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What is a Profit Maximizer? Here are 5 You Should Try.

Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Recipient of Comparably’s Best CEO ’17

September 26th, 2020 min read

The most successful businesses excel at one thing that mediocre businesses don’t – maximizing the value of their customers.

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones,” a million times. While this is true most of the time and it’s solid advice for lowering costs, it’s not really great advice for businesses that want to maximize profits .

When you’ve got a Customer Value Optimization (CVO) system in place, you’ll gladly spend the money to acquire new customers. After all, your ability to outspend your competitors on customer acquisition is your biggest advantage.

Let your competition worry about how to save money here and cut costs there – we’re focused on growing profits, not cutting costs!

The second of legendary marketer Jay Abraham’s business growth methods is to “increase the average transaction value per customer.”

That’s where the Profit Maximizer comes in handy.

What Are Profit Maximizers?

The simplest way to think of a Profit Maximizer is an upsell, but Profit Maximizers come in many forms and the upsell is only one of them.

A Profit Maximizer has one primary goal – to increase the average transaction value of your customers.

More specifically, a Profit Maximizer is typically used to immediately raise the average transaction value, resulting in immediate ROI.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Best Binary Broker!
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While mediocre businesses are focused on a single offer, smart (and insanely profitable) businesses are creating funnels with multiple offers to maximize their profit per customer .

For example, let’s say you have a $100 offer that you’ve sold to 100 customers. That’s a total revenue of $10,000.

You might not realize it, but roughly 30% of those 100 customers likely would have bought a $300 offer immediately following the purchase of the first offer. That’s an additional $9,000 of revenue, nearly double the amount of revenue generated from each customer!

That’s the power of a Profit Maximizer.

Now imagine how your business would transform if you reinvested all of the profit from your first offer and, instead, kept the profit from your Profit Maximizer. Sure, in this example it generated $1,000 less revenue, but you’ve gained thousands of dollars that can be invested in customer acquisition, exponentially increasing potential profit.

Are you starting to see why businesses like Starbucks, Amazon, and Best Buy love Profit Maximizers? More importantly, are you starting to realize how difficult it is to compete with a business that uses this model?

Good, now let’s take a look at five different types of Profit Maximizers that Inbound Marketers can use to increase the value of each customer.

1. The Upsell

Without this type of Profit Maximizer, McDonald’s would not only be out of business, but they never would’ve made it this far.

It might surprise you to learn that McDonald’s doesn’t make any money on their Core Product, the hamburger. Well, technically they make about $0.18 profit since they spend about $1.91 to acquire a new customer.

However, the fries and Coke that come in the combo meal (the Upsell) provide an additional $1.14 in profit.

Would you like fries with that?

They’re not alone. Although it might seem like Best Buy makes their profit from 4K TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles, the reality is that they are selling their Core Products on paper-thin margins to get you in the door.

Best Buy’s real profit comes from their Profit Maximizers like accessories and warranties. While they aren’t making much on the new PS4, they’re making a killing on PS4 accessories and warranty plans. Other Profit Maximizers they upsell are installation and Geek Squad support.

What could you be offering as an upsell?

2. The Cross-Sell

If you sell a lot of products or services, the Cross-Sell is another Profit Maximizer you should consider.

You see this in action all the time, most notably by Amazon, the king of cross-selling. Unlike upselling, a Cross-Sell doesn’t have to be directly related to your first offer, though the more related they are the higher your conversions will be.

One thing that Amazon does well is pitching the Cross-Sell after you’ve added an item to your cart or you’ve made a purchase. This is important because cross-selling can be distracting and you don’t want to jeopardize the initial purchase or it defeats the purpose.

3. Bundle/Kit

Product/service bundles are one of the timeless strategies that marketers have used for decades. They also make for an effective Profit Maximizer.

Bundles are great because they work well for products and services. Inbound Marketers can especially benefit from Bundles when they combine high-margin information products with lower-margin physical products.

What could you bundle with your Core Offer?

4. Value Buckets

Similar to a Bundle, Value Buckets maximize the value of each transaction by increasing the total quantity of items purchased. The key difference is that you’re offering a slight discount in return for your customer purchasing a higher amount of your Core Product.

This works extremely well for high-margin consumable products because there’s room to be profitable at a discounted price and consumables get a lot of repeat purchases anyway – so you’re really doing your loyal customers a favor.

I recommend A/B testing this offer on the sales page against the “Thank You” page to see what gets the highest conversions. The easiest way to approach this is a BOGO where they get the second item for half price.

5. Recurring Billing

This is widely considered the holy grail of Profit Maximizers and is one of the main reasons that SaaS businesses are so profitable.

Membership or subscription services are a dream for business owners because monthly revenue becomes more predictable, as does the average customer lifetime value – making it significantly easier to manage your marketing budget and know how much you can spend to acquire customers.

Companies like Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, and Netflix are all great examples of how to use this Profit Maximizer. However, we’re starting to see this trend pick up in all industries.

Recently I’ve noticed car wash services even promoting membership plans.

How can you incorporate a subscription or membership site into your business model?

Creating a Return Path

The content above was an excerpt of our new guide, ” The Inbound Customer Value Optimization System (Using HubSpot). To learn about implementing profit maximizers, creating a return path, and the rest of the Customer Value Optimization System, get your free copy of the full guide by filling out the form below.

7 Binary Options

Up until a few years ago, a binary option trading has gained a reputation as a realistic means of investing and profiting from trading. At that time, there were just a handful trading software programs or trading bots. However, now they seem to be everywhere we look. Automated binary options trading software programs are a dime a dozen it seems. And sadly, once something becomes popular, there are those that try to use it to take advantage of people. Many of the trading systems we see online today turn out to be scams.

Profit Maximizer claims to the real deal. Apparently, this innovative trading system is designed to mimic the trades of a supposedly highly successful professional trader who has earned millions of dollars trading binary options over the years and has designed his own trading software. In our Profit Maximizer review, we will take a closer look at this system to see if it is worth of your time and money.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

● Profit Maximizer is fully automated
● Website is designed to be user-friendly

● Withdrawal process is extremely slow
● Traders have lost their investment rather than earning a profit
● Brakes are not licensed
● Customer services does not respond to emails

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is Profit Maximizer?

Profit Maximizer is an automated trading robot that was designed by James Forley. He claims that he is an expert trader and that the system will mimic his trades to earn thousands of dollars. He claims that Profit Maximizer software is free to a limited number of traders for a limited time only and the only cost we will incur if we sign up today is that we promise we will donate $1,000 of our earnings to a charity of our choice in the name of Profit Maximizer. First of all, the claim that this system will earn thousands of dollars in just days is completely unrealistic and secondly, no trading software is ever free of charge. Every system requires a minimum initial deposit of at least $250 before you can utilize the software. You need to invest your own money to make money, as with any type of financial investment.

How does it work?

In order to be able to trade with Profit Maximizer, you must first open an account with one of the brokers that is set by the system. Then you need to make your initial deposit and then you can have access to the system and use these funds to begin trading. Once you earn a profit, you may withdraw your winnings and use them as you see fit. They recommend that you keep investing your winnings so you can maximize your profits, hence the name of the software.

During our investigation of Profit Maximizer we discovered that the majority of their brokers are not regulated. Also, the withdrawal process takes up to five days before you see your money in your bank account. Some traders have been waiting days, even weeks to receive their earnings. We do not trust this process and advise that you look for a more accurate trading system.


Final Conclusion: Is Profit Maximizer a Scam?

We have our doubts about Profit Maximiser. We are not convinced that this system is indeed a scam, but we strongly suggest that you look for another system that can actually earn you a profit and deliver the results. There are way too many negative reviews about this system and we feel that you will lose your money rather than earn additional profits.

Review of SCAM online trading service Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer Scam Review

Today we will review another online trading system promising huge income within a very short time – Profit maximizer. As cryptocurrencies came to the stage, there are many people got interested in easy money earning online using various platforms and software options. Unfortunately, a lot of broadly advertised systems are there just to make the curious client pay the money (can be called as deposit, platform access fee or simply small price for using the software), and this money never comes back the pocket of “investor”. Of course, there could not be any chance of getting any gain out of such services. They attract non-experienced users by promising the significant and fast earnings without any efforts in learning how the cryptocurrency works and makes a profit. All the variety of such fake trading agents is called SCAM. Here we will give an overview of an attractively looking example of SCAM which was recently launched to cheat the clients without significant background and knowledge in online trading.

Tricks catching the users you should be aware of

Let’s have a look at the way how the system Profit Maximizer is introduced to the visitors of the website. The bulky catchy colourful words are promising big and easy money starting from the very first seconds of an advertising video. The message is popping up on the screen word by word, each new part of sentence jumps to the slide in quite a random position, catching the eyes to the word line since it is a natural feature of the human brain to watch till the end of the sentence shows up. The visitor of the website is being fed with promises that no credit card or PayPal account will be required to start the work with Profit maximizer.

What is interesting that the author of the video also introduces what are the SCAM systems and how bad they are for the clients because the main goal of their developers is just to steal the money from customers who trusted them. He uses the typical commercial trick of referring to his own experience of being cheated and losing money. His “own” story can’t be read without deep empathy and tears in the eyes (if it would not be a complete fake!) – his wife was on eight months of pregnancy when he lost his job and the whole family was as close to bankrupt as never. Such a difficult life situation made the guy look for the source of earnings and he had to experience a bad luck with numerous SCAM trading platforms. So, how such an honest story can be a fake? The naive visitor of the website would already believe in all this!

The video shows the story of how the man got rich and achieved more than 2 millions USD starting from only 250 USD. To convince the future clients, even more, author of the video shows IN REAL TIME logging in to three his bank accounts, demonstrating over 2 million euro in total on his deposits. Wow, this is really a lot of money! After this, how can one do not trust the owner?

If he still can, there are three other customers recorded on the video who took the chance to try Profit maximizer and earned their money within a short time. They share their impressions and claim that this platform is worth to trust, especially because it is 100% free.

To demonstrate how easy is to earn money using Profit maximizer author shows on video the main menu window of the platform and the simplest steps on how to bet on trades and to gain. That’s all. The only thing he lied (accordingly to his own remarks) was when he said that there is nothing to pay, all is completely free. The only “price” indeed is the email address which one should put in the online form below the video window to get an access to the trading system. In the end, the author asks about one favour for his generous sharing of knowledge on how to earn online – to spend 1000 USD out of your future millions for charity. Such a kind act is another commercial trick which is directed to touch the best soul strings in the customer to make him believe that all that he is about to do is also for the sake of charity and beneficence purposes.

Our conclusion on Profit Maximizer

Saving your time of watching the advertisement, we can clearly state – altogether such an advertisement represents a classical example of a catchy video to attract non-experienced users giving bright promises strengthened by real (fake!) stories of author and other clients who already have had the experience to get a profit using this trading agent. There is nothing about how does the system work (indeed, it does not work, since it is only a SCAM), what are the risks (in real economic market the gain is always connected with risks, there is no other way), and of course no one can get a profit with zero dollars invested. Our conclusion is the following – Profit Maximizer is one of many recent examples of SCAM online trading systems with eye-catching promises and no any guarantee of gain or at least invested money return. We do not recommend trying this service to avoid the waste of your money, time and calmness.

Our recommendation

There are trustable and checked by experts online trade systems like “Signal Trades System”. It is a working platform where high precision mathematical calculations are used for statistical analysis and prediction on which trade one should bet on. This system is fully transparent for users, it is clearly explained how does it work and what kind of risks one will encounter. The user is having full control over the decision of making any next step and keep an eye on his investment stock development. There is guaranteed profit confirmed by mathematical probability theory. One does not need to be an expert on math, the program performs the analysis by itself using special algorithms developed by professionals. The client has an overview of recommendations and predictions which help him to make a decision. Cryptocurrencies market trading can give a real benefit when such a proper and honestly developed service as Signal Trades System is used. Be aware of many SCAM traps and use Signal Trades System for your wealth!

Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximiser Review

If you are looking for a way to increase your profits from matched betting, or simply to get introduced to premium matched betting for the first time, Profit Maximiser is THE system for you.

Who created Profit Maximiser?

If you are familiar with the world of matched betting, you have surely heard about me. I am the creator of Bonus Bagging and a number of other matched betting systems.

I was playing with overlooked offers or, as I call them “low stakes gems”. I was shocked by the amount of money I was making and just how easy it was. This led me to create a more user-friendly system called Profit Maximiser in 2020 were I showed users how to profit from on going bookmaker offers.

How is Profit Maximiser different from Bonus Bagging?

Profit Maximiser could not fit into Bonus Bagging since the focus was much larger. It offers you access to a variety of sport, casino and bingo systems. It is similar to Bonus Bagging but on a much greater scale, giving you capacity to generate much greater profits.

It allows you to make money from both the introductory and the ongoing offers. Profit Maximiser shows you how to use different forms of bonuses and free bets to your advantage on a daily basis. Let’s make it clear one more time, these do not only come from bookies. There’s a whole new world of casinos, bingo sites and spread betting sites waiting for you when you purchase Profit Maximiser.

How does it work?

Profit Maximiser is not a gambling system. It is a low-risk system based on mathematics, not luck.

The two best features to help you are Profit Maximiser’s Training sessions and the community support, something I invest a lot of time in.

The best thing about Profit Maximiser: The Training

You guessed right, the process starts with a series of training videos. These videos are short and comprehensible. Every time you want to move to a different domain, for example, from bookies to casinos, there will be a short series of training videos for you to watch before you start with these new offers.

I worked hard to teach you step-by-step exactly how the system works. In my opinion, these training sessions remain one of the best and most unique features of Profit Maximiser.

Another great thing about Profit Maximiser: Community Support

All users are gathered in a private Facebook group. I am very active in the group, so you can expect me to share exclusive offers with the members, give you constant tips and discuss new strategies. The forum has hundreds of full time matched bettors also sharing their tricks and tips on maximising your profit.

The forum currently has over 7000 active users.

I also send emails with the latest bonus offers every few days. These come with both written and video instructions, which is a true game-changer.

Do keep in mind that sometimes the matched betting world moves very rapidly. When Sky Casino failed to calculate the value of their promotion, the odds were in favour of the Profit Maximiser community. I estimated £1,000,000 was earned on this promotion in 15 hours before the offer was withdrawn.

How much money are we talking about?

You must be thinking that all of this sounds great but that it must require thousands of pounds. Luckily, that’s wrong. You can get started with £200 and compound your winnings.

Here are some of the biggest wins we’ve seen.

Paul won £100,000 by simply using one of the offers, which appeared in his Profit Maximiser Calendar.

Another user turned her £5 into nearly £40,000 within a few minutes. While these are not ordinary cases and not everyone makes such high profits, this is still a possibility available for every Profit Maximiser user.

Profit Maximiser is available for only £1 for the 14-day trial period, plus £96 + VAT for your yearly membership.

Some tips for when you decide to start using Profit Maximiser:

  • Do not ignore the ‘Start Here’ Tab, it is really important that you understand the basics of Profit Maximiser.

-It is okay to feel adventurous and explore the system on your own, but do your training — by clicking on the ‘Training’ Tab — first. It is the only way to ensure that you will fully understand what you are doing and make the most out of it.
-Spend your time scrolling down the bookmakers’ sign-up bonuses in the ‘Bookies’ tab. Don’t automatically be discouraged by offers which require a larger bankroll, you can always return to them when it’s convenient.
-The ‘Casino’ tab is also worth exploring straight away, because some offers come with zero-risk.
-The ‘ADV Casino’ Tab is where the high-risk casino offers are. The profits are dreamy, but I recommend that you gain more experience (and money) before you start trying them.
-Note that even though casino offers are not entirely risk free, they are definitely the ones capable the highest earnings in the long run. Take a look at this:

While Profit Maximiser cannot guarantee you will also earn this much money, it has been proven that the users who take part in casino promotions make more.

-The bingo offers found in the ‘Bingo’ section are not completely risk-free either, but I give you very precise instructions on how to make money by using them. Profitable offers in the bingo sector are constantly decreasing, so it might be worth trying them out while they are still available.
-Casino offers require more screen time, whereas the bookie and bingo offers are generally more flexible, in case you don’t want to spend a lot of time online.
-This is not a full-time job. An hour a day will be sufficient to see significant returns on your investment.

Final thoughts: I HIGHLY recommend it

In conclusion, Profit Maximiser is everything a matched bettor can dream of, combined in a single user-friendly package. This refined system is meant to keep you secure and allow you to profit constantly. I can say there is no better service in the world of matched betting, and it is up to you to explore its full potential and limits, especially at such an affordable price.

How to Become A Profit Maximizer

The business of dentistry can be overwhelming, exhausting, and downright infuriating. Many dental practices are not operating at their full, profitable potential. Why might you ask? Simple. You might find yourself in the same boat and it’s because you’re not taking your profit first. But let me ask you this, are you ready to feel more confident and less stressed about your practice? Are you ready for peace, contentment, and security? If so, then Profit First is the simple system you need to get you there.

The Profit First System for Dentists

You’re probably thinking, “What are you talking about? That’s just not possible. This is lunacy!”

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger; I come in peace. Good news, though, I’m going to show you how you can take your profit first. So, if you’re ready to stop with the paycheck to paycheck survival strategy, then let me show you how you can become a profit maximizer!


The traditional accounting formula of any business is Sales – Expenses = Profit.

Concise, clear, and logical, right?

Wrong! It’s not true. It’s a lie. A fake. A Fugazi. A myth. The truth? You can take your profit first. In fact, you should take your profit first. As a human being, you are wired to do so. Yet, in the original “accounting formula,” human behavior was omitted. As you’ll see in Parkinson’s Law below, it’s our tendency to consume based on availability. We don’t want leftovers, we want our piece first! Then, we can worry about other things.

For this, it’s time to embrace your new accounting formula:

Sales – Profit = Expenses


C. Northcote Parkinson was an author and historian who theorized that demand for a resource increased to meet the supply of that resource. A great example of this is how liberal we all behave with a full tube of toothpaste. For instance, we don’t care if some goes into the sink or if we add a bigger dollop than we need. However, once that same tube is empty, all of us become MacGyver trying to roll, fold, and origami the tube for every last drop. Our dollops are precise and we’re careful not to spill or waste any toothpaste unnecessarily.

Parkinson’s Law is an asset as it embraces your natural tendency to consume. Think about when you have a great month and collections are up. You pay all of your expenses and end up with a big chunk of change left over. With that money, you may buy equipment or do some additional marketing that wasn’t in the budget. Because hey, you have the cash, right?

No! Don’t do that. Instead, pay yourself first!

Then, get your expenses handled with the remainder. As your budget lessens, you are naturally forced to find ways to save money. And you can do it!

I work with hundreds of dentists all over the country, and guess what, they all can and have found ways to work within their expense budget. It may not be fun, but the peace of mind and security that comes from paying yourself first each month will far outweigh the discomfort of budgeting.

How to Become A Profit Maximizer

Most dentists don’t review their financial statements as they should. Don’t feel bad if you’re one of them; it’s quite common for any type of entrepreneur, actually. Most business owners just use “bank balance accounting.”

You know what this is. “Bank balance accounting” is when you check your bank balance and make decisions based on the number you see staring back at you.

And, per Parkinson’s Law, we consume based on what is available. But I want you to embrace your humanity. There’s no use fighting it or thinking you can just rely on “willpower” to push through. Bank balance accounting is okay, so long as the balance you are looking at is the money available just for expenses. By allocating your money first, the temptation is gone as is the ambiguity of how much goes to what. In doing so, your practice is going to become more (and more) fiscally powerful. Plus, you’ll reap huge benefits from regular profit distributions!

So, how do you become a profit maximizer?


The first thing you want to do is setup your “Core 5” bank accounts. These accounts are:

  1. Income (Checking)
  2. *Profit (Savings)
  3. Owner’s Pay (Checking)
  4. *Taxes (Savings)
  5. Operating Expenses (Checking)

Did you notice the asterisk (*) by accounts 2 and 4?

These accounts should be set up at a different bank. Ultimately, this removes the temptation for you to “borrow” money from them. The harder you make it to get to the money, the less likely you are to spend that money.


Now that your Core 5 accounts are setup, it’s time to setup your Target Allocation Percentages (TAPS) for your dental practice. Keep in mind, every dental practice is different. The wrong allocation could prove disastrous or leave you owing a large sum for taxes, underfunding your operating expenses, or worse, spending money you should be paying to yourself instead!

For this reason, this is where you should consult a certified Profit First Professional.

There are only a select few CPA firms worldwide who practice this revolutionary form of cash management, but Hinrichs+Pesavento is the only dental CPA firm that is certified in the Profit First method.


After setting up your Core 5 bank accounts and working with a Profit Advisor to properly establish your TAPS, you then want to establish the 10/25 Rule.

This rule makes paying expenses and team member salaries a breeze. From there, you will also set up quarterly tax payments and profit distributions from the Owner’s Pay account.

Isn’t that great? Earning profit from your business consistently can actually be done!

Turn Your Practice Into a Money-Making Machine!

While I can’t explain every area of Profit First to you in a single blog post, I hope you will at least start with the basic principles of the program I have outlined above. For more information on this topic, I’d recommend the book, “Profit First: A Simple System to Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine,” by best-selling author, Mike Michalowicz. It’s available now at most major retailers, including Amazon.

HOWEVER, you can visit, right now, and download the first 2 chapters absolutely free!

While you’re there, sign up for our free Webinar, “Become A Profit Maximizer.” Let us help you turn your practice into a money-making machine! What’s stopping you?

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