Mambo Investments Binary Options Review, Scam or not

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Mambo Investments is Scam! Critical Review

You are reading this Mambo Investments review because you are interested in using this software. We will provide you a full review on the latest managed account service. This software promises 160 monthly trades with a 77% in the money ratio and 140% monthly ROI. These numbers are quite impressive, so it is important that you check out carefully what they are offering and decide on whether or not they can actually provide their claims.

It was indicated in their website their office is located at Rue Arsene Houssaye, 75008, Paris. We haven’t confirmed yet whether the address is real or not. Be very cautious with this trading system. It is not enough to say these people are expert traders. They need to provide proof and evidences.

The website claims that they are being managed by 3 major players and some novice traders. The team includes Paulo Santos the CEO, Nick Roadh as the COO and Mitch Skolnik as the main trader. We want to make sure these individuals do exist, so we do some research and found some information about Paulo. In doing a Google search for Paulo, we have found some information on him, including a Facebook account but neither him nor the rest of this list have much of a reputation in the binary options market at this point. That being said, it doesn’t mean that these individuals are bad account managers.

The account managers think that the company is ahead because of their work with technical and fundamental analysis with the use of custom-made indicators. However, if you look very carefully on their sales page you will notice some spelling errors which is not a sign of professionalism. We are making this Mambo Investments review because we feel that there is really something wrong with this app. To continue with our review, upon reading their sales page we notice a lot of errors not just in spelling but also on the grammar and some information which we think are not appropriate. Which makes us wonder if this was developed by experts and professionals how come they allow to launch their website without proofreading it.

As we continue with our Mambo Investments review, we also notice that there is some misleading information which are questionable. Maybe they have overlooked it but we doubt it since it’s part of the most important segment of Some details were also taken from other scams software. We know since we have reviewed almost all of the scam application online.

Mambo Investments is Scam – Three Evidences

Mambo Investments system is supposedly the best when it comes to binary options. According to them the company is being managed by a group of professional traders that provides winning binary options signals that you can follow and help you win trades. You can use the app both auto or manually by just following the signals it all depends on you. One of their claims is that the app is 100% free of charge and you supposed to have a free trial. It sounds impressive and enticing but is it real or just like other scam software out there who are making false promises.

Official Website |

On the succeeding paragraphs of this review, we will reveal the proofs that Mambo Investments is scam and traders should not trust them at all. Let’s find out.

First Evidence – Fake Trading Results

We appreciate the fact that they have provided a page where it shows the trading results from the day the company starts. However, it looks that the results are not real. As we check on the dates, it looks like they have only chosen the days where the app is getting good results. They are not showing the trading results for consecutive days. The way they presented the results is not accurate and the losing days and months are not being reported.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

If you explore Mambo Investments testimonial page you will this statement “Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!” We almost fall from this but upon checking the personalities that supposed to be their users are all fabricated. They are using stock photos with fake names and claims. Magda Smith CMO, is actually Fiona Bruce and you can check her in Google. You will find an article in BBC News about her but the scammers behind this app still used her as Magda Smith. Definitely, this system is a scam.

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Third Evidence – Unregulated Brokers

Another alarming aspect of this application is that they will force you to open an account with unregulated broker. Of course, you should not do that, not only it is illegal in some countries, but also your money would not be secured. If you do follow them and deposited your money, then consider it lost for you will not be able to get it back. Keep in mind, you should only work with regulated brokers not just in binary options but in any trading.

Mambo Investments Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that Mambo Investments is scam, this application is just like any other scam managed account services. There is nothing special about it since it applies the same scheme like other fraud software does. Although they have made some effort in presenting the system as clear as possible it is still not good enough to fool the traders. The indications of being a scam are obvious, thus we advise people not to trust them at all.

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Mambo Investments Binary Options Review, Scam or not?

Binary options trading could be a losing venture, and could also be frustrating if one is misguided. Mambo investments and managed accounts should not be trusted if you don’t want to lose your investments in binary options trading. To be successful trading, a good system that works should be adopted, here you could get advice when needed. We decided to do a review on Mambo investments binary options, and it turns out this system is no different from similar scams which you should avoid.

Mambo Investments, a Scam!

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The sales pitch video of Mambo investments offers no insight of how this system works, the fictitious owner called Paulo. They claim their professional traders will help you place trades which are copied on autopilot. We have seen several scams like this, they have nothing reasonable to offer. They are just scammers out to rip traders. Mambo binary options claims to have been around for over two years supplying fascinating profits, these claims are all lies, we checked when their website was registered and we discovered it was registered on 6 June 2020, which is barely a year, so you see that this system is built on falsehood. The testimonials they put up on their websites are scams and misleading, the pictures were stolen, a google search shows this pictures were gotten from other websites.

How the Scam works

They make you deposit some amount of money with their broker, before you are supposedly allowed to use the system. The problem here is that their broker is unlicensed and not regulated, through this broker you would be scammed and your money lost. One of the way they rope in new traders to scam is by claiming that you would be offered a free 7 day trial and if it happens that your money was lost, they would refund you your initial investment amount and an extra $500 compensation for your time and energy. This sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is not the first time we have seen ludicrous offers like this, and they fail to deliver their promises, the truth is that when your money is used to place trades and is lost that money is lost forever there are no refunds, be wise!

Our Verdict

Mambo Investments is a binary option SCAM, Stay clear of this system to avoid losing your money.

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Fighting online scams since 2020

Mambo Investments is a binary options scam

This review explains why Mambo Binary Options is a service that you should not use for trading.

Mambo Investments or Mambo Binary Options is a service for automated trading. Their alleged expert traders have a win rate of 77 percent and you can copy their trades on your account. On autopilot.

And for free, because money is free, right?

Table of Contents

Mambo Investments scam

We have every reason to believe that Mambo Investments is a scam that won’t make you any money.

Fake testimonials

Mambo Binary Options uses fake testimonials to make you believe that people are making money with it.

Look at the picture and you will see that they used stolen photos of people that don’t have anything in common with this binary options trading program.

This alone is enough for us to say that it is a scam.

Not free

Mambo Investments keeps stressing that it is free, but it is not. They won’t activate your account until you deposit money with one of their brokers.

Until you take money out of your pocket, you won’t be able to try the system. So not only it is not free, but it is also dangerous, because it has no demo mode.

Unregulated brokers

Another dangerous aspect of Mambo Investments is that they push you to open an account with an unregulated broker. You should never do that, not only because it is not legal in most countries, but primarily because your money would not be protected.

Any trading, not only binary options, should always be carried with regulated brokers only.

How it works

It is clear that the main purpose of Mambo Investments is to make you deposit money with an affiliated broker, because it will earn a commission to people who run this scam.


Mambo Investments is an obvious scam that cares only about you depositing money with an unregulated broker.

If you are interested in making money in trading, try a demo account with a regulated broker.

Learn and test on the demo until you get consistent profits. Only then you can switch to a live account with real money.

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