Millionaire Blueprint Review

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With the tagline of “Design Your Own Destiny”, The Millionaire Blueprint is an extremely popular binary trading platform. Upon first glance at the site, you are met with the introductory video that details the platform and gives examples of traders who have had success trading with this automated binary trading robot.

We were intrigued by the overwhelming claims on this site so we felt compelled to do a little investigating. We have heard talk that this platform can earn you up to 100% profits on your binary options trade. But after checking it out, we have our doubts.

Are these tales true or just another scam? We will discover the truth behind the Millionaire Blueprint System in our extensive review below.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

  • 100% Automated Software
  • High Ratio of Successful Trades
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Stable Internet Connection is Required
  • Too many promises with too little results
  • Many negative review by other traders

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

Is Millionaire Blueprint System A Scam?

Walter Green, the founder of the Millionaire Blueprint, claims his system has achieved success rates that remain untouched by other binary trading platform. A huge number of traders are switching to this platform because word is getting out of their high success rate. In a short time frame, Millionaire Blueprint has enlisted hundreds of new users.

As an incentive for its users, Millionaire Blueprint offers a “secret” eBook for their register users with insights into how to profit on their platform. The eBook is an extremely useful tool as it has helped many traders have success in the binary options market.

Millionaire Blueprint Testimonial Stories

We will simply provide you with some food for thought and let you decide whether it seems real or not.

One of the Millionaires Blueprint creators, Mr.Green, invites a trader to register with the software in question. More than that, he invited him to the office to show how to register. After going through the whole registration procedure, he gives this trader free deposit to invest on his account. Soon after, he asks the said trader to check his account balance. On the screen, we see that his trading account now has $30.000. No more information provided.

Seems realistic, doesn’t it?

We have gone through the whole website with all the information provided there and found quite many things that made us suspicious and concerned. We simply don’t believe that this is a trustworthy software.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

Front Page

When you first open their website, you immediately see the front page that displays their sales video. This page was specifically designed so that it appears to be very trustworthy and professional, showing the content that positions their product as the most recent binary options tool that is easy to use and earn great amount of money, way greater than from any other methods currently available on the market.

The front page of the Millionaire Blueprint website contains plenty of different types of information about the platform’s services provided as well as almost every product offered. A trader can also read about the creators of this so-called fantastic binary options software and see their office location on the map.

Fake Video Testimonial

Rather expectedly, Millionaire Blueprint displays a whole lot of fake video testimonials, supposedly from their users. But once you watch a few of them, you are starting to notice a very clear pattern: praises, promises, unrealistic forecast as to how much you can earn here. All very similar to million of other scams out there.

How Much Does Millionaire Blueprint Cost For Its Traders?

To be quite frank, we have seen many binary trading platforms that claim they are totally free and in fact were quite costly, as you are required to pay a deposit before you can have access to the software. Also, a lot of the platforms are not nearly as reliable as they claim to be. Anytime a platform claims to be free it always raises concerns regarding its safety and reliability.

The Millionaire Blueprint trading system is a free software platform which means there is no charge for the software itself. However, every trader knows that in order to have access to the software, you must register with one of the brokers recommended by the platform. There is a deposit requirement of the standard $250, which goes directly to the trader to use for trading binary options.

Millionaires Blueprint Parades An Unverifiable Office Location !

In case you don’t want to waste your time on watching their fake video testimonials, you can just proceed to the first page of the Millionaire Blueprint website and see the sales pages with all its data displayed so proudly.

Some points about the software and the website:

  1. The design is attractive and quite user-friendly. But this is also a negative point, as many people buy this as a sign of a reliable and trustworthy service. It is easy to confuse good design for a valuable product.
  2. On the other hand, the video is not exactly very well-made, with many defects and unprofessional editing. You can see that not much thought has been given to it as the creators were probably in the rush to create as many as possible in a very short period of time.
  3. Coming back to the website, there are some elements that we particularly found quite annoying and way too pushy. Definitely the email capture is one of them as it simply looks cheaps and not believable at all. Than there are fake quotes from big various important people who are well-known in the binary options trading world.
  4. And then there is of course attention-catching invitation to register for using this software. According to the website, the business with its whole team and the office is based in Ohio. However, no matter how hard we looked, there is no confirmation of any physical address to know if this is true.

After observing all of this, we finally turned our attention to the FAQ section to see if any of this can be clarified there. Many websites make it useful, but just as many scams provide even more unverified and simply fake information in this part of the website. Unfortunately, Millionaire Blueprint confirmed our fears, as many questions were simply duplicated from somewhere else. Very familiar pattern if you have seen enough scam websites before.

How Does The Millionaire Blueprint System Work?

The Millionaire Blueprint claims has a wide variety of opportunities available for trading binary options. It offers its investors the chance to max out their profits on their trades. The system is controlled solely by the automated pilot which means once you set the desired perimeters for your trade you won’t have to do anything else.

Supposedly, you simply have to decide which types of trades you want to perform, the number of trades you want to execute that day and the amount you wish to bet on each trade and their system will take over from there. Suspicious, to say the least.

The Millionaire Blueprint trading platform is run strictly via autopilot as it executes trades by following the guidelines set by the user. The system will search signals after analyzing the conditions of the market. If it finds a successful signal, the system will automatically perform the trade. If this trade is a success, the user will earn a profit. On the other hand, if the trade is not a success, the loser will lose their initial investment. However, with the high success rate of the Millionaire Blueprint, there are very few chances that traders will have successful trades.


How To Get Started With Millionaire Blueprint

  1. Sign Up For Free: Simply create an account to get started. The signup process itself is free, but once you establish an account you will need to fund the account before you can begin trading.
  2. Make Trades and Turn Profits: The trader will need to choose which assets they would like the system to trade for them. All of this is done by an automated pilot. You can expect high success and large profits as this software has a very profitable success rate.
  3. WithdrawalYour Earnings: Once the system has generated some successful trades on your behalf, you will be able to make withdrawals on your winnings and transfer them to the account you have chosen when you activated your account.

One hundred cash generating software is not available

Something else that the software creators claim every time they have a chance, it’s the supposedly 100% guarantee you will earn money with their product. As we said already, there is simply no such thing as no one can possibly promise you this. There is no hundred percent guarantee on the binary options market. Or any other trading market, for that matter.

Claiming that you can earn every time and never lose just calls an experienced attention to the fact that this is a scam that doesn’t know the very basics of trading. No doubt, there is something sketchy about this kind of promises.

The creators also claim the tool is absolutely free. This is simply not true, as nothing is free in life. To use it, you need to sign up and pay a deposit to a broker of their choice. The deposit is usually as high as 250 dollars and you will most probably never see that money again.

Customer Service

Millionaire Blueprint announces on its page that they provide 24/7 customer support service to their users. A trader can get in touch simply using live chat or their email. As for the live chat, real experts are available for consulting the newly arrived trader to help them better understand the product and answer andy of their questions or concerns. There are multiple languages available in the customer support portfolio.

Special Features

Millionaire Blueprint is well aware that there is a lot of competition in the binary options trading market. They know that they need to offer their traders special and unique features to make their platform rise above the rest. We believe that one of the best features of this platform is that it is fully automated so there is not a lot of effort required on the part of the traders.

We also feel that based on their highly technical algorithmic designed to read signals and then accurately and quickly places trades is a benefit of the trading platform. As you can see though, nothing extraodinary compared to other binary options robots.

Millionaire Blueprint Accepts 7 Members Only

Another lie that many scams on the market tell to their users that there is a very limited number of users they can accept for using the binary options system. This illusion of being special, chosen user that will have access to all the secrets of how to be rich and successful sells very well for sure. After all, if you don’t use this opportunity, someone else will do it for you!

According to the Millionaire Blueprint, they will only accept 7 members. Which is weird, since it’s been around for a while and we have certainly seen many users complaining about it online. So I guess it’s been more that seven after all!


Millionare Blueprint is not safe.
We strongly feel that traders will find all of the features on Millionaire Blueprint difficult to understand and quite frankly mediocre. We feel it is not worth investing in this platform when trading binary options. There are many better choices out there and we advise you to opt for them instead of this robot.

Scam- The Truth About The Ultimate Millionaire’s Blueprint Review-

How to Become a Millionaire Without Working Hard

You know what I would do if I had a system for making millions of dollars in a matter of months with next to no work or risk? I would totally make a website with a 28-minute video where I brag about my new car collection from the comfort of my pristine office, and I would offer the system to you for absolutely free.

When you first enter the site, you see this visual that’s over here, just below. He seems like such an honest man, doesn’t he? Really? He made over 1 million dollars in 90 days? I can’t believe that he has the nerve to actually say that.

Wait, you don’t believe me? Well, good; you shouldn’t. There’s a strange quality about human nature: We know implicitly that everything in life comes with a price—that we need to expend some kind of effort to get where we want to go, whether it’s exercising our skills and talents, or simply our brute force—and yet we’re always on the lookout to get something for nothing at the same time.

Deep inside each of us, there’s a small nugget of hope that a huge windfall could come to pass after all, and that we could become millionaires overnight for doing nothing special, that we could just sit around being the same kind of person we were when we weren’t millionaires and yet somehow get our hands on this kind of money.

After all, if we didn’t have this tendency, then scams like “Millionaire Blueprint” wouldn’t continue to haunt humanity even to this day. It seems like these kinds of cons have existed since money was invented—and they probably have, except that, these days, the scams are getting more and more elaborate.

Now, if the bad acting in the video “testimonials” didn’t tip you off (“All I did to make this money was say yes!”), Millionaire Blueprint is one of your standard binary options scams, but with a twist. You see, you don’t even need to do any research or have any knowledge of how markets work to make a killing, according to them.

Binary options are already extremely risky—essentially gambling—even when the investor is experienced, but add to that “no experience necessary,” and you have an opportunity to lose a lot of money, and to lose it really fast.

But wait! The front page of the site says that users will experience an “82% win rate,” thanks to the “bot” that handles your trading. Any investment that requires no skills or experience, and has a risk that low is astounding—you get returns the vast majority of the time! This is practically unheard of when it comes to binary options. Based on these compelling facts, there must be one of two things going on here; these are our two “binary options” to consider:

They claim that the system is free. It is but what they don’t tell you at the beginning is that you need to deposit funds into a binary options company in order to get access. The person behind this is making a lot of money from the people who are losing money through the binary options system. It just a way to lure you into investing in binary options and it’s 100% unethical.

At the bottom of this sales pitch over here, you can read , ” make $3,600 today! I mean really, if that were true, wouldn’t we all be running to sign up for this. Come on, don’t take us for fools!

1)Money making machine.

This company has invented software that does the unthinkable, something no other human being, system, or computer program has been able to achieve before it can predict the chaotic fluctuations of the market with 82% accuracy. Furthermore, the individuals behind this amazing invention have decided that instead of keeping the software a secret and using it to make loads of cash for themselves, that they’re going to give you access to this money-making wonder for no upfront cost. How generous of them!

2) They’re lying.

If you’ve ever heard of Occam’s razor, then you probably know which one you should bet on here. Binary options are gambling at best, a glorified scam at worst, and anybody who claims to be able to predict where the waves of the market will end up is either dangerously over-confident or is simply making up stories to make a buck—and not from any “investments,” but from your naiveté. Do yourself a favor and steer clear from this scam and others like it.

6 comments on “Scam- The Truth About The Ultimate Millionaire’s Blueprint Review-”

Wow what terrible scam, it’s like it’s built to make you fail. They sound like a pretty cocky group of con-men. I wouldn’t click on anything promising that kind of money that fast. There are real ways to make money out there and this isn’t one. Thanks for the review!

Yes, I know. Isn’t it horrible? NOONE can make that type of money that fast! Get rich quick scam? Yup!

I came across this page after trying to do some research on this Ultimate Millionaire Blueprint, you just saved me from losing a lot of money! Everyone I have told about this, has told me its too good to be true! but after reading your review I am 100% confident it is a scam. Thank you for this very helpful review and also from saving me from losing my hard earned money.
Many Thanks,

Wow! I am so happy to hear that I have helped you save a lot of time and money. Thanks for passing by!

Hey Sonia
I came across this very same video, different man, different actors – EXACT SAME SCRIPT! Watched the clock countdown when I would find out “how to make millions”, only to be taken to another fake video log of how much money was made with “just a few clicks”. If anyone out there is reading this – LISTEN TO SONIA! It’s a scam, it’s binary options, and you will most likely loose a whole lot of your hard earned dollars. Thanks so much for your post Sonia. I was totally taken in by that video, but all the while there was a little voice telling me it was not for real. When I chose to ignore the voice and signed up, the sales guy asked how I found them. When I told him about the video, he actually chuckled and said – “oh, the video”. Wow, that told me a whole lot, and I quickly cancelled my account and high-tailed it out of there!
Keep up the good work!
Warm regards,

Hello Claire, thank you so much for your comment. Much like yourself, I had almost the same reaction. Such people take advantage of entrepreneurs like us that want to succeed on line. It’s good that we are wise and don’t fall for it. However, some people do and that is not their fault. One day, they will realize how many scams there really are out there and become more vigilant. If I can help only one person realize this, I will be very happy. Nice meeting you. ��

Millionaire Blueprint Review – Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?

There are lots of automated trading system available over the internet and these trading system provides traders the shortcut to make a profit online. We’re living in the 21st century and users don’t need to study financial charts and market to place trades manually. The trading system like Millionaire Blueprint assures you that it’s one out of them and is convenient, fast and hassle free.

Millionaire Blueprint Review 2020

Is Millionaire Blueprint really a genuine trading system or it’s just a scam like most of the trading system available on the internet. Is it possible for any trading system that helps users in earning this much income right from the home and let the auto trader place your trades for you? Millionaire Blueprint assures this functionality, but actually, this binary options system work? Let’s find out the reality of this trading system.

In today’s article, we’re going to review Millionaire Blueprint. So we recommend you to check this review before investing money in this trading system.

What is Millionaire Blueprint?

Millionaire Blueprint is the popular trading software or application which is created by Walter Green. He claims that this trading application is designed to help user a great profit in less time. According to him, Millionaire Blueprint is designed in such way that even a novice can easily use it. The application is completely genuine and legit which is already proven by popular trading experts and professional traders, he also added this into his statement.

But after doing a deep research about Millionaire Blueprint we observed that it is one of biggest, worst, misleading, and most deceptive binary options scam ever introduced in the binary trading business by clever affiliate marketers.

Even we’re shocked that they know very well how to fool people and to earn the faith of traders, especially the one who’re new into this business, the created webinars which include training tutorial for new traders. All this just to show the users that they’re into this business for the right cause and definitely help you to earn a big profit over a night by promoting genuine products. WHAT A JOKE.

How Much its Cost to Use Millionaire Blueprint?

Like most of the trading system, the Millionaire Blueprint is available for free, that means you don’t need to pay anything to use it. Why for free? Actually, you need to add $250 to the account of the trader. This money is your and you need to decide where to invest and how to invest. Now, what’s the profit of the creators? Actually, they earn a commission every time they provide users to their broker. Simple and straight right? BUT WE DON’T BELEIVE!

How Millionaire Blueprint works?

The Millionaire Blueprint software is a result of huge amount of financial data and analysis. The aim of the software is to provide the software to the user who find out winning trade so that users can earn more and more profit. On the basis of financial data and analysis software will find out the winning trades which users can us. Even the software will give you a notification whenever it has captured a winning trade.

You will receive all the binary signals on the software dashboard and after that, it’s all yours wish whether you want to use it manually or let the software to do it automatically

No doubt they have provided great information about their trading system, but we don’t believe this software a genuine trading software. Why are we saying this? Actually, we have done a deep analysis about Millionaire Blueprint and found out lots of evidence that this is not a genuine binary option and is a SCAM.

Here are the proofs:

Reusing this SCAM again and again

Yes! The team behind Millionaire Blueprint is not new into this trading system. It’s assumed that they are reusing their old scam trading system again and again with different advertisement to capture new users. As the old investors already scammed by this system will definitely not invest in Millionaire Blueprint system, so their primary goal is to get more and more Novice users.

Above is the example of what technique they are using to attract users:

Proof of Losing Trades and Performance

The following image is clearing showing the Millionaire Blueprint Signals software recommended trades are losing. The ratio of these trades is counted as Out of Money Trader which clearly indicated a loss of 70% and confirms that fact that its fraud software just like most of the trading software. The system pick up the trades randomly or intentionally and their brokers split the money with affiliate income.

Fake Video Testimonial

Like most of the fraud trading system, Millionaire Blueprint also taking help of fake video testimonial provider. You can check all the videos and you will notice that the pattern of the video testimonial provider is very similar to like other fake trading programs available in the market.

100% Cash Generating Program

First of all, we would like to tell you that there is no such thing or software that earn your 100% profit, especially in trading business. If you find any program that assures you this much profit, then without listening anything about the software adds it into your blocklist because its a scam. If you have checked our previous reviews, then you already aware of this fact.

The software is Not free!

As we mentioned above, the Walter green claims that this software is free to use and there is no hidden cost to using it. But on the other hand, they asking to deposit $250 into the broker account. If software is free to use, then why they asking for $250? Even the worst thing is that they will definitely earn their commission when you add funds to broker account, but there is no guarantee that you will get profit in return which is assured by this fake trading system.

Let’s have a quick look at Evidence against Millionaire Blueprint.

  • Scam possibility: 100 percent
  • Believable evidence of profits: no
  • Fake testimonials: yes
  • Impossible profits: yes
  • Looks authentic: no
  • Fake scarcity counter: yes
  • Software Free: No

Our Opinion

Millionaire Blueprint is 100% scam and we recommend to keep yourself aways for this SCAM trading system. As we have provide you enough proofs to believe this trading system developed by clever affiliate marketers a SCAM. You can check out some other legit softwares like Copy buffett software and Binadroid software.

In case, you still want to give a try to this trading software, don’t forget to share your feedback about the software.

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Millionaire Blueprint Review

The problem with investment schemes is that it is difficult to determine the right ones and the wrong ones. The trouble is that here are plenty of both kinds in the investment world. Your choice of investment vehicle will greatly determine whether you make money or lose it in your adventures. In the last few years, there have been millions of people who lost their investments which ran into billions of dollars. Some investors lost their life savings all in the hope of making a few extra dollars.

Here we review one of the binary options trading companies, Millionaire Blueprint, which promotes itself as a great outfit where investment guarantees gains. There are plenty of them online today as opposed to a few years ago.

Millionaires Blueprint is headed by one Walter Green, the CEO and they claim that their software is free to everybody. He says that his software is gaining ground on other older binary options trading software because of its promises of profits that are much better than traders have seen before. He credits a novel and sophisticated code as the source of the unprecedented success. Walter says that his beta trades have reached the level of 97% successful trades which is proof of its power and accuracy. This, he says, is what is driving hundreds of new members to Millionaire blueprint. The first thing you notice from your search is that Millionaire Blueprint ranks rather poorly in the search engine results page. This implies that getting to their website for more information about their operations and accounts is an uphill task. Getting information should never break a sweat for a company that seeks serious and legitimate customers.

That alone makes us to confront it as skeptical way and it lacks trust because there is not enough information about the program and their success in their site. Therefore we cannot recommend it for trades and give them better tools to work with. open an account to our trusted robot site from the button below or read the whole review from Binary Option Robot review.

The system

You will have to download the Millionaire Blueprint software to make any trades. This means that it is difficult to trade from multiple devices. In this day and age, when you need to use more than one device in the course of a day, especially when you are commuting or travelling, there is a disadvantage right there. It would have been better if one could trade from web, tablet or smartphone from wherever s/he is.

Millionaire Blueprint claims its software is essentially designed to handle 60 second trading of binary option. There is the option to trade manually and also to trade automatically. With the manual method you will be expected to make your trades with the help of the hints generated by the system and expect a fair result. The automatic version is the opposite. Here, the system will generate its own hints and trade on their basis and on your behalf. The choice of the trading type does not help you in your trading. The traders who have made money from the system are few and far between. Even with their ‘expert’ suggestions, you are much more likely to lose money than to make more.

Account creation

When you eventually find the Millionaire’s Blueprint website and seek to open an account, you will find that the information is not readily available; there is no section explaining the account and there are no clear instructions on ‘how to’ as you would expect. There is only one specific way of finding this kind of information which is by signing up for a scheduled webinar. This is where you will find the internet address where you can actually sign up.

It is not clear why they need to have this webinar before giving the trader the option of signing up. Most binary options trading software allow you to sign up from their home pages and give all the instructions right there. At Millionaires Blueprint, you must be prepared to spend some time listening to their webinar before taking another step. They seem to be too keen on this webinar.

Signing up will allow you to give their money generating program a 60 day test drive. While many other binary options software providers are offering this trial period for free, Millionaires Blueprint charges $79 for the test period. This figure affords you two videos with training content, instant live webinars with strategy sessions every month, email support, members’ area access, text and email alerts, bonus reports like the Capital Management Spreadsheets, Advanced Profit Strategies and the ‘$2,500’ Plan, the Millionaire Blueprint Plan.

The promises

Every binary options software promises rich rewards and this one is no exception. They entice you to make a killing with their forex binary trading robot. They even go to an extent of claiming that you can make profits topping 110%, and all this with the investor having a hands-free experience where you will not need to know all the details of how it works or the trading details.

This is purported to be a free survive. While it is not technically impossible to make profits of 110%, the truth is that only few trader, if any ever get there. To think that you, whether an experienced investor or a beginner, will be hitting those numbers within the trial period or a short time after is quite misleading.

Opening the Millionaire Blueprint website gives you the opportunity to get ‘free’ $4,900 ‘100% Easy Cash generating software’. A good look at it will yield the fact that it is not too different from other systems from other binary options trading website. The catch here is that you will need to pay-up $250 upfront as a broker’s fee’. If you actually thought that you will start trading for free, you fell for the bait. This is not to say that Millionaire Blueprint is the only one with such practices. There are other binary options with the same bait, but this one is blatant. $4,900 software is pretty sophisticated software and purporting it to be for free is not being very forthright. It is very unlikely that its value has gone anywhere near that level.

The video will make it clear that trading on the software if free but it is only after you have signed up that you will be asked to register with a recognized broker and where you part with your money. This negates the idea of free software and trading completely. You will then need to come up with more money for you to start trading.

There is a trusted trading robot which will help you to trade more profitably and can handle most of the trading as you wish once its activated. Chek out the Exclusive offer: One month VIP for free for everyone who opens an account through our link. After you have opened an account, by clicking the buttons or banner on this website, just send an email to: [email protected] use the subject “LP2020 VIP ACCESS”

Open an account now, and get one month VIP for Free

Trading opportunities under Millionaires Blueprint

This trading platform promises a whopping 97% profit for every successful trade. It claims that they will sense great leads and communicate them to the investor in an instant which will result in many successful trades. This communication is on what assets to trade, when and how to maximize profits.

Unlike other speculative trades, binary options have generally two options in practice; the ‘put’ as well as the ‘call’. How will the trader know when to call or put? The trader will wait for the communication from the software which gives valuable hints on what to trade and the expiry period of that trade. The put lets the trader know that a certain asset should not be traded as it is likely to change to the detriment of the trader. There is an expiry to every option. With binary options, it could be as low as 30 seconds and as extensive as a year. With Millionaire Blueprint, the profits in winnings range from 88% to 98% per trade.

Millionaires Blueprint claims that getting the guess work and replacing it with educated suggestions is their purpose. They say that their system does not require you to be an expert in binary options trading and that even a newbie can start making good trades immediately after signing up. While a winning trade will make up to 98% profit, a losing trade forfeits the initial investment which could be anything between $5 and $1,000.

Millionaire Blueprint Event Calendar


Millionaire Blueprint seems to employ all tactics in the book to entice you to buy into their program. While it is ok to find a good plan that brings over to your site some business, deception is a little over the top. If you cannot find serious clients with open and true advertising of promotions, you will most likely need some unorthodox means to attain the same goal. In Millionaire Blueprint’s website, there is a countdown timer which gives you exactly 10 minutes to book your account. Try refreshing the page and you will notice there is no such a thing as an expiry to the said offer to enter your details; the timer restarts again. This means that you are being rushed to sign in even before you get the full details of what will happen to your account in trading and in future.

For months now, the site informs you that their account allocation is almost filled and they require only 30 more people to join. This gives you the impression that so many people have signed up that you would be losing big time if you did not buy in among the last 30 people. This is expected to convince gullible investors. Many months later, they are still trying to find ‘only 30’ more which is clearly a case of deceptive advertising. It is difficult to understand the need or the purpose for this kind of aggressive recruitment if indeed it is a legit outfit.


Anytime you are making trades, you need to have the right combination of information and client support. This is not easy at Millionaires blueprint because you need to be a member first before any support or information comes your way. This is unlike other binary options forms who will even receive calls to answer your queries before you sign up. After listening to the official video and signing up, you will gain access to email support now that you are officially a member. It is difficult for a newbie to find relevant info because Millionaires Blueprint lacks an interactive platform for seeking such information.


The ultimate choice of the platform to trade your binary options lies squarely on your lap. That does not mean that you should not listen to what others’ experiences with the platforms are saying about them. Too many red flags should signal that you need to be extra cautious. It is not possible to dismiss Millionaire Blueprint completely but you need to look for the veracity of their big promises. So far, most of what they have promised, up to nine tenths, has not been independently confirmed to be true or possible, as has been the case with so many other platforms of late. It would be wise to look at other choices that are tested and verified. Most of the people who have a positive word to say have all the characteristics of affiliates and brokers who have every reason to be happy as it is only them, plus the creators of the software who will end up with money in the bank.

What you need to do

Take your time and only try tested software where integrity is a key factor and where promises of gains are easily verifiable. Binary Options Robot is where you need to take your investment. They trade a wide variety of assets for a global clientele. With many endorsements from many independent traders and monitors, you will not go wrong with Binary Options Robot. Reviews from early 2020 to date have been generally positive, which is a stamp of authenticity and integrity.

For beginners, the worry is that they will lose all their money owing to the fact that binary options trading maybe a foreign concept to them and the speculative nature needs quite a good amount of experience. Binary Options Robot exercises total openness and positivity. This is because it is operated under a set of rules that are solid and cannot be broken. Combinations used in trading are based on an algorithm that assumes best practices and generates combinations that make money most of the time.

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There are so many “get rich quick” schemes available online today that promise they can turn the “average Joe or Jane” into an overnight millionaire. Most of these turn out to be scams. And quite honestly, there is no binary options trading system that can make you an instant millionaire. It is possible to earn quite a bit of money trading binary options, however, it does not happen instantaneously. If you trade wisely and utilize a respectable and successful automated trading software program, you can indeed earn a substantial profit! Remember, though, that there is always a risk in any type of financial investment so be sure to proceed with caution at all times.

Millionaire Blueprint is a binary options trading robot that was released in early spring of 2020 that claims it far surpasses other trading bots with its fast returns and unheard of profits. Is this system everything it claims to be? Read our Millionaire Blueprint review to find out if this system is all it’s cracked up to be.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

  • Fully automated trading software
  • Large selection of educational tools and resources for both new and experienced traders
  • Professional and knowledgeable customer service and technical support departments.
  • Solid reputation as a reliable trading system
  • As with any automated trading system, there is always an element of risk in binary options trading

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Reliable Service

What is Millionaire Blueprint?

Millionaire Blueprint was created by Walter Green, who claims that his system is one of the most successful trading software programs available today. The system does offer a wide variety of educational resources for those who might be new to binary options trading. These tools are also beneficial to seasoned traders who might be looking to improve their trading strategy. Once you join Millionaire Blueprint, you are given a “secret” trading handbook (or “Blueprint” so to speak) that gives insider secrets to assist you in your trading endeavors.

How Does It Work?

Millionaire Blueprint runs strictly on autopilot and uses highly scientific and mathematical algorithms to analyze market trends and data. It then creates trading signals and places trades based on those signals. The trader simply has to decide whether or not to act upon a specific trading signal. Again, no system is 100% successful, and as binary options trading is a 50/50 risk, there is a chance you might lose your investment. However, Millionaire Blueprint has earned a solid reputation as being a successful trading system with a fairly high success rate so you can benefit from making use of this trading system.

To be able to trade with Millionaire Blueprint software, you must first create an account and you must fund the account before you can begin trading. There is no charge for the Millionaire Blueprint software itself, but as with any trading system, you need to deposit money to be able to trade. You have to be willing to spend some money in order to make money and with Millionaire Blueprints initial success rate you can be guaranteed that you will turn a profit with this software if you in fact trade wisely.

Once the system has begun to pull in some successful trades, you can then withdraw your funds and use them as you see fit. It is always wise to use some of your winnings to invest back into the system to earn additional profits. You must complete the necessary forms to withdraw your money. The process varies by broker so make sure that you have read and understand the terms and conditions established by your broker.


How Does The Millionaire Blueprint System Work?

The Millionaire Blueprint has a wide variety of opportunities available for trading binary options. It offers its investors the chance to max out their profits on their trades. The system is controlled solely by the automated pilot which means once you set the desired parameters for your trade you won’t have to do anything else. You simply decide which types of trades you want to perform, the number of trades you want to execute that day and the amount you wish to bet on each trade and their system will take over from there.

The Millionaire Blueprint trading platform is run strictly via autopilot as it executes trades by following the guidelines set by the user. The system will search signals after analyzing the conditions of the market. If it finds a successful signal, the system will automatically perform the trade. If this trade is a success, the user will earn a profit. On the other hand, if the trade is not a success, the loser will lose their initial investment. However, with the high success rate of the Millionaire Blueprint, there are very good chances that traders will have successful trades.

Final Conclusion: Is Millionaire Blueprint a Trusted Trading Robot?

As of this writing, we can safely say that Millionaire Blueprint is, in fact, a reliable trading platform.
There have been a great number of positive reviews online as well as in binary options trading forums. As always, be cautious with any type of financial trading, as there is always an element of risk involved.

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