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Signal Software Review: FinCrowd

Today I’m taking a closer look at a new signal software being promoted by Sam Maxwell, FinCrowd. This binary options signals service is promising an 89.7% success rate, which is extremely high, so we have to be very cautious to ensure that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. The sales page looks very slick, and professional, but there are quite a few elements that need to be called into question.

The location of Maxwell’s headquarters is not provided, and there doesn’t seem to be a contact email address either. So, I’m not sure if support is even an option. This is not a good sign. For all binary options products and signal services rated in one place go here .

FinCrowd Review

The first thing we see when we come onto the sales page is the headline “you could make in a month what you make in a year!” This attention grabbing style of headline always strikes fear with me, because it’s so often associated with schemes and tricks. This FinCrowd review contains a healthy dose of skepticism, and it’s rightly so. Now, let’s take a look at some of the features.

  • Award Winning System. They claim that the service has won over 20 awards, for client safety, satisfaction, usability and trading signals. Yet, the service is just being released, so this isn’t possible.
  • Responsive & Friendly. Their “One-Click Auto-Trader allows users with no experience to easily operate FinCrowd for their benefit.”
  • Secured Trading. They claim to work with only the top binary options brokers. I tried seeing what brokers they use, but every time I put my email in, it just refreshes the page over again.
  • Results. They claim that the best way to measure their success is by the results of their clients. However, they don’t provide us with any trading results, or account statements to look over.

How It Works

Despite the real lack of content on the FinCrowd website, there is still a handful of spelling mistakes that attacks their credibility. That aside, let’s look at how this is supposed to work. The concept is simple, they do the research, you get the trades and have to do nothing to profit. Sounds simple enough, but it also sounds, too good to be true.

Disclaimer Deception

One thing that I really like to do in my reviews lately is look at the disclaimer provided by the development team. In this case, the FinCrowd disclaimer is evidence that this service cannot be fully trusted.

Over 99% of the conent on the sales page comes via a YouTube video. There are many headlines and graphics in this video that say things like “Britany Mann, Actual FinCROWD Trader earns up to $20,000 per month.”

The problem with this, is in the disclaimer. Which reads “sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the FINCROWD 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.”


The disclaimer alone is enough evidence for me to avoid the FinCrowd service. As much as I would like to give every system like this a shot, there are so many, and a disclaimer that tells me that everything is for entertainment purposes, does not leave a good taste in my mouth. It’s unprofessional, and deceitful. My rating today is a mere 1.4.

Thank you for stopping by, and let me know if you have anything you would like to add.

Fincrowd App Review – SCAM Trading System Destroys Industry!

Is Fincrowd a SCAM or LEGIT Trading System?

Fincrowd by Sam Maxwell at is a dangerous scam trading signal services that recently trick traders! With pledges of earning thousands of dollars per day, the reality is far from it. Please spare a few minutes to understand our Fincrowd Review where I shall share some evidence of falsity within the system. As much as trading online with the help of auto-trading tools can work! But investing with Fincrowd will end up as a losing investment within a short span of time.

With a high number of complaints ever since Fincrowd App came into the industry this May 2020, my review team investigated and affirms several phony aspects. Sam and his team of liars build an impression of professional hedge fund services. Furthermore, using the concept of crowdfunding to lure us, investors, is nothing but a smokescreen towards the truth.

If you are interested in earning some extra money online, it is advisable to hear me out and learn some facts on this “Get Rich Quick” fraud. There is only a handful trading system that is actually good for traders. Because scammers are actively trying to produce a fraudulent trading app that promises unrealistic profit potential. But at the end of the day, these over promising statements leads to bad investment.

Why is Fincrowd a SCAM?

Firstly, the concept of crowdfunding investment Fincrowd uses doesn’t quite make sense in the financial trading world. It simply doesn’t give anyone an extra edge but the term simply mean gathering initial capital. Equity crowdfunding is simply a process investors fund startup businesses. Hence, the whole infrastructure Sam Maxwell represents is actually another hoax.

It’s also shocking to find the extent of falsity in the presentation itself about both Sam and Fincrowd as a company. I’ve checked out his background whereby he is supposedly an Analyst from Highbridge Capital Management in New York city. Interestingly enough Sam has zero certification on financial trading or any social records of his expertise.

Make no mistake, Fincrowd claims that it served investors over the years winning 20 awards. But there is NO real award given to this bogus company! They have only recently emerged within the trading community to trick traders this month and did not exist before early this year. There is no Client Safety, Best Trading Signals, Client Satisfaction, Usability and Client Results available for us to verify. In reality, Fincrowd App doesn’t perform 89.7% success rate nor at 70%. Victims that lost money with this software shared that it works at best 50% which is not enough to make a profit!

Fake Demonstration & Character!

The falsity doesn’t stop there as I found more alarming details about the people associated with Fincrowd. Since Sam is a bogus CEO creator, it is no surprise that everyone else is scam actors! True enough I identified some of these actors true identity. For example one of Fincrowd’s Chief Technology Officer, David Wang, he is actually an actor named Quinn Knox. Even the success story and testimonials are scripted act that provides no genuine demonstration, unlike the one I show.

Some of these scam actors are from where they support these unrealistic claims and lies on Fincrowd. Stories of earning thousands on the first day also contradict the presentation that claims to grow 4% – 7% per day growth. Which is a very weird thing to say when the math doesn’t add up especially these small growth doesn’t reflect thousands of profit from few hundred dollar investment?

Up to this point, I’m confident to say that the presentation is inconsistent even to the point of illogical calculations. The demonstration shown in the presentation is using fake trade history that has same entry/expiry date and time. Also, the payout doesn’t add up where the presentation shows a $50 payout with $25 investment. Typically this is not possible as brokers payout ranges between 70% to 90% of invested amount, not 100%. Note that the same execution and end date/time across all trade are typical scam tactic. Scams that ends up in my Blacklist commonly use such cheap tactics to fool viewers!

Hence, there is no reliable demonstration or trade history to prove their actual success. Simply because Fincrowd will never be able to show a real showcase when they perform so badly.

Fincrowd Review Conclusion

Please stay away from Fincrowd SCAM because it is a bad investment tool that drains your initial investment. With the information above paired with negative complaints on this trading system alone shouts bad news. The lack of proper demonstration, as well as genuine successes, is replaced with misleading and false information. Crowdfunding is not a trading methodology that has anything to do with trading!

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How to Start Trading The Market Successfully?

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Auto Trading – This is basically a trading software that runs on an algorithm to execute trade decisions on your behalf. However, there are many scams out there that don’t perform up to standard. Hence, it is important for you to check our Blacklist and make sure not to invest into the phony software. You can also check out my demonstration of some Trading Software which I personally tested too ! Check out the Links Below for some example!

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Fincrowd is Scam! Critical Review

If you have been hearing about Fincrowd and have plans of joining them stop and read this review first. The is a dangerous scam trading signal services and we want to prove it to you. This software have been marketing their app to trick traders to sign up. They promise thousands of dollars of earning per day but the truth is far from it. We are not discouraging you to trade online. We just want to warn you about this scam app. We understand how painful it is to lose your hard-earned money so we want to protect you.

Therefore, we recommend you to read our Fincrowd review before you decide.

From the time the Fincrowd was introduced in the market, there have been lots of complaints. We have investigated and confirm some phony aspects. Sam Maxwell the alleged developer of this app is lying from start to finish. He not the only liar in their website, he has a team of liars. The system uses the concept of crowdfunding to lure investors to put their money in their system.

There are only a few legit trading systems that traders can trust. Because scammer are trying to produce a fraud trading app that promises unrealistic profit potential. These exaggerated promises will lead to bad investment. applies the crowdfunding investment but does not make sense in the financial trading industry. It does not have any extra edge but the term mean collecting initial capital. In short the equity crowdfunding is a way investors do to fund startup businesses. Thus, the entire infrastructure Sam Maxwell represents is just another hoax.

What we also find out is the extent of falsity in presenting itself about Fincrowd as a company and Sam Maxwell. In the next paragraphs we will reveal to you the truth about his identity and the reality behind this app. We will figure out what they are doing to trick people and how they convince people to sign up. According to them they served investors for more than a year and winning 20 awards. We will see about this claim if this is real or not. They also claim that the system has an 89.7% winning rate. The claim seems reasonable but still they do not have enough proof to show it.

Fincrowd is Scam – Three Evidences

According to them the system is so efficient that it provides users with the possibility to earn up to $1000 per day. It is equivalent to 6% profit from their investment via Fincrowd. We have doubts that the company can provide such profit thus we investigate even further and we are right. This review will reveal the lies and how dangerous this scam app is. Continue reading as we present to you our evidences that will prove Fincrowd a scam.

Official Website |

If one wants to earn more money online, it is best that you read first this Fincrowd review. You can learn a lot from this review.

First Evidence – Fake Reviews

Obviously we have a bunch of fabricated characters here. These individual appearing on the video are all paid actors. It only proves that Fincrowd is scam because they cannot provide proof from their real members. Why would a legit company use paid actors to prove its legitimacy? This trading signal service is a complete fraud. There is no real company behind this app.

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These individuals have never made money using this application. Actually, they did not sign up or invested money on it. If one checks out the Disclaimer in their webpage you will ead there that the sales video is fictitious and they used actors. Also, a trading application needs to be regulated and this one is not. Therefore, the Fincrowd app is illegal, because it is completely anonymous.

Second Evidence – Who is Sam Maxwell?

Why use an actor to represent the company? If they are proud of what they have accomplished why do they have to hire someone to act as Fincrowd CEO. Yes, Sam Maxwell is a paid actor. This is not surprising as most of the scam websites do this.

They hire an actor to act in front of the camera and pretend as Fincrowd CEO. He is from If the CEO is fake then obviously what he offers are all fabricated and people should not believe him at all.

Third Evidence – Fake Awards

Fincrowd claims they have been in the market for years and received over 20 awards. It looks like they lost track as to when they registered their Upon checking at, the application was registered on March 22, 2020. Therefore, the company is just a baby and it has been operating for two months only. But if you visit their website, you can see there that they have received 20 awards. How a two month old app was able to get all those awards. This software is a scam and has been lying all the time.

Fincrowd Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review reveals that Fincrowd is scam. The fake CEO, the actors on the video and the fake awards and winning rate, these are all sign of a fake software and it possess them all. Never trust such website with these indications or you will be sorry.

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