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StockPair Login


We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

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This regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

Powerful binary broker that has specialized binary options and offers a vast opportunities to its clients on financial markets. Among extraordinary trading features, StockPair is regulated broker based in Cyprus. They are pioneers in pair options where traders can experience the highest performance in this trading segment. All traders can first tryout StockPairs demo account to get familiar with trading platform that is one of the most user friendly platforms we have met.

StockPair Offers Unique Feature

StockPair has released more simpler way to trade binary options named KIKO Options where traders are able to trade without setting the expiry time. This means that traders will have opportunity to predict the upper or lower price targets that will first hit the asset price.
Besides interesting features, exclusive trading platform and many available assets, StockPair has one of the best banking systems that are simple and fast. StockPair lets traders to withdraw as little as $20 and you can also make a cancellation of withdrawal request under cashier section. Traders that are mostly on the move can use StockPair mobile application and get updates no matter they are. In overall, StockPair is considered to be one of the best brokers in binary industry.

For Platinum members, the benefits are huge! All the benefits listed above plus a 2% cash back up to $150,000. And VIP members have the advantage of all the features above plus 3% cash back. For those who are not aware of what cash back is, it means free money given to you monthly.

Does StockPair Work

Using StockPair is very easy from the time of registration to the time of money withdrawal. Registration is very simple and depositing money can be done using a variety of methods. The trading platform is extremely easy to use and consists of all the tools and features required to be successful. This is an advantage for traders who have no previous experience.

There are also other informational content and videos that traders can access even before they sign up to have an idea about the type of assistance they receive and the trading experience they are going to have. Additionally, there is a mobile application that traders can download on their phone so they can receive updates any time during the day.

Profits depend on the type of assets chosen. For example, traders will receive 75% to 85% when they select fixed rate pair options. On the other hand, they will receive returns worth 350% if they select floating pair options.

They don’t charge traders with any hidden commission and fees when they purchase options. This is very important because many online brokers out there charge customers with hidden charges that they aren’t aware of, but this isn’t the case with StockPair at all. In addition, customers are going to find assistance any time of the day.

Stockpair Login

If you are thinking about starting trading with binary options, StockPair is one of the best choices you can choose to start with. This extraordinary regulated broker will give you best possible trading opportunities and ensure you have the highest trading experience.

Open Account With StockPair

Before you can start trading, you must open your account and provide data for initial registration. This process is very easy and quick, and after you manage this, you will start trading in seconds! On StockPair homepage you will be offered to start with quick start registration form. After finished registration, StockPair will send you email to activate your account.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

Verify Your Account And Make Deposit

Before making first deposit with StockPair, customers will provide some of their documents in order to continue with registration. Customers need to prepare:

• government issued ID with photo
• utility bill that proves your address
• credit card if you plan to use it for deposits and withdrawals

Now you can start trading with StockPair and make your first deposit. Traders that deposit more than $500 will be awarded with 25% signup bonus. It is easy to monitor your trades, which will especially be helpful for newbie traders that don’t have much trading experience.

StockPair Experience

StockPair is founded in early 2020. As a trading brand of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. and located in Limassol, Cyprus. This is a powerful binary broker that serves clients in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition to provide professional and secure trading environment, StockPair obtains transparency of data, latest financial technology and, beside clients security, they are licensed by CySEC since March 2020. StockPair platform is specially designed web based platform that enables accurate real time pricing and inventive visual interface that will make strong impression on every trader.
Our review has shown that StockPair enables the best trading experience with many different trading features. Their innovative technology has managed to accept traders with all levels of experience. In other words, StockPair portfolio managed to satisfy professional clients and traders with less trading experience. All traders are welcome to choose between wide section of assets and experience different trading methods. StockPair is one of the leading trading platforms that provide trading pair and binary options. Trading platform is user friendly and one of the best we have seen among many brokers. Traders can also experience trading from their mobile devices and enjoy all the advantages that are offered by StockPair.

StockPair Affiliates

StockPair has one of the best affiliate programs in the online binary options world. The main reason why affiliates should join this program is because they will actually receive commissions for the work they do. This is definitely a credible affiliate program and traders have nothing to worry about.

The main issue here is that a lot of online brokers offer promises that aren’t true at all, but this isn’t the case with StockPair where they inform affiliates exactly what they’re going to receive. Additionally, they will receive all the assistance and information they need to be successful with the program.

For example, they can contact customer service whenever they have a question or inquiry about something related to the affiliate program. The first thing you have to do is register to the program by filling up a registration form. You will then receive your affiliate ID that will be used to track your referrals.

Referrals are the individuals that you successfully get to join them. The affiliate ID is individual and you will be the only person using the same ID. You will also receive different marketing tools that you can use to attract traders.

These marketing tools include banners or other marketing techniques that you can use to successfully get traders to join the program. The final step would be earning revenues from customers that you successfully refer. Even though this might all seem confusing in the beginning, affiliates will receive all the assistance they need to become successful.

StockPair On The Go

One of their best StockPair features is the mobile application that customers can download on their phone. This enables customers to receive updates and notifications all the time and no matter what time or place they are in.

The StockPair mobile application is very fast and has an auto-update system that enables traders to continuously receive updates anytime they want. There is a large bandwidth that is allowed for every trader to ensure that the application will stay fast all the time. This means that you will be able to download and use it no matter what the storage of your phone is.

One of the main benefits of using StockPair’s mobile application is that it is extremely safe and this is is very important, especially because most mobile applications these days aren’t secure. There is an application for smartphones and another one for Blackberries which means that it is accessible to everyone, no matter the phone type. Another great thing about using the application is that enables to check updates no matter when or where. Internet connection or wi-fi service is required for receiving updates all the time.

Just like their trading platform, the mobile application is very easy to use and it won’t take a lot of time to get used to it. In addition, StockPair provides customer service and assistance for any trade out there who is having problems in downloading the application or using it. This just proves again how much StockPair cares about their customers who utilize their services and want to make sure that they provide them with as much assistance as possible.

StockPair Regulated by CySEC

StockPair is regulated since 2020. The binary options online broker submitted their application in 2020 to become authorized by the CySEC. They are also waiting for their license from various financial bodies such as Banque de France.

This means that they are going to be regulated very soon, especially now when they are considered to be one of the best online brokers out there. Even though they haven’t been regulated until now, they have definitely proved themselves and didn’t take this as an excuse not to provide high-quality services to customers. If traders go through online reviews and forum websites, they aren’t going to find any complaints about them at all.

This is mainly because they do everything they can to satisfy customers. This includes their easy to use trading platform, friendly customer services, bonuses, and easy withdrawal and deposit processes. All of this has contributed to StockPair being one of the best in the online trading world. There are also various assets that customers can choose from that aren’t available in other online brokers.

For example, StockPair provides traders with seventy various types of Pairs that they can choose from such as Stock Pairs from Europe and the United States. On the other hand, TradeRush has a very limited selection of seven stock pairs that traders can choose from. This can definitely be an issue for traders who are looking for a greater selection of pairs to invest in. This definitely provides traders with a lot more to choose from, especially if they are experienced traders.

StockPair Tips

There are different tools and features on the trading platform that traders can take advantage of in every step of the trading process. The StockPair platform is a platform that is web based and this means that there isn’t any software that should be downloaded. The appearance of the website is modern and user-friendly and traders won’t have a problem using it at all.

There is an FAQ section that traders can access to get answers to any questions they could have. In addition, the website is available in eight different languages and this means that traders are going to be able to use it no matter what their main language is. This is very important because many traders have found a lot of difficulties in understanding various aspects of the trading platform because their native language is not English.

To trade successfully with StockPair, it is essential to get familiar with the trading platform first. There is a lot of informational content that traders can read before they start trading. In addition, StockPair provides traders with a fully equipped demo account and a bonus.

The demo account is excellent because it enables traders to get the feeling of what it is like to trade with real money. They have definitely gained more credibility by creating a demo account that both beginner and experienced traders can use to become familiar with the trading platform before they actually start trading and invest their money.

StockPair Trading Reviews

Trading with StockPair is definitely a smooth process. The minimum deposit for live trading accounts is $200 and the minimum to open positions is $20. When traders make the minimum deposit, they aren’t going to be able to trade with money management that is less than about 10% of their capital per position. This is why it is recommended that traders make a deposit that is larger because this is going to also enable them to enjoy a 50% bonus instead of only 20%.

There are over 171 different assets traders can choose from. These assets consist of 150 various assets from different companies such as Boeing, Goldman Sachs, and even BMW. StockPair also provides traders with a variety of currencies such as USD/CAD and GBP/USD, indices such as CAC and DAX, and commodities such as gas and gold. StockPair also provides traders with an outstanding demo account. Experience can definitely be a barrier with beginners who want to start trading online, especially for those who have never used an online trading platform previously.

However, beginners have nothing to worry about when it comes to the demo account of StockPair because it consists of all the trading tools and features you can imagine to get you started in the trading world. Another benefit is that it is completely free to use and there aren’t any hidden charges. All of these features are the reason why StockPair have positive trading reviews in all the different online forums and websites.

StockPair Login

StockPair Login – Login to your Stock Pair account

One of the leading brokers in binary as well as pair option trading in the market is StockPair Trading . You can easily take advantage of the international market by trading in binary options with the help of this broker. The web based trading platform is extremely efficient and easy to use. With correct predictions, you can easily obtain a payout of 82% or even more while trading in binary options with Stockpair. But, in order to start trading you will need to perform Stockpair login.

How to perform Stockpair login

In order to carry on binary options trading and pair options trading with Stockpair, you will need to open an account and perform Stockpair login every time you want to execute a transaction. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the web page of Stockpair and click on open an account. The registration form will appear. Here, you will need to supply some personal information like name, address and email. Once these details are submitted, you have completed registration and have opened your account with Stockpair.
  • During this time of registration, you will have to create a username and a password for your account. These details will be necessary in order to perform StockPair Login later.
  • Now you need to fund your account by depositing money in it. You can deposit any amount between 200 and 2000. The currencies in which payments are accepted are British pounds, euro and American dollar. If you are thinking of depositing more than $2000, you will have to authenticate your account by submitting certain documents like photo ID and address proof.
  • You can log on to Stockpair and start trading any time once the money has appeared in your account. In order to perform Stockpair login successfully, you will have to provide your username and password every time.
  • These steps are necessary to maintain the confidentiality of your account. Apart from this, Stockpair employs some of the most advanced and trusted security systems of the world to safeguard your personal information.
  • Of course it may happen that you forget the username or password of your Stockpair account. There is an icon marked “forgot password” just below the sign in box. Click on this link for assistance. If you still cannot remember your password, you will need to contact the StockPair Support team. You can call them up on the numbers provided on the website during the working hours of the weekdays. Otherwise, you can email them. This highly professional and efficient team will then help to smooth the process of your Stockpair login.

Earn high profits while trading with Stockpair

As soon as you perform your Stockpair login, you get access to over 76 assets and a variety of trading tools and platforms to help you trade more efficiently. With practice, you can easily make as high profits as 83% while trading with Stockpair binary options

a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

StockPair’s Unique Features

StockPair is one of the many choices you have available when looking for a binary options trading broker. It is also one of the best. It offers a robust and effective platform, plus it is an open and honest operator in a market where it is not always easy to find trust. We were pleasantly surprised when conducting our review, and have no hestitation recommending StockPair.

Registering an Account

The steps to register an account are quick and easy to go through, but there are a few stages you will have to complete. If you have been a member of one of the less scrupulous binary options trading platforms in the past you might be surprised at what you have to do to get an account at StockPair. The reality, however, is StockPair operates its registration in a clear, transparent and honest way. It has to, after all, as it is a regulated company in the EU. Our hope is that all binary options trading platforms come up to the StockPair standard.

After entering your basic details you will have to provide proof of identity and proof of address. The proof of identity has to be government issued, so can be something like a passport or driver’s licence. Most people use a utility bill to prove their address. Going through this process also makes withdrawing your profits from StockPair smoother and quicker.

In addition, you will need a method of deposit. For many this is a credit card but, as already mentioned, many deposit options are available.

During the process you will also be asked to choose a currency to manage your account with. The options are Euros, British Pounds, and US Dollars. Make sure you select this option carefully as it cannot be changed once you have confirmed your details.

Understanding Pair Options

We have written several guides, articles, tip sheets, and tutorials on binary options on this website, plus you will find many more on the internet. Pair options are a unique feature on StockPair, so it is worth spending some time explaining them in more detail, as well as how they work on StockPair.

In your main StockPair account or demo account you will see two different types of pair options to choose from:

  1. Fixed pair options – these options have an expiry day/time. You have to pick the best performing of the two as analysed from the date/time of purchase to the date/time of expiry. That date/time of expiry could be five minutes after your purchase, up to 150 days after your purchase.
  2. Floating pair options – these are options which are analysed over a set period of time. This could be a day, week, or month. You have to pick the best performing option over that period.
  3. Fixed pair options – returns of between 75 percent and 85 percent, depending on the asset pair you select. That rate of return means you can build a profitable trading strategy in a relatively short space of time, providing you bet on the right option.
  4. Floating pair options – even more potentially lucrative, but it still depends on you making the right selection. Getting it right, however, means profits of up to 350 percent.

You then have to select the pair you wish to trade on. As mentioned earlier, there are many different options to choose from. The best advice is to choose stocks, currencies, indices, or commodities that you are familiar with.

Once you have selected a pair you will see the average gain and return percentage of each of the two options. You can then select the one to trade on.

When you do you will get a chance to finally review all the details of the trade. This includes the trade itself plus the potential reward and the time of expiry. If you are happy you can confirm the trade.

If you get stuck anywhere in the process you can consult the detailed FAQ section of the website. This has answers covering many of the main topics that a trader needs using StockPair including info on placing trades, managing your account, banking, and more.

Trading On StockPair

After you have become familiar with the StockPair platform and, if you are a beginner, trading binary options, you will want to start trading for real. This is where you can start making real money.

This review is not about helping you with a trading strategy – we have written a lot about that topic elsewhere. Instead it is about helping you understand what trading on StockPair is like, and how you can get the most out of the system that you can.

When trading, you must have a minimum open position of $20 on your trades. You have 171 assets to choose from including about 150 stocks. This includes major blue chip companies and many familiar names as well as some you may not know much about. You can also trade on currencies, indices, and commodities.

Assets you can place trades on in StockPair:

  • Stocks – Apple, Amazon, Barclays, BT, Facebook, Google, Heineken, HSBC, McDonald’s, Vodafone, Exxon Mobil, and more from six stock exchanges in Europe, the USA, and Australia
  • Currencies – USD, GBP, CAD, and more
  • Indices –NASDAQ, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, Australia Securities Exchange, Forex, Moscow Exchange, and more.
  • Commodities – oil, gold, gas, and silver

Actually placing a trade on StockPair is simple. Here are the steps you have to take, depending on the type of trade you choose:

How to place a trade on binary options – this is a four step process. First you select and asset and then choose a direction. This is where you indicate whether you think the price of the asset will go up or down. Then you choose a timeframe. This is the expiry time. Finally, you select the amount you want to trade.

  • How to place a fixed pair options trade – this four step process will walk you through the steps required to place a fixed pair options trade on StockPair. You start by selecting the asset pair you want to trade on. You then have to select which of the two assests you think will perform better. After that you select an expiry time, or timeframe. Finally, you enter the value of the trade.
  • How to place a floating pair options trade – this is a similar four step process to the previous option. Again, you start by selecting the asset pair you want to trade on, and you pick which on you think will perform better. Instead of selecting a specific expiry time, you select a timeframe such as “today”, “this week”, or “this month”. Finally, you enter the value of the trade.
  • How to place a KIKO options trade – trading in KIKO options is also simple. In fact, it only takes three steps. The process starts by selecting an asset. You then select which target figure will be reached first. Finally, you enter the amount you want to trade.


We have already talked about the welcome bonus and signup bonus that is available when you first sign up for a StockPair account. Other bonuses are available for registered account holders too. These vary but are made regularly available. They typically include risk free trades and cash back bonuses.

Your account manager will usually contact you when a bonus is available, giving you all the details of how to get it and the conditions attached. For example, if you are offered a cash back bonus, you might have to maintain a minimum balance on your account for a period of seven days to qualify for the bonus.

You can also reach out to them directly if you have any questions or queries.

StockPair Reviews and Demo Account Availability

StockPair’s demo account is only available to registered users who have made a deposit of at least $500. It is therefore not an evaluation account. Instead it is an account that you can run alongside your main trading account so you can learn the platform, test trading strategies, and learn how binary options work, without risking your own money.

The only way to evaluate the StockPair platform, therefore, is to visit their website and read detailed reviews like this one.

Stockpair Review

Regulated by CySEC: License No. 229/14

Minimum Deposit

Welcome Bonus

US Traders not Allowed

Regulated: Regulated by CySEC: License No. 229/14
Payout: 82%
Min Deposit: $200
Min Trade Amount: $20
US Clients:


Max Trade Amount: $500
Bonus: 40% up to $500 with 3% Cashback
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: Custom Built
Mobile Trading:
Web-Based Trading:
Automated Trading:
Mobile Alerts:
Trailing Stops:
GTD Stop Loss:
Limit Orders:
Guarantee Execution:
OCO Orders:
Charting Package:
Trading Signals:
Market Analysis:
Option Types: High / Low, Pair Options
Expiry Times: 60s | 90s | 5m | 10m | 15m | 30m | 1 Hour | End of Day | End of Week | End of Month
Payment METHOD NAME Charge Time


Full Review

StockPair is a regulated binary options brand operated by Nextrade Worlwide Ltd. They are fully regulated by CySEC under license number 229/14), making them a safe and trusted broker. Unlike other brands, they are also registered with a number of regulatory authorities in different countries such as Italy (CONSOB) and France (AMF).

The StockPair platform is an example of a proprietary trading platform, developed by this company with a filed patent (they even won’s “platform of the year” in 2020).

One of the great things about StockPair’s innovative platform is that they offer very high payouts and that you can choose a fixed expiry time at any point during the day. For example, if you want to choose a 1M, 5M or 15M expiry time than you can do so at any point. This distinguishes the broker from other SpotOption and TechFinancials based brokers, which only let you choose expiry times that are available on their platform. The advantage of using StockPair then is that you can apply your own binary options strategies and analysis to enter you trade as soon as you receive a valid entry signal.

Payouts and Expiry Times

StockPair offers excellent payouts of around 5-10% higher than most brokers. This definitely sets them apart and enabled you to make a higher return on your investment. The two trade types that exist on StockPair are as follows:

a) An 82% payout for the paired option trade.

b) 80% payout for a successful bet on the Call/Put option.

The use of the loss return function will reduce the payout by a maximum factor of 10%. Payouts are also affected by the use of the Early Closure function. Expiry time starts at one hour and traders can also set expiry times to last 150 days.

Bonuses and Promotions

Traders on StockPair can get the following bonuses:

a) Welcome Bonus: A welcome bonus of 20% to 40% awaits all new traders on StockPair depending on the amount used in opening the account, with the 40% bonus given to traders who deposit as from $500 and above into their account. The lower bonus is for those who deposit StockPair’s minimum of $200.

b) Special Bonuses: The special bonuses include a 3% CashBack Bonus for Platinum and VIP account holders and seasonal bonuses that are given at special times of the year.

Assets and Expiry Times

StockPair has one of the widest asset classes in the stocks division of any binary options broker. There are also other assets to be traded on StockPair. The traded assets are:

1) Stocks: AOL, AVIVA, AXA, Air France, Amcor, Apple, BHP Hilton, BNP Paribas, Baidu, Barclays, Bayer, Boeing, British Petroleum, CISCO, Caterpillar, Commonwealth Bank, Daimler AG, Dell, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Fedex, Ford, France Telecom, Google, Marks and Spencer, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Merck, Microsoft, NEXT, Origin Energy, PEPSI, Pfizer, RBS, Rio Tinto, Sainsbury, Sanofi Aventis, Shell, Societe Generale, Starbucks, Telefonica SA, Tesco, UPS, Unilever, VISA, Verizon, Vivendi, Vodafone, Wesfarmers Ltd. Wal-Mart, Woodside Petroleum. ExxonMobil, Woolworths Ltd, Yahoo!, Zynga Inc., eBay.


3) Commodities: Oil, natural gas, silver and gold.

4) Stock Indices: Dow Jones, AEX, CAC40, DAX, FTSE100, Nasdaq, S&P500, Tadawul (TASI).

There are special trading tools for traders on StockPair. Some of these tools are as follows:

Traders have access to mobile trading apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Stockpair has a Trade Simulator which demonstrates by video the entire trading process on the StockPair platform. In addition, there is a trade sentiment bar which shows the commitment of traders to an asset and can give direction as to whether the asset will rise or fall based on trader demand.

Price quotes or assets traded on StockPair are delivered to the platform courtesy of Reuters news agency.

Deposits and Withdrawals

On StockPair the following transaction methods are used to deposit funds and withdraw from accounts:

a) Credit cards (MasterCard and VISA)

c) E-payments e.g. Moneybookers and CashU.

The minimum deposit on StockPair depends on the account type. The most basic is the silver account which requires only $200 a minimum deposit.

The maximum deposit a trader is allowed to make on StockPair is $3,000.

Minimum Investment Amount

The minimum a trader can invest on StockPair is $20.

Traders operating the Silver Account are charged $25 per withdrawal for bank wires, but holders of the Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts can withdraw via bank wires free of charge.

Customer support on StockPair is available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week via:

  • Phone: +44 2030269430
  • Live chat:
  • Email ( [email protected] ). The online contact form also serves as a form of email communication through the form-to-email functionality.


StockPair has become one of the safest and most trusted brokers for a number of reasons. Asides from being CySEC regulated, they have an extremely good reputation among binary options traders in the online forums and communities and you rarely hear anything bad about them. They process withdrawals quickly and provide the highest payouts in the industry.


By honey on May 29, 2020

Stockpair is a binary options trading brand owned and operated by the Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. The company is based on Pythagora Street in Cyprus.

It specialises in retail financial trading and offers a hassle-free platform for brokers to trade in financial markets. Being among the innovative pioneers of pair trading, Stock pair offers the best pair options deal in the Eurozone.

Recently, they’ve introduced KIKO options (Knock In Knock Out Options)—an interesting method of trading where traders predict which of the lower or upper price barriers the asset prices will reach first. The unique thing about KIKO trading is that it doesn’t involve expiry period perhaps this is why traders from all over the world visit StockPair to try this innovative method.

Is StockPair a Scam?

No, we don’t think so because:

Stock Pair has provided a valid geographical address for their business on their official website: Their registered address is 3, Pythagora Street, Pythagoras Court, 4 th Floor, CY-3027, Limassol, Cyprus. Stock Pair customer support service is reachable at +1-917-383-2217. You can also drop them a mail at [email protected] This proves their authenticity has a trading broker.

They have positive reviews and ratings by customers. We’ve visited several blogs and forums to check authentic customer reviews and inquired about their platform on social networks. The customers seem happy, as they receive payments on time. The company doesn’t have any serious complaints registered against them.

Their operations are regulated and licensed by the CySEC—one of the largest European regulators. They’re also authorised for trading by UK FCA. Approval by licensed regulators state that the company complies with their standards.

Their website receives a steady inflow of traffic via two domains— and, which again reflects high happiness index of their customers. The website with extension “.net” is usually accessed by South African traders (which make up 12.13% of the total global traders) whereas the “.com” domain is visited by Europeans (25.31%) mainly French, the British (8.66%) and the Gerans (7.81%).

Trading Platform, Options & Software

Unlike other brokers, Stockpair uses its own custom-tailored, proprietary trading platform, which is easily navigable and comprehensible for the users. Their paired binary option is an effective marketing strategy that lures more customers to their platform. In 2020, the brokerage added more assets—commodities, indices and currency pairs to their list.

The platform lays out instructions in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Nederlands, Arabic and Svenska languages—which again denotes the rich diversity of their customer base. Most of their traders flock in from Saudi Arabia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

  • Minimum account deposit is $/£/€ 250.
  • Traders can trade within the 20-6000 USD/GBP/EURO bracket.
  • Stock Pair uses a patented trading platform where traders can access unique tools for analysis.
  • Some of their unique features include the “Trading Sentiment Indicator”, “Early Close” and “Technical Analysis Chart”.

Technical Indicator

This unique feature predicts market forecasts, based on the data provided by Faunus Analytics industry and Financial business intelligence groups.

Technical Indicators

The website has technical indicators for RSI, Bollinger Bands and Moving Average that enhances trading experience. Resultantly, the customers don’t need to contact third parties for acquiring knowledge on Trades.

Trade Types

Stockpair deals in pair options and up/down binaries.

Up/Down Binaries include the classic binaries and KIKO options, wherein traders predict the higher and lower prices of options at the time of their expiry. If their predictions are true, their trade will expire in the money. If their predictions are false, their trade will expire out of money.

Fixed Pairs trading includes comparison of 2 assets. The general idea is to find out how the assets will perform in relation to each other at the time of expiry.

Floating Pairs includes trade outcomes based on the performance of an asset in relation to another asset.

Bonus & Promotions on Offer

Stock pair offers up to 25% bonus on the deposit sum of £500. If you deposit over £ 1000, you get access to special features, in addition to the signup bonus offered by the site. The offer is not applicable on deposits below £500.

Besides this, Stock Pair offers 2% cash back (Free Money up to £400) on a trading volume of £20,000, irrespective of whether you earn profits or suffer a loss on your trades.

Mobile Trading

Stock Pair website is compatible with mobile browsers. Nevertheless, if you still want to use their app, you can check out the Stock Pair mobile application (available in both Android and iOS version).

Different Types of Trading Accounts

To make trading convenient for traders, Stock Pair offers not one, but 5 types of account.

Non-Premium (or Starter’s Account)

Silver Account

  • Minimum Deposit: £ 1000
  • Minimum and Total Investment Limit: £1000/trade, £6000 in total.
  • Cash Back: 0.5% per month (on minimum monthly trading volume of £10,000).

Gold Account

  • Minimum deposit: £5000.
  • Maximum and Total Investment limit: £6000 per trade, £18000 in total.
  • 1% Cash Back on Monthly trading volume of £25,000.

Platinum Account

  • Minimum deposit: £20,000
  • Maximum and Total investment limit: £10,000 per trade, £30000 in total.
  • Monthly cash back: 2% on minimum monthly trading volume of £50000.

VIP Account

  • Minimum deposit: £€50,000
  • Maximum and Total Investment Limit: £20,000 per trade, £60,000 in total.
  • 3% cash back on minimum monthly trading volume of £100,000.


Based on the nature and expiry of option contracts, the average payout return on is 80% for Up/Down Binaries. The maximum return value is 350%.


Stockpair is licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (with license no. 229/14). The company acts according to the standards set by the European MiFID (Union Markets in Financial Directive). The company is EEA (European Economic Area) and FCA (British Financial Conduct Authority) authorised to offer a wide range of services in the United Kingdom.

Due to these regulations, all customers falling under Stock Pair authorisation are protected under ICF (Investment Compensation Fund), up to £20,000.

Do they Offer a Demo Account?

They don’t offer a demo account separately, but along with a live trading account involving real minimum deposits up to £500. Their demo account contains virtual money and functions same as any live account. Many customers don’t use it because the authentic trading platform of Stock Pair is simple as it is.

Countries Available

Stock Pair serves clients largely from the Eurozone and a few selected countries, such as UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, France, Spain, Italy, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa.

Final Verdict

What’s Hot?

  • Innovative options
  • User-friendly platform
  • Superior customer support
  • Wide ranging trade assets and tools

What’s Not?

  • High initial deposit requirements
  • Limited choice in trading contract
  • Tough conditions for attaining cash back

If you’re looking for an innovative, flexible brokerage, Stock Pair is the best option available in the industry.

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