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Quantum Binary Signals Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on April 2020

What is Quantum Binary Signals?

For all those people who are looking for the best option for binary signals, then Quantum Binary Signals is for them. In this Quantum Binary Signals review people will know everything they need to know about this product.

This product allows each of the people who use it and follow its instructions step by step to become the best traders in the market by having the possibility to know what the best investment strategies are for them to be productive. With the great accuracy of the signals that people can receive through a great team, people will be able to improve and have a good and great investment in response to their efforts to learn about the subject.

This is not one of the many Quantum Binary Signals reviews that can be found on the internet, but people will be able to know how with the help of trading experts they can earn a greater amount of money than they were winning by just knowing the trading world and become experts in this.

The experience of more than twenty years that several of the “mentors” in this product present is the key to the people who have just started to have a better learning and know all the tricks and secrets: trading is not as easy as it is believed. And because this experience is what really matters, Quantum Binary Signals pdf is the only one capable of providing it and is the reason why it is the most desired and used option when trading.

Once people know about this signal service, they will have the ability to decide for themselves which is the best choice in the subject.

What does this system offer?

In this Quantum Binary Signals review people will be able to know who the mentors with more than twenty years of experience that are available to help them in what they need and that are in charge of explaining the bases of the trading are. In addition to this, the trades can be done in a simple way so they do not take so much time, up to eight trades a day through SMS or email can be done.

With the signals offered by this service, people can trade indices, stocks, commodities, forex and binary options as well.

The success rate will increase between 75% and 85% from month to month. In addition, no prior experience is needed to manage this system and the fear that some kind of risk may arise along the way must be dismissed.

How is Quantum Binary Signals used?

Other Quantum Binary Signals reviews do not provide such detailed information as the one that will be shown below.

The first thing that all people should download is Quantum Binary Signals so they can then subscribe to the page and create an account to be able to access the service. What will happen next is that the signals are going to be sent through both SMS and email, since a lot of users cannot be constantly aware of the changes that happen in the market and to spend all day sitting in front of the screen of their computer in order not to miss any possible beneficial trade.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

Throughout the day are sent three signals that are based on the accuracy of this system to each of the traders. The only thing people need to do before starting to trade is to paste the signals into the software so that they can analyze and interpret them before showing in the chart which the best options in the market are.

Some of the qualities contained in this system are:

  • Expiry and assets: The main reason why most people usually choose this system is because they always choose the most efficient assets through which they can trade in a simple and efficient way by just using the signals provided by the software. With this system you will be able to trade indices, commodities, and stock options. People will have the ability to trade according to the time available, but the expected time for the expiration of these signals is between fifteen minutes to one hour.
  • Performance and win rate: not being totally based on indicators and graphs, the accuracy of this software is 80%, thanks to the great capacity of experienced traders who offer their opinions and help. People have the ability to choose whether they want the option of having the information sent via email or SMS, or there is also the option of choosing both ways so that the information reaches the destination and the way of trading is much simpler.
  • Price and details: Quantum Binary Signals free is not an option, but the good news about the price is that people will be able to pay per day or per month to use this product. The service per day costs $4.96 while per month you should pay $149. Best of all, all those people who prefer to try this system before paying it all, is that they have the possibility to try it for seven days for only $9.99.
  • Easy Withdrawal: people will have the great possibility of getting a profit withdrawn in just a few days and without suffering from any problem. Traders are always looking to get the greatest experience they can when using this system.

Is this system a scam?

“Quantum Binary Signals is a scam” is an already made phrase that appears in large quantity of products that are really a scam, but this system is not one of those products.

The difference with this system is that it is not based on technical analysis like most products of this style, which does not mean that it is a scam. To achieve a little more credibility, this system should come with the option of “Quantum Binary Signals free” trial so that people can know more carefully about it before prejudging it.

If people want to get more out of trading, then they should get this program where they get help from experts in the field instead of paying for software that does not really work.

What are the benefits that can be obtained with this system?

The benefits that this system offers are:

  • The traders responsible in helping people have more than twenty years of experience in the subject and are the ones that offer the best help in choosing the signals.
  • Throughout the day, and every day, an amount of three trade signals will be sent by email or to mobile phones.
  • The process is so simple that it will only take people a few minutes a day to use the system.
  • Traders will have the possibility to deal with commodities, indices and stocks.
  • You have a chance of 85% of succeeding in the trades that are made.
  • The risks that people run while following this system are very limited.
  • You have a seven-day paid trial to see if a person understands the system.

In addition, the company provides a wealth of solutions for people to understand the data that relates to investment and trading. Being able to join the website to be able to download the Quantum Binary Signals pdf is what makes people feel safe with the program since after the signals are copied, the system will do all the work.

The official product page ( is well diagrammed but does not contain much information about it, which is why this Quantum Binary Signals review provided as much information as possible about it.

Unlike other Quantum Binary Signals reviews, what is offered in this is that the person has the possibility to know that the team is formed by professionals of the trading with great experience in the subject, and that even if there is not a free version, with only the seven-day trial version people can learn how to use this program to get the most out of it before finally deciding to buy it.

Where can I buy this program?

Quantum Binary Signals download is available on the official product page. People will be able to perform the trial version and if they are then satisfied they can buy Quantum Binary Signals. Review Visit site

Live discussion

Join live discussion of on our forum profile provided by, Apr 3, 2020

Founded in 2020, is a portal for aspiring forex traders to follow and learn from professionals, in real time.

The 24hr trading room features 5+ live daily streams from a team of experienced professional traders. During these streams the traders discuss the market live, take trades and provide trading advice to members within the room.

In addition to the trading room, there is also a comprehensive forex educational academy across 100+ instructional videos which take students from beginner to advanced trading techniques.


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Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Your feedback matters!

Consumer Reviews

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Unfortunately, it seems you have not watched any of our walk-through videos or looked around the trading room properly.

Yes, members of our community can post signals and trade ideas for others to view and for the mentors to comment on them, but mentors themselves contribute trading signals and it’s entirely up to you who you follow for their signals.

In fact, we offer a feature that allows you to get direct email notifications when a mentor publishes a signal or a trade idea.

Please feel free to reach out to our chat support if you feel like you need any help navigating the trading room or understanding the products! We’re available 24/7.

Best regards, team

Service use: Other

We’re sorry you had a less than satisfactory experience with – please allow me to clarify some of the details.

Firstly, we do NOT charge your account before the trial expires. Only after your full 7-day free trial is done and you decide to stay we then deduct the amount, based on your plan, from your account.

The pricing is as follows – $97/month for the monthly plan, $297/6 months for the half-yearly plan and $567/year for the yearly professional plan. These allow you access to various levels of benefits (for example, we include a free 1-on-1 with Andrew Lockwood in the yearly plan!).

Our Trading Academy is designed for beginners as well as more advanced traders, that’s why you will also find very basic videos in there – we don’t want to leave anyone out! :)

Please accept our sincere apology for your inconvenience and should you decide to give us another shot, we’re happy to give you another free trial so you can experience the great value our service offers properly this time and stress-free!

Best, Team

I visited the site the first time and went through it.

Length of use: Have not used

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Service use: Other

Length of use: over 1 Year

Terrible name, Brilliant site to learn.
Well, 2 years past in November, so from not knowing anything, where am I now? Im 2 years into a 4 year degree is the short answer. Yes it takes 3 to 4 years to be successful at trading . I started with Andrew, then moved on to Mark. And there I will stay, focused on one style of trading . I would now consider myself a good trader, But there is so much more to learn to be consistent in a changing market. 2020 was hard for me, but that made me concentrate on the process. Thanks everyone associated with this site. Howard.

Oct 28, 2020 – 5 Stars I often drive 4 hours to go fishing with a Guide. He teaches Me how to fish, What to look for, Where to cast and what technique to use. I have been with for almost 12 months, I have only been trading for 12 months, before that I had only heard vagley about the FX market. I was a complete newby. The Mentors , Especially Mark , Have taught me how to fish ! and I am now making a consistent Profit ! If your looking for somewhere to give you fish, this it not the place!
You must put in the effort and learn yourself !! I took this on as a business ,and structured It that way. I treat the education side as equivalent to a 3 year uni course ! Hard work, but I am dedicated to it. Everything you need to do this is supplied via over 100 videos ! Also you can message any of the mentors with a question. If it is to hard to answer in written form, They will show you in their next stream. The mentors stream at least once each a day. As I am in Australia , Mark is fist up in the morning for Me ! He looks at every pair before the stream and picks out potential trades, then shows you why he likes it , what To look for to enter, and what areas for your stop loss and take profit. He teaches you to fish for yourself .

Jun 2, 2020 – 5 Stars Well, It has been a gruelling 7 Months for me, But I can now comfortably trade on my own! Something that should have taken years. Yes I have been on the computer 12 to 14 hours a day, looking at charts, Using the training that Mark Andrew and Joel have provided. I knew nothing when I started, Never had anything to do with economics or trading of any type. I started from scratch, and these Mentors and the Forexsignals members took me under their wing and helped train me Well . You don’t need to go anywhere else to learn properly. But don’t expect free signals, They are there, But you are encouraged to learn and make your own analysis of the signals provided. Many of the signals go into detail as to why the decision was made to trade that pair. Trading is now My business, And forexsignals is a crucial part of it.

Signals Review: One Day Wonder Options

One Day Wonder Options serves real time trade alerts to their clients through emails and social media. Although, they send the trade alerts only on Friday of each week. They claim weekly options are the ideal choice for the day traders who are keen to make profits in any market. Besides, weekly options enjoy the volatility of traditional options that generate the probability of winning trades with higher gains.

They creator of the service is David Drabik but haven’t disclosed his personal profile or any information related to his trading career. To contact One Day Wonder Options you can send them emails by simply filling their contact form. By using your email address, you can also subscribe to their free news alerts about market updates.

One Day Wonder Options Review

One Day Wonder Options introduce themselves as the prime binary options trading signal provider in the financial markets based on their successful track records as they’ve claimed in their website. They believe that trading less in the market and focusing on potential trade opportunities only once a week helps them to be more organized, disciplined, and promising as an organization.

This is in line with my other recent binary options reviews, as you can see with Consistent Options Income, OptionWisdom, and Options Payday Alerts.

However, trading only once a week may not sound very useful to full-time traders who look for potential trade opportunities in the market in every single day. Their features look to be a better match to part-time market participants. I have no issue in the quality over quantity approach that they are preaching here. Let’s have a look at them:

Weekly Trade Signals

They serve the trade signals only on Friday mornings between 9:30 AM and 12:00 PM of each week through emails and other preferred social media networks. They claim their strategy is able to take the advantages of markets with high liquidity and detect profitable binary options trade opportunities on a consistent basis for their clients. According to their signal history, it is quite clear that they provide trade signals fir stocks. Those who are interested to trade Forex and Cryptocurrencies may need to clarify with them in advance before final subscription.

Trade Signal Frequency

It depends on how many potential trade setups they manage to detect within the early morning of each Friday. According to their statement, the number of signals varies from 1 to 3 (max) each week. Again, this is a low trade frequency, so understand that before you consider getting involved.

Signal Serving Mediums

The prospective signals are passed to the clients through:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Twitter

Nevertheless, the signals are sent as links directed to their main website. It is required to click and follow the link in order to unveil the recommended trade signals.

Execution Rules

Trades should be executed within 15 minutes upon receiving the trade signals alerts. Each signal is valid for 24 hours only. Clients are offered assistance surrounding trade-related issues through their customer support department.

Performance History

A track record about their trade signal performance period from 27th July 2020 to 5th October 2020 has been uploaded on their website. The summary of the record is as follows:

  • Total trades: 20
  • Winning trades: 17
  • Losing trades: 3
  • Winning trade percentage: 85%
  • Losing trade percentage: 15%
  • Average return: 138.02%
  • Highest return: 806% on July 27, 2020
  • Lowest return: -98% on August 24, 2020

There is no doubt that the performance shown in their statement is quite lucrative and profitable. However, these records are unverified and not audited by any third-party regulatory organizations.

Subscription Fees

  • Monthly: $149
  • Quarterly: $299 ($150 off)
  • Yearly: $699 ($800 off)

Subscribed clients get a personal account with a username and password in order to access all the trading related features on their website.

Transaction Methods

You can pay them the subscription fees by using the following methods:

  • Paypal
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Global Network

Certificate & License

Unfortunately, there is no license no. mentioned anywhere in their website that claims themselves as a permitted trade signal service provider. Furthermore, they have NOT disclosed any certificate that proves them as a regulated organization in the financial markets.


One Day Wonder Options tried to attract traders by offering highly profitable trade signals with self-certified profit statements. Besides, they’ve failed to disclose their physical address, phone numbers, license, and verified documents neither in their business profile nor on their website. It is an ordinary approach to clients in this market but doesn’t tick all the boxes to verify them as a trusted trade signal provider.

If you have any experience with this group, please leave your comments below the article now.

Honest Trading Product | Reviews

Forex Reviews Ι Stocks and CFDs Brokers

When you want to trade Forex, Stocks, Futures, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds or CFDs, there’s always a broker or an exchange where you can open an account to facilitate your trading.

In fact, since trading became popular on the internet, hundreds of brokers have sprang up and they all masquerade as “the best brokers” to trade with on the internet.

Some of the features they use to lure traders include:

  1. Education capabilities
  2. Market research and analysis including weekly trade ideas
  3. AI software for trading
  4. High leverage and tight spreads
  5. Deposit bonuses
  6. Cutting-edge trading platform

Because there are literally hundreds of brokers on the internet offering the same exact thing, one may ask:

How do we choose the best broker and avoid the bad ones?

To answer that question, we’ve selected 3 brokers that we think have at least met industry standards.

These brokers are ranked according to features, level of customer support, regulations, reputation and many other factors.

On the other hand, we leave traders to decide which brokers they want to choose. Usually, one trader’s style is different from another trader’s strategy.

The two traders cannot be satisfied by one broker due to their varying trading styles and needs in general.

The list of the best brokers to trade with

As we’ve said previously, we’ll rank brokers based on their capabilities and most of these parameters are looked at in favor of the client.

So we’ll also look at how they handle customer funds, structure of their business, whether or not they’re regulated and also length of time that they’ve stayed in operation.

On top of that, we usually update this list to reflect any changes or actions that may have been taken against any broker by their respective regulatory authorities.

We’re only listing brokers that are regulated by financial organizations listed below:

Some of the financial regulators above are made up for independently governed agencies while others are operated by the Central bank of the country where the financial regulator is based at.

Our Ratings: 80/100

Withdrawal time: Under 24 hrs

MT4 and MT5: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $100

Support: Very Good

Our Ratings: 75/100

Regulated: FCA 19776 IBC 2020

Withdrawal time: Under 2 hrs

MT4 and MT5: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $50

Support: Very Good

Our Ratings: 75/100

Assets: Forex, Stocks, Options, Crypto

Withdrawal time: Under 2 hrs

Minimum Deposit: $10

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  • October 2020 (21)


Our reviews are honest and truthful. We expose investment wackadoodles on the internet. On the other hand, when a trading product or service is good, we let you know.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

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