List of Binary Brokers with PayPal Option

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PayPal Binary Options Brokers

If you’ve been looking for a broker that accepts PayPal deposits, then you have probably found out already that there are only a few PayPal binary options brokers. There used to be many brokers that accepted PayPal, but with the time, more and more decided to continue their operations without PayPal.

CFD Brokers That Still Accept Paypal Deposits

The following brokers do not offer binary options trading, but they still accept Paypal for other forms of trading.

On these platforms you can trade stocks, forex, options, crypto and much more. All of these sites still accept paypal funding.

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There are no binary brokers at the moment that accept this payment method. Looks like we are the only updated binary broker review website. All other websites still recommend brokers that stopped accepting paypal long time ago. We have checked over 100 brokers and none of the accept paypal anymore. We have also double checked following brokers: 365trading, anyoption, utrader, interactive option, expert option.

Please check our these Paypal brokers, to start trading using your favorite payment method.

Funding Your Account With Paypal

Picking a binary options broker by considering the payment options is not a bad idea. These are the topics we will be covering today:

I am sure this has to do with some PayPal policies or refunds, which makes it not viable for most brokers . If your only deposit method is PayPal, then you should look for an alternative as all brokers stopped accepting Paypal payments. If you are still interested, here is a list with the 3 brokers that recently stopped accepting it:

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The truth is that PayPal is a really simple payment method – with only 2-3 clicks you have made your deposit instantly.However if you have a credit card, bank wire or skrill then you may find better brokers here. Another problem for traders looking for a paypal accepted broker is that most other binary options comparison websites don’t really update their paypal broker list. We make sure you get the most up to date list here at How We Trade in this constantly changing market.

List of Paypal Binary Options Brokers (update: these also stopped accepting paypal)

1. Finpari: They still accept US traders and PayPal. Finpari is the best PayPal binary options broker is a minimum deposit of $250 and average payout of 90%. They offer fast withdrawals within 1 hour and different trader accounts. You should definitely check out their social trading platform (ZuluTrade). OPEN FREE ACCOUNT

2. Bloombex Options: Even though they don’t accept US traders anymore, they still have PayPal in their list of deposit options. The payout on Bloombex Options is 85% however the minimum deposit is $300. OPEN FREE ACCOUNT

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

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3. Trade Thunder: They were one of the newer brokers on the market. They seem to be out of business now. Ignore this broker. TradeThunder accepts paypal deposit and withdrawals. The minimum deposit is only $20 and US traders are accepted as well. This makes TradeThunder the most affordable paypal broker. OPEN FREE ACCOUNT

What is Paypal?

PayPal is an online payment method (or e-wallet) for individuals and businesses. You can send money electronically with the use of your email address, even if the received doesn’t have an account opened. You can deposit money to your PayPal account, send it instantly to other PayPal accounts or withdraw the money to your bank account. Paypal is one of the most popular options for online donations and small money transfers. Simply put, PayPal offers a safe and secure platform for sending money.

Advantages of Paypal Binary Options Brokers

All payment methods have some advantages and disadvantages:

  • Why would you want to choose paypal over all other payment methods?Being so popular, chances are that you already have a paypal account. If you prefer it for online payment like most of us do, then you will probably consider using it for binary options deposits as well.
  • Which are the alternatives to PayPal?Another advantage of paypal is that the deposits and instant and withdrawals are faster than other methods. PayPal can be compared to Skrill, one of the other companies offering payment services in the same way. Other names include: Click2Pay, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Click2Buy or WebMoney.
  • Reasons not to use Paypal:Remember that PayPal may not be available in your country. Or if it’s available, then there could be some high fees, depending on the country of residence. For example Eastern European countries prefer Skrill over Paypal.

Binary Options Brokers That Do Not Accept Paypal

IQ Option: They are out highest rated broker. IQ Options has a unique trading platform that you can’t find elsewhere. The minimum deposit is only $10 which is the lowest in the industry. If you don’t have a paypal account and you only want to make a small deposit, then make sure to give IQ Option a try. OPEN FREE ACCOUNT

24 Option: Considered the market leader by many, they have a stable trading platform with a minimum deposit of $250. Their customer support is great however they do not accept US traders nor Paypal deposits. OPEN FREE ACCOUNT

Paypal Alternatives

Not all binary options brokers accept Paypal deposits and withdrawals, however there are many other good alternatives to Paypal. The most popular payment methods used by traders are:

  • Credit and debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD)
  • Bank Wire (especially for bigger deposits over $1000)
  • Skrill (here is a list with the best binary options brokers that accept Skrill)
  • BitCoin – There are only a few brokers that accept bitcoin deposits. However you can trade bitcoin (as asset) at most binary options brokers.

Paypal Versus Skrill – Which one is better?

You can’t get an objective answer to this. I think it comes down to which one you like most. The fees are different from country to country. Paypal and Skrill both offer debit cards attached to the online wallet, even though Skrill offers these cards to a lot more countries.

Unfortunately Paypal is less and less accepted at binary options brokers. For this reason I’d say Skrill is better than Paypal.

PayPal Binary Options Brokers

Binary options brokers might be categorized in many groups according to numerous features and criteria. In most cases, we determine them depending on their bonuses, trading instruments and mainly the binary types they offer. But to some traders, payment methods also matters a lot, when it comes to choosing a decent and reliable binary options broker. According to this factor, we know brokers that accept only credit and debit card payments, as well those with numerous e-wallets as options for making deposits and withdrawals. Those with e-wallets in their list of payment methods are by all means more loved and preferred by traders. And when it comes to choosing an e-wallet for an activity like binary options trading, you should by all means consider PayPal. It is so liked for making trades that there`s now a term PayPal binary options broker group. Let`s talk about it now.



What are PayPal binary options brokers?

There`s nothing so weird or extra ordinary about PayPal binary options brokers. They only sound like this. What distinguishes them from other brokers is the fact that they accept deposits via PayPal and withdrawals might be also transferred through this system. All other features – like bonuses, platform, software and binary option types are the same. However, some brokers with PayPal payment method might have a special bonus for PayPal deposits and withdrawals, too. This is not on mandatory, but it`s an option you can take benefit of.

What is PayPal?

For those of you, who are already excited about the good rating of PayPal binary options brokers, but have no idea what this system is, here are some things you need to know in advance. PayPal is a very popular American system that has been on the market for the last two decades. Its reputation is mainly due to the satisfied audience that currently can boast with more than 200 thousands of people from around the world. In the beginning, PayPal was only used for shopping and then, for other e-payments. However, today, you can send money to anybody via PayPal and vice versa – to receive money. Now, trading has been also added to the list f of financial transactions you can make with PayPal. Moreover – according to the statistics about 45% of brokers today do offer it as a payment method. This means PayPal has a fantastic reputation among both – traders and brokers. And this eventually means that if you choose any of all PayPal binary options brokers, you will not make a mistake. On the contrary – that`s a really great choice!

Why selecting PayPal binary options brokers?

Instead of wondering how to choose a broker for binary trading, see all the benefits of using a financial page that uses PayPal. See all the pros it comes with:

  • Safety and trustworthiness – PayPal is 100% safe and history knows very few cases with financial problems with the system
  • Fastness and transparency
  • Availability of many brokers that use PayPal, so you can check out other features to make the best choice ever
  • Specially tailored bonuses for PayPal users in some binary brokers

PayPal binary options brokers are indeed reliable and quite friendly. If you choose such for your own experience, there will be no problems for your deposits and withdrawals. And this is by all means not a little benefit, because after all safety for your funds is the very first thing you need to secure for your binary activity, right? Do it yourself and have fun with PayPal brokers, guys!

PayPal Binary Options Brokers

Below is a list of recommend binary options brokers that allow deposits and withdrawals by PayPal:


Founded in the late 1990s, PayPal initially comprises of two separate entities. Later these two companies merged together in year 2000 into a single entity and was brought over by eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion. Today, PayPal is one of the leading online payment service providers with more than 250 million users in 190 markets. The only countries which are not supported by PayPal are countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Montenegro, Pakistan, and those on the U.S economic sanction list.

The PayPal online payment system is well known to be very reliable and easy to use. Once the eWallet account is opened and verified, there is no special maintenance required on the part of users. Provided users have sufficient balances in their PayPal account, funds can be transferred almost instantaneously to other PayPal account holders or merchants who accepts PayPal as a mode of payment. PayPal account holders’ can also link their credit card to their PayPal account. This eliminates the need for PayPals’ users to have to post their credit card details online all the time. In addition, PayPal account holders can also linked their account to their banking account. With these linkages, PayPal users can easily top up their PayPal account balance easily with either funds from their banking account or credit card.

Although PayPal is owned by an American company and is licensed by the U.S regulatory authorities as a money transmitter under the Federal Reserve Board Regulation E, it strives to keep its global operations in line with local regulatory requirements. For example, operations within the Europe Union are handled by Luxembourg-based bank under PayPal in line with the EU‘s MiFID. Other international operations are handled by their Singapore based office.

Although simple to use, this does mean security at PayPal is lax. Their system is protected with one of the strongest encryption system around. Furthermore, any out of their ordinary suspicious activity from an account will immediately trigger an alert leading to the freezing of the account until the identity of the account holder is verified.

Despite the obvious benefits of PayPal online payment system, PayPal is not widely accepted by most binary brokers because of the high transaction fees (around 6.4%) that it imposes on each transaction.

Binary Options Brokers with PayPal

One of the most popular payment methods used by binary options brokers and traders is PayPal. Binary options trading can be done at any time, so you can always participate in the binary options market. However, in order to do this, you’ll need to have the necessary funds at your disposal. Thankfully, most binary options brokers accept all kinds of payment methods, so usually you won’t have any trouble depositing or withdrawing money from your account.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the most popular online payment system and why it is one of the best choices when it comes to binary options trading.

Best Forex Brokers for United States

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment systems, because it is quick, affordable, reliable and very user-friendly. It is the favorite choice of binary options traders, because it allows them to instantly deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts. This is essential due to the fact that traders often need to quickly deposit funds in order to keep up with their trading schedule.

Thanks to PayPal, you can deposit money in a matter of minutes. Withdrawing the money you won is also quick and easy, thanks to PayPal’s fast services. Another huge advantage of this payment system is the friendly, knowledgeable and devoted customer service department. PayPal’s support department is always ready to assist you if you have any problems setting up or using your account.

Keep in mind that despite PayPal’s popularity, this payment method doesn’t support all countries. Before opening your PayPal account, you must check the company’s terms & conditions, and see if it is available in your country. There are still some countries that aren’t supported by PayPal’s services, so this may be a major problem for some traders.

Another problem that some traders may face while using PayPal’s services is that not every binary options broker accepts PayPal as a payment method. However, it is very unlikely that you’ll find a reputable and trustworthy broker that doesn’t accept one of the most popular online payment methods.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to have a bank account or a debit/credit card in order to deposit funds in your PayPal account. The service’s taxes are pretty fair, so you won’t suffer large losses from regularly withdrawing or depositing money via PayPal. Although there are many binary options brokers that accept PayPal, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most reputable brokers that accept this payment method:

PayPal Brokers 2020 – Which Brokers Accept Paypal Deposits ?

Paypal is by the far the world’s most recognisable form of online payment. The number of brokers that accept Paypal is increasing and Forex trading with Paypal is becoming particularly common. Day trading with Paypal brokers is popular because of how secure the method is and how quickly transfers can be made between accounts. Paypal is also easily linked to multiple debit and credit cards, which means making deposits and withdrawals is quick and easy. Paypal forex trading also has the advantage of their strict rules and payment guidelines. These mean that broker sites that accept Paypal could be seen as more trustworthy than those that don’t.

PayPal Brokers

Note: Despite what you may read elsewhere, the following traders do not currently accept Paypal:



With over a quarter of a billion active accounts, Paypal is the world’s largest digital wallet. It was launched back in 1998 as Confinity before merging with Elon Musk’s This company was renamed Paypal in 2001 and went public the following year. Since then Paypal has evolved with mobile and web technology, making its options for transferring money even easier. In the EU, Paypal is registered and licensed in Luxembourg, having moved from the UK in 2007.

Paypal was not developed with trading in mind but, as its ubiquity has grown, so has the inevitability of traders wanting to trade with it. This had led to more and more brokerages accepting Paypal.


There are strong advantages to trading with brokers who accept Paypal:

  • Transferring funds with Paypal is recognised as being fast, reliable and secure
  • Paypal is easy to use, either on a desktop or through their app
  • Making deposits and withdrawals with Paypal is generally very quick and certainly faster than bank transfers
  • Paypal accounts are easily linked to multiple credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts
  • Paypal is recognised worldwide as a major eWallet
  • Paypal’s strong anti-money laundering restrictions give traders security and potentially enhance the reputation of brokers with Paypal
  • High maximum transfer and withdrawal ($60,000)
  • For forex traders, Paypal works in 56 different currencies
  • Free to open an account
  • No charges for unused account


However, day trading with Paypal does have its disadvantages:

  • Charges on every trading transaction
  • FX fees (foreign transfer fees) are high at 4.5%
  • High transfer fees of between 4-12%
  • Although increasing, trading brokers that accept Paypal are still relatively uncommon.
  • Chargebacks only apply to tangible/physical goods, meaning forex and CFD traders etc. aren’t eligible.

Speed of Paypal Payments

As long as there is money in your account, or in the bank account linked to the Paypal account, funds for or from trading are generally transferred, if not instantly, then very quickly.


There are claims that trading with Paypal is actually safer than using your debit or credit card. Paypal stores your data in a ‘vault’, meaning that the other end of the transaction doesn’t receive any of your card or account details. In short, your privacy is assured.

The one problem of trading with Paypal is that chargebacks can only be claimed for physical goods, not stocks or currencies etc.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Paypal

The vast majority of Paypal traders, including all of those in the UK and US, are able to deposit and withdraw money to and from their Paypal account.

However, some countries (currently including Israel and the Ukraine) are ‘send only’. This means that traders with accounts in those countries can make deposits in their Paypal accounts and send money to others, but not withdraw money from Paypal to their account. This would make Paypal trading in such countries difficult.

Paypal Fees or Costs

Paypal accounts are free to open. New traders will probably already have an account for their online shopping.

Unlike other common day trading digital wallets, such as Skrill or Neteller, there is no charge if your account is unused for a period of time.

The fees for sending and receiving money are generally the same as other digital wallets, but there are instances where it is slightly less and slightly more. Any form of receiving trading money through Paypal will incur a charge; the transfer fee which can rise as high as 12%.

Withdrawing money from your Paypal account to your bank is free, unless you wish for a cheque to be issued.

Is Paypal a good choice for Traders?

Although not the most common, Paypal is generally a good choice for traders although traders should factor in the potential of high transfer fees.

Paypal is becoming more and more integral to how we move money around so we expect brokers to continue to take it up as a payment method.

Traders dealing in larger amounts of money should bear in mind that Paypal has a maximum of £10,000 for any single transaction.

Are There Any Paypal Bonuses?

No. Paypal simply act as a middle-man between bank and broker. Any deposits held for a long period in Paypal accounts don’t even accrue interest.

What Countries Can Use Paypal?

There are currently 203 countries and regions that use Paypal, including all major developed economies.

Any Location-Specific Information?

Paypal is country specific. This means that users in any given country can only link to a bank account they have in that country. The one exception is the USA: US Paypal account holders can link to bank accounts in other countries.

Paypal charges up to four separate fees for cross-border transfers (all prices and percentages relate to the UK)

  • A small, fixed amount per transaction (currently 20p, varies for different countries)
  • A percentage of the transaction amount:
    • Up to £1500 per month (3.4%)
    • Up to £6000 per month (2.9%)
    • Up to £15000 per month (2.4%)
    • Over £15000 per month (1.9%)
  • Currency conversion fee, currently 2.5% above the Base Exchange Rate
  • Potential fees for using debit or credit cards rather than Paypal balance (this is on a transaction-by-transaction basis)
Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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