along with this, they will also provide back-office support after the market hours.

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List of Top Rated Broking House & their Customer Care Info

Check out the best stock broker with their customer care info –

What are the various ways to connect with Stock Broker Customer Care?

Here are the various ways to connect with Stock Broker Helpdesk –

Customer Care Number

Most of the broking house is providing the customer care number through phone and toll-free number.

There are many broking houses that are providing a miss call service where you need to give a missed call to a specific number and based on your request the customer care team will connect your line with the executive.

There is no doubt having a telephonic conversation with an executive can help you to solve your problem immediately. In this way, you can also get some tips from the executive that can help you to get a better opportunity in trading.

Customer Care Email ID

If you are facing any kind of issues during the time of trading, then you can send an email. As soon as the stockbroking house will receive this email, then they will check and within a few hours, they will give you a reply by which you can mitigate the problem.

Replying to email within a few hours during the market time is one of the best and reasonable things that you can expect from a reputed stock broking house. The reply will also depend on the severity of the incident.

Stock Broker Facebook Page

You can also get some help from the Facebook page of this particular broking house. The social media platform is very active in recent times and most of the broking houses have their Facebook page from where they can interact with the clients and traders.

Therefore, if you are facing any kind of problem during the time of trading and if you want an expert suggestion, then you can contact the team through Facebook.

Stock Broker Twitter Handle

Stockbroker twitter account can also be a way for you to reach and send your queries. In this way, you will get a response from the broking house.

Along with this, you can get information and updates about trading and the stock market from that twitter handle.

Broking House Compliance Officer

The compliance officer of a broking house will make sure that all the processes and actions of the broking company are in compliance with the regulations of the trade.

If you are facing any kind of problem with the broking house or trading, then you can ask help from the compliance officer.

More Stock Brokers with their Customer Care Info

Stock Broker Customer Care – Conclusion

After the discussion, it is quite clear that while you are going to choose a stock broking company, then you need to focus on the customer care service as well.

Because if you are facing any kind of problem during trading or some other point of trading, then you can get help from the customer care service provider.

There are many ways which you need to follow in order to mitigate the queries of yours and along with this, from the customer care service provider, you can get some tips which will be helpful for you to get better opportunities in trading.

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HDFC Securities Customer Care – Find Email IDs, Contact Numbers & more

In this article, you will find all details about HDFC Securities Customer Care.

HDFC Securities is proudly serving all capitalist in a firmly and amicable way. Company has come forwarded to redefine consumer service and meet their varied requirements.

Moving further, this article emphasizes on HDFC Securities Customer Support and HDFC Securities Customer Care Timings. Here you will get full information of all the platforms and numbers to reach Help Desk.

Corporation in general receives huge number of requests on daily basis and aims to provide solution in a timely manner. Consumer can seek assistance over web portals on which company is available.

About HDFC Securities Customer Care

HDFC Securities is a brand and has come up to this stage by giving excellent clientele servicing. The base of every successful business is consumer gratification. Simpler it is for investors; more business is expected.

Being tech savvy, Good listener and multi-tasking is the main ability of HDFC Securities Helpdesk. Getting connected to the company is kept quite simpler by the firm.

Not only for queries but client also reach for getting new products and resources. Traders can use this feature for their own benefit.

HDFC Securities Customer Care Executives can be reached between 9 am in the morning to 11 pm in the evening from Monday to Saturday.

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How to connect with HDFC Securities Customer Care?

HDFC Securities Customer Care is ready to serve good consumer service by having thorough knowledge of business and products and are able to help customer make the best choice for themselves.

Connect on Customer Care Number or HDFC Securities Customer Care Email ID and share your concern. Get the details in further discourse.

HDFC Securities Customer Care Number

HDFC Securities Customer Care Number is 022-39019400. Clients are requested to share detailed information about their problem and further company will follow up on the same.

All the queries are resolved within Turn Around Time.

HDFC Securities Customer Care Email ID

By writing on [email protected], Helpdesk puts efforts to outline the steps needed to resolve a problem in a simpler way. They provide feedback as soon as client makes an inquiry.

Other ways to connect with HDFC Securities Helpdesk

Via other channels also traders can contact to the HDFC Securities Helpline. All the links and compliance Email Id are mentioned below for your reference.

Connect with other Stock Brokers Customer Care

HDFC Securities Customer Support Details

Customer Care Details
Email ID [email protected]
Contact Number 022-39019400
Chat Number NA
Chat Bot Name NA
Facebook Page
Twitter Handle
Compliance Email ID [email protected]
Compliance Officer Ms. Binkle R Oza
Timings Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m.

HDFC Securities is in business from a long time and makes effort to ensure all the consumers are satisfied. For that, Association has made themselves available on various channels to serve their traders.

Get the links and other detailed information form the table. Compliance Department has efficient team to resolve any challenging situation.

Share your concerns freely and get best results. Company gives assistance over HDFC Securities Helpdesk from Monday to Saturday.

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HDFC Securities Customer Care – Conclusion

Apart from any complaint, connect with HDFC Securities Customer Care for account opening and buying new investments or some other services.

HDFC Securities is best in market and that is why it is on the top list of every investor.

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Find Customer Care Details of other Brokers

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