Review Is Keyboard Gallery Store Scam or Legit

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Scam websites are using that green https padlock to fool you

It may look legit, but keep your guard up anyway.

You may have heard you should look for the padlock symbol at the top of a website before entering your password or credit card information into an online form. It’s well-meaning advice, but new data shows it isn’t enough to keep your sensitive information secure.

As it turns out, fraudsters got wise and started adding the padlock, which until recently was a bright green in most browsers, to their websites too. That means a padlock is no guarantee that a website is safe.

That’s according to data from cybersecurity firm PhishLabs, first reported by security writer Brian Krebs, which shows that almost half of all fraudulent pages have a padlock — meant to indicate that the site is secure — next to the URLs of their websites. Scammers are taking advantage of the fact that many internet users rely on the padlock symbol to decide whether to trust a website, according to an October report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

“Phishers are taking advantage of unclear security messaging” around the symbol, the report’s authors said.

The upshot is that there’s no one trick to protect you from the dark side of the internet. You have to be savvier than ever to avoid scammers and check for more than one sign that a website is legitimate.

That means making sure the website’s URL is correct and, whenever possible, typing the URL into the browser instead of following a link from an email. Tools like password managers and security software can also help: To stop you from being fooled by an extra convincing scam website, they’ll warn you when a URL doesn’t match the legitimate website or stop you from opening a scammy site to begin with.

“Awareness really is key,” said Adam Kujawa, director of the research arm of cybersecurity company Malwarebytes. “It’s up to the user to say, is this actually legit?”

What the padlock really means

The padlock has always been an imperfect symbol. It’s there to tell you something that’s specific, and also pretty technical, and that’s hard to get across with a simple image.

The lock is supposed to tell you that a website sends and receives information from your web browser over an encrypted connection. That’s all. You can tell a website has an encrypted connection because it starts with the letters https, not http. These days websites use an encryption standard called TLS. The secure connection makes it so nobody can read your web traffic as it travels through the internet’s vast, global infrastructure.

Here’s why an encrypted connection good thing: it makes sure that sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers gets scrambled up so that only the website intended to receive it can read it. That’s really important for things like online shopping or signing on to your bank’s website.

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That’s also why it’s still true that you should never enter your information if a website doesn’t have a secure connection.

But lots of people don’t know the lock means something so specific, said John LaCour, Chief Technology Officer at PhishLabs. “We’ve dumbed thing down to lock meaning ‘safe’,” he said.

Criminals can use security features too

Scammers who want to trick you into entering sensitive information can put a green padlock on their websites too, and they’re doing it more and more. When PhishLabs began collecting data in early 2020, less than half a percent of phishing websites sported a padlock. The number climbed quickly, up to about 24 percent in late 2020 and now more than 49 percent in the third quarter of 2020.

It makes sense that scammers would be using the padlock more and more, LaCour said. That’s because it’s gotten easier and cheaper for website creators to use an encrypted connection, thanks to pushes from cybersecurity experts at Google, Electronic Frontier Foundation and other tech heavyweights.

Criminals can now easily obtain certificates that enable the padlock to show up and encryption to take place, and they can do it without revealing very much about who they are.

What’s more, changes at major browsers like Chrome and Firefox have made sites without TLS encryption look much more dangerous to users, with a very visible warning that the site isn’t secure. That provided extra motivation for criminals to show the padlock on their websites, LaCour said, and avoid looking obviously shady.

“The lock doesn’t tell you anything about the legitimacy of the site,” he said. “It only tells you that your data is encrypted as it’s sent over the internet.”

It’s not all bad news

It’s probably for the best that scammers are using encryption on their phishing websites, said Nick Sullivan, head of cryptography at Cloudflare, a company that, among other things, helps organizations encrypt their websites.

That’s because sending valuable information that anyone could intercept and read is always a bad idea, even if your immediate problem is that you’ve just sent off your bank account information to a scammer in another country.

“There’s nothing bad about phishing sites having encryption,” Sullivan said.

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How to Avoid Freebie Scams

Find Out How to Tell If That Freebie Is a Scam

It seems like freebie scams are all over the Internet these days. We all love getting things for free but you have to be careful when choosing which offers to sign up for or a scam could end up costing you way more than you bargained for.

Before you request your next freebie, read these important tips on how to avoid freebie scams. It will keep your information safe and secure.

Never Pay for a Freebie

A freebie isn’t a freebie unless it’s free! If a website wants you to pay for a freebie, no matter how they spin it, then don’t request it.

There are some freebie scams that ask you to pay a small amount of money for a “processing fee” or “shipping and handling.” After they’ve collected the money, they take it and run leaving you and everyone else without the freebie.

Sometimes freebie scams will want you to sign up for a “free trial offer” of one or several online services in order to get your freebie. Avoid these at all costs! At best you’ll never be able to get the free trial canceled and at worst they steal your credit card information.

If a Freebie Is Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Most freebies are only worth a few dollars. Occasionally there are freebies worth a bit more. However, you will never get a car, house or large value gift card for free – these are all freebie scams.

A popular freebie scam on the Internet is for gift cards to popular stores or restaurants up to $500. You may see these in your email, as ads on websites, or your friends sharing them on social media. These are freebie scams and you shouldn’t request them. They’ll sell your personal information and you’ll never receive the gift card.

Get Your Freebies From Reliable Websites

Big companies such as Walmart and Kraft give out a lot of free sample freebies. They want you to try their products hoping you will then go out and buy them. These big companies have the money to give out all these free samples. When a freebie for a Kraft product is offered, make sure that it’s from the Kraft website. You’re never going to get a freebie that a website doesn’t really have to give out.

Smaller businesses do occasionally give out freebies. These are mostly low-cost items such as pens or magnets. If you see a freebie that’s over $5 in value offered by a company that you’ve never heard of, then don’t request the freebie.

While you want to make sure you’re requesting freebies from a reliable website, you should also make sure you’re finding your freebies on a reliable freebie website. Freebie communities are great because people will post and openly discuss freebies, helping everyone avoid freebie scams.

When I see a freebie from a website I don’t know, I ask myself “Why is this company sending out freebies”? It makes sense only if they want to make money off of it in the future, such as hoping you’ll buy the full-sized product.

Don’t Give Away Personal Information You Aren’t Comfortable Sharing

Most freebies require at a minimum that you provide your name and address. This is acceptable information to require because they need this information to mail the freebie to you. While there may be several other questions asked to get a freebie, I highly recommend that you only provide the information required to get the freebie. You don’t want to trade in your privacy for a freebie. Any other non-required information that’s asked is likely going to be used for marketing purposes only – in other words, more spam and junk mail.

Many times when you request a freebie, the company will want your phone number and email address. This does not mean that the freebie is a scam but if you don’t feel comfortable providing the information, then don’t do it. The same goes for any questions about your household or buying habits.

If you’re worried about getting junk or scam emails when you request a free sample, you’ve got a reason to worry. Most likely you’ll get on a list where you’ll get flooded with spam. I suggest getting a free email account that you use only for freebies to keep it all out of your personal email.

You should never give out your credit card information or social security number when requesting a freebie. If you see this information required for a freebie then this freebie is probably a scam.

When In Doubt, Move On

Let’s say you got a freebie lead on a forum where other members say the freebie is valid. You don’t have to provide credit card information, your social security number or any other personal information you aren’t comfortable with. It doesn’t sound too good to be true either but for some reason, you still feel funny about it. There’s just something not right about it. My advice is to move on to the next freebie. No freebie is worth getting taken by a scam.

Laptop Keys Reviews

48 • Poor

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 48

ReplacementLaptopKeys is a scam. Listen to all the other 1-star reviews. They are 100% true. I had the exact same experience. They send you a fake DHL tracking number. I spoke to DHL, they never even received a package for my order. This company should be shut down for fraud. Use other websites.

No response to non-delivered package

Product was lost (at least tracking number said was delivered, never received), and they just asked me to check my mailbox, and then went silent.

Ordered from another vendor. Maybe they’re fine if nothing goes wrong, but they didn’t address my issue and just ghosted me.

A good place to get your keys

We ordered a replacement key with tracked postage for an Alienware laptop. It came in a reasonable amount of time, was easy to install and works perfectly. While others may have had troubles this service is legit and I would happily use them again.


They were quick to answer and quick to ship the product. The keys were perfect for my MacBook.

Fake service

Fake service. They do not ship the products purchased and provides fake tracking links. Do not purchase from Requested a refund and never got a reply.

Ordered an Asus FX504 |\ key

Ordered an Asus FX504 |\ key, since the only picture they have is that one of a keyboard I thought I was getting the exact same key, but instead I just got a knockoff key. Now instead of all been read and black I have a black and white spot on my keyboard 14 usd + shipping totaling 17 usd. I’m not giving 1 star because at least it arrived.

I have a Razer Blade 15 and broke the…

I have a Razer Blade 15 and broke the switches trying to switch my Y and Z around (bought German layout). This was the only place I could find selling the replacements. Ordered them with the faster shipping and they arrived with me in the Netherlands within a week. The sets work perfectly and my laptop is now back to being as it should be. I’m very happy to say the least!

Worst customers service ever

Worst customers service ever. I have order a quick delivery for 5-13 days, however, it’s been passed more than a month and I have not yet received my order. The order tracking cannot be updated for more than 3 weeks and support just ignores my messages.

Horrible Customer Service – Item never received.

I purchased a replacement key from them and didn’t receive the item. It was clearly lost in postage but after countless attempts at resolving this issue with their woeful customer support, I had to result to a PayPal dispute. Only after logging the dispute did they start to communicate, but PayPal ruled in my favour. I was finally refunded after 2 months.

I was left inconvenienced (I had to buy a new keyboard as, although I had left ample time, the part didn’t arrive before international travel). I strongly suggest you shop elsewhere.

Refund gone well.

Updated: I bought one of their products, then I decided to cancel the order and have a refund. I had to write them several times (I used the in-website app), but at the end they answered me issuing a full refund.

They wasted my time, cancelled my order, and ignored my complaint

I spent a considerable amount of time providing information that they said they needed to identify my keys. I then placed an order. Next, they sent me a message saying that my order had been shipped. Then they followed-up with a message saying that my order had been cancelled because they do not ship to Vietnam. When I sent them an email asking why, they did not reply.

The FAQs on there website says:

Do you ship international orders?
Yes. We ship to every country and our international flat rate shipping starts at $2.50 for the entire order.

I am less than confident that I will receive a refund.

No keys, no customer support

No keys, no customer support. After 6 weeks of waiting. still no keys and also no response to my email. Very disappointing



I wish i could give 0 stars

I wish i could give 0 stars. Worst customer service ever. Still no product after a month from ordering. STAY AWAY.

I got a fake key

I got a fake key at a higher than average original price

Over a month to ship and then the keys…

Over a month to ship and then the keys don’t even fit. My keyboard is even more f’d up now.

The worst customer service I have ever…

The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Not only are their emails rude but they have yet to refund my money after sending me the wrong keys. Wouldn’t use them again if they were the last company on earth.


They said they always process refund on Friday. However, I haven’t get my refund since July 2nd. I will keep come back and report their responses.

Avoid the company. They do their best to prolong the process until expiration of the Norton Guarantee.

No communication, no anything.

Very Very bad Experience especially custom service.

They contacted me back already.

They emailed back to me and process the order got the key around 2 days ago. However I contacted lenovo for keyboard replacement already.
– Delayed about 2-3 months.
– Don’t contact them using their chat on web (Should send email directly)
– Keycap and Clip is OK, but Rubber cup in bad shape(It look like they pull off from some unused keyboard).

[Old Post]
Order lenovo legion y520 key “F9”.
After purchase there’s an email asked for image of keyboard to confirm, sent the image then no more response.
Asked in website twice still didn’t get any progress or status, it’s been a month already.
Got nothing from this site, just fake/scam one.
ORDER: #359155

Evedevices Reviews

35 • Poor

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 35

Shipping delays but still good enough :)

I give this company 4 stars because of the shipping delays.

Good service!

Today I got my second order. What can I say? I used discount they offered me last time, so I got my Eve i7 even 10% cheaper than usual and I like it!

Got my Eve V i7 16GB 512GB and very…

Got my Eve V i7 16GB 512GB and very happy with the device. The only challnege has been slower than promised delivery hence 4 stars.

Got everything I ordered on time

Got everything I ordered on time. Support is fast and device is a bargain!

Avoid this company. The positive reviews here are suspect.

I have watched this outfit for a couple of years, and I finally purchased a few weeks ago the Eve V.

Issue #1: Zero communication. I had no idea when item would ship, or even that it had shipped.

Issue #2: They forgot to include the HDMI adapter I ordered and paid for.

Issue #3: When I reported #2 to them, five full days has gone by with ZERO response

Issue #4: I notice the tablet is not assembled properly. There is real flex when I pick it up, and I hear glue inside going stick/unstick as I pick it up and put it down.

Issue #5: When I reported #4 to them, five full days has gone by with ZERO response

Issue #6: The keyboard often needs to be reseated (like a few times a day, at least). Why? Because it starts adding a bracket ] character to every keypress.

Issue #6: When I reported #6 to them, days has gone by with ZERO response

Issue #7: When you review their forums, you see a lot of posts with similar issues as above.

Issue #8: I joined the forums to interact with community about my issues, but forums do not let me post to the EveV group, only to the community group.

So I dunno. I did my job (I paid em). I don’t think they are doing their job.

I see a few positive reviews here. They are suspect. They do not align with feedback on the eve forums.

Only complaint Is the limited support…

Only complaint Is the limited support for rapairs they offered after the guaranty expires.

Highly recommend them, 5 stars��

Great company! I’ve received my device yesterday and I’m really happy with it. There were some delays with shipping because of Corona Virus, but it’s not a very big problem as for me. Btw, they offer me a good discount for my next order!
Highly recommend them, 5 stars��

Almost filed for refund first but product is totally worth it!

After reading reviews online especially the TrustPilot ones I was worried this company will never deliver. On the contrary I received the top Eve V model on March 3rd and received it to my door on March 5th! Device is a steal for $779. Will purchase again!

Don’t trust them

Don’t trust them, the informations on the website are wrong, they don’t have any devices on stock and they can’t produce devices because of coronavirus. Don’t buy anything.

Absolute scam



Scammers. Of course I payed and did not receive anything

Scam company with little recourse.

Scam company with little recourse.

Tried to order one of the Eve Vs during the discount campaign, as this would be a great tool for some design work. They said delivery would come in 5-8 days given the holiday shipping periods, rather than the 2-4 days they ‘normally’ ship the items.

They sent a mag sleeve. thats it, not device, no plug, no keyboard. So they have a shipping record, showing delivered, but they didn’t send everything in the order. Customer service says they will be sending out another one, that was 3 weeks ago.

I’m fortunate though, looks like my card bounced the order in the end, so I’m not out the money, I’m watching to make sure this holds true and they don’t try to hit it again.

Avoid them, don’t fund anything they do, and don’t order the device they have on sale now.


Like the many others, bought a device back in Dec 2020 and paid over 1.5k USD. All promises and follow ups initially, then came the lack of communication and instant removal of any posts on their website regarding refunds on the failure known as the Eve V.

They have changed their company name to Eve devices and seem to claim no responsibility as that was an issue with the previous company. Dodgy as f***, products put out by them should never be trusted. If you do not receive a ‘finished’ product within a week, go straight to your payment processor and get that refund.

Fraudulent behaviour, completely untrustworthy

Purchased an Eve V and accessories in December 2020, which were to be delivered in the January-February 2020 time frame.

What followed was over a year of excuses from the company, including from the CEO directly, as to what the delay was and when it would be resolved. The mistake I made, as did others, was to be understanding and patient, instead of claiming my money back via my CC provider/bank.

The issues were supposedly resolved early 2020. Their CEO made an announcement and further discussion of the issue on their community website was prevented.

However, the issues were far from solved. Many customers, myself included had not received our orders. After repeated contact with support, I only received excuses, outright lies or generic “we are doing our best to get your device to you”-like boilerplate replies.

I have received nothing to this day and now Eve simply blame their supplier, and provide no resolution.

It was an expensive lesson to learn!

Avoid this company like the plague. If you have already ordered anything, be sure to swiftly recover your money if the device is not promptly shipped as expected.

A total scam

A total scam. Paid 2000 euro, never received anything

As so many others I was scammed by this…

As so many others I was scammed by this company. Went and bought an Eve V i7 during a sale, got sent a sleeve and nothing else. Upon requesting they send me my order, I was told “your order will be send shortly”. Alas shortly has now been quite a while longer.


Beware. They do not deliver.
I bought a Eve V from there running campaign for 900$.
They send me a ea-magsleve to 30$ and closed my order and the 900$ is payed.I tried to reach out to there intentional store, and got an answer where they promised to correct it. But i doubt anything happens. All negative comments in there community and on their own review page is deleted. After that by i saw 3 other reviews with the exact same problem.

I would stay away

I ordered an Eve V as part of their Indiegogo campaign. Although I received it – very late – it had some defects. I returned it, and after months of chasing, they finally gave me a refund. I am one of the lucky ones though. There are many others who have not received a device or refund. Also, I would not trust that they have a different “distributor”. That is just an excuse they are using to justify their poor historical performance.

A nice device, if you want to gamble.

I ordered my Eve V online, in a flash sale. Everything proceeded normally, and my device arrived in good condition and well packaged in a few weeks.
The Eve V is a nice device, for the price. I got a i5 device, with a very nice display, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, a nice keyboard, for less than 1000 euro. The keyboard is not as good as the Surface’s keyboard, but the whole is much cheaper.
However, the keyboard still is the week point of this type of design – I had a Surface Pro 3, and it’s keyboard broke after two years.
The real big issue, though, is the support or lack thereof, as the company does not honor the warranty and doesn’t address issues (firmware, drivers, hardware).
The whole idea of ‘made by us’ is totally fake.
Their community is just a marketing stunt, as any criticism is banned (as most of my posts there have).
If you real need a cheap medium-to-high level device similar to the Surface Pro, you could consider buying a used SP on eBay, you may get better consumer protection after all.
If you can live with the risk, and want a nice device for a low price, do your research online before buying an Eve V.

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