Is Bitcoin Superstar another scam

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Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era – The Latest Two Faces of the Same Scam

With the rising price and popularity of bitcoin come numerous scams. Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era are two investment schemes that have recently gained much attention. took a look at them, and it did not take much to spot how similar they are to each other and several other well-known scams.

Bitcoin Superstar vs Bitcoin Era – Same Template, Different Names

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era are currently two of the most popular bitcoin investment schemes, but it does not take long to spot how scammy their websites are. For a start, they both have the same cookie-cutter template. They both display a warning in red at the top stating that “Due to extremely high media demand, we will close registration as of 19/02/2020 – Hurry.” Such urgency and scarcity tactics have long been used to pressure people into buying many products.

The Bitcoin Superstar website (left) and the Bitcoin Era website (right) using the same cookie-cutter template.

Next comes the hype. Both the Bitcoin Superstar and the Bitcoin Era websites display numerous hype phrases, such as “Bitcoin is making people rich,” “you can become the next millionaire,” and “change your life today.” Both schemes also feature the same video, starting with CNN coverage, followed by well-known people including Richard Branson, speaking positively about bitcoin. To gain more credibility, the two sites additionally display logos of Bitgo, Norton, Secure Trading, and McAfee, with “As seen on” CNN,, Time, and Forbes.

Bitcoin Superstar describes itself as a group of “people who jumped on the insane returns that bitcoin offers,” emphasizing that its members “make money on their laptop with just a few minutes of ‘work’ every day.” Bitcoin Era posted a similar message, with a focus on its trading software. “With the Bitcoin Era software, you can take advantage of the profit potential in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets,” its website describes.

The Fake Testimonials

How can one sell a scam without glowing testimonials? The next section of both the Bitcoin Superstar and the Bitcoin Era websites showcases the supposed testimonials of their successful traders. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin Superstar displays “Real testemonials from our users,” with the word testimonials misspelled. Both websites use the same four people’s images but change their names, locations, and the amount of profit they made.

The testimonials on Bitcoin Superstar (top) and the testimonials on Bitcoin Era (bottom).

The four user images can be found on many other websites. For example, the picture of the first user (Mark K. from Forth Worth, TX, on Bitcoin Superstar, who is also James H. from San Antonio, TX, on Bitcoin Era) can be downloaded from free stock photo website

Mark K. on Bitcoin Superstar (aka James H. on Bitcoin Era) whose image can be downloaded freely from

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Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era are not the only ones using the same cookie-cutter template. These scams will keep appearing as long as there are people willing to shell out money to join them. has named plenty more scams that are using the same website format. Among them are Bitcoin Investor, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Formula, Bitcoin Secret, Crypto Revolt, Bitcoin Rush, and Crypto Xchange. The website also mentions another viral scam called Bitcoin Billionaire and notes that the first scam of this format was Bitcoin Trader.

Examples of scams using the same cookie-cutter template Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Superstar, and Bitcoin Trader use. Source:

Over time, some of these websites may have changed their appearance. Bitcoin Era, for example, has put up another website with the same logo. There have also been several Bitcoin Era press releases published on some crypto news websites.

Another Bitcoin Era website.

The Scamcryptorobots website also notes that there are fake reviews and fake news stories for these scams. In addition to warning about three bitcoin scams, including Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader, has outlined how to spot scams like Bitcoin Doubler Club, Cryptomia247, Mining Cheap, Orelex Financial Services, and Wintrust Expert Options.

$250 Upfront Investment, €13,000 in 24 Hours Guaranteed

It is always a red flag when an investment scheme asks for money upfront as Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era do. To get involved with either of them, you need to register on their websites and fund your account. “So to start profiting with the Bitcoin Superstar, you must invest any amount you desire of $250 or more,” its website states. Bitcoin Era asks for a similar upfront investment while claiming that its trading software is free to use. However, you are unlikely to ever see your $250 again. Both Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era also entice new signups by posting fake, unverifiable profits their traders supposedly made. At one point, Bitcoin Superstar even displayed on its website: “Bitcoin Superstar ride on the bitcoin wave and earn €13,000 ($14,038) in exactly 24 hours. Guaranteed.”

Bitcoin Era advertises that it has “created an incredible trading software which provides highly accurate trade signals, allowing just about anybody to make massive profits from the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.” The scheme further claims: “With an unprecedented accuracy rate of 99.4%, the Bitcoin Era software will keep making you profits each and every single day without you having to worry about losing.” As icing on the cake, Bitcoin Era wrote: “Many of our users have reported making thousands of dollars per day using our advanced trading algorithms and the reality is, the earning potential is limitless.” Commenting on this unrealistic claim, a Bitcoin Era review article on the Scamcryptorobots site describes:

In reality the only exclusive club you are invited to join is a losing club designed by professional con artists in order to rip you off and steal your money … So if you really believe you are about to make £979.98 every day for the rest of your life, you are in for a rude awakening.

The type of promises Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Superstar make has gotten many companies in trouble with regulators around the world. Some of them have been reported to the authorities. However, it takes time for each scam to be sanctioned and the scheme shut down. Meanwhile, they continue to prey on uninformed investors, luring in victims who hope to make easy money. The bottom line is any scam can put up any number of websites, call the scheme by different names, and generate a new look and feel. Remember, if the promise sounds too good to be true, it is most likely not true, and if any red flags are there, exercise extreme caution.

What do you think of Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era? Let us know in the comments section below.

Bitcoin Superstar Review

The Bitcoin market is currently flooded with dubious apps that promise you incredible guarantees of high returns. The good news is that the Bitcoin Superstar app in no way reflects conventional crypto robots. It is a real web-based trading software that provides you with a first-class online service all day long.

How does cryptocurrency trading work?

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a decade. They have become a very popular financial market where billions of dollars are traded every day. Many traders successfully haggle with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The secret is to really understand the market.

Market analysis can be very time consuming and difficult. Anyone who has ever traded online knows that it can sometimes take hours to find a trading opportunity at all. While this is possible, not everyone has hours or the analytical skills to really understand the market movements and act accordingly. This is where Bitcoin Superstar comes in as a helping hand.

With Bitcoin SuperStar you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without having mature market knowledge. The innovative robot software automatically determines trading opportunities and ends them at the appropriate time. This saves traders from having to carry out a technical and fundamental analysis of the markets. In addition, the Bitcoin SuperStar software developed by Thomas Gottschalk is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced cryptocurrency traders. This means that now everyone can trade Bitcoin and make a profit.

But does Bitcoin SuperStar really deliver what it promises?

What exactly is Bitcoin SuperStar?

Bitcoin SuperStar is an automated trading robot. It enables you to invest and trade profitably in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

If you go to the Bitcoin SuperStar website, you will see that traders are already making money with the software. Testimonials displayed on the home page indicate that users have made more than $ 7,000 since using this software. Given the extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency market, these returns are excellent. Other websites also reveal Bitcoin Superstar experiences from other users who have used the software and give an insight into the success they have achieved with Bitcoin SuperStar so far.

What is Bitcoin SuperStar?

Bitcoin SuperStar is an automated trading software that allows people to invest and trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The software was developed for all types of experienced and inexperienced traders. To ensure comfort and flexibility, the software can be called up from both the desktop PC and the mobile device. This gives you full control over your trading activities at all times, even when you are on the move.

When trading cryptocurrencies, technical and fundamental analytics are used to determine the next price move and make buying and selling decisions based on those analytics. With Bitcoin SuperStar, this is no longer necessary. Bitcoin SuperStar analyzes in favor of the trader, enters trades and leaves them as soon as the market conditions are right. As soon as the robot identifies a profitable trading opportunity and this matches the configured trading parameters of the user, it opens trading on the user account at the same time. Depending on the trading parameters configured by the trader, the Bitcoin SuperStar software finds several trading options within a day, to which it also reacts. In this way, a trader can generate profits with cryptocurrency on a daily basis.

In contrast to other financial markets, the crypto market is active around the clock. Trading cryptocurrencies takes place at any time of the day, night, or day of the week. The Bitcoin SuperStar software also works 24 hours, seven days a week. It continuously scans the market, carries out technical analyzes and looks for profitable trading opportunities. By being active 24 hours a day, the software saves the trader the time and stress of analyzing the market at odd times of the day looking for trading opportunities. As a trader, you are finally flexible, can deal with other things, but at the same time trade cryptocurrency and make money.

Advantages of Bitcoin SuperStar software

The cryptocurrency market has grown in recent years. Various tools have been developed to make it easier to understand the market and make better use of its advantages. What makes Bitcoin SuperStar software so unique compared to other tools? Why should you choose this software over others? Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy with Bitcoin SuperStar:

Several trading signals daily

As a trader, the number of trading signals you can recognize in a day is limited because you are responsible for analyzing the markets and determining trading signals. However, the Bitcoin SuperStar software provides you with several trading signals every day. The software is automated to carry out the analysis of various assets and to show possible entry points for trading. With the Bitcoin SuperStar software, a trader can access a larger pool of trading signals every day.

Automated trading is one of the main advantages that the Bitcoin SuperStar software brings. This was designed to locate profitable trading opportunities and take them in auto mode. Furthermore, trading is ended at the right time to ensure that a profit is made or a loss is reduced. You can hardly be around the clock to make trading decisions. Bitcoin SuperStar can do this task completely automated for you.

No emotional trading

Emotions play a big role in our decisions in online trading. Typically, we make buying and selling decisions based on our emotions as we believe that some cryptocurrencies perform better than others. It may not always be to our advantage and we may lose money. We could also exit a trade too early for fear or start over again due to greed. Bitcoin SuperStar turns emotional trading off. The software decides and acts in accordance with its market analyzes, which ensure trading success and profitability.

Trade with any device

Another advantage of Bitcoin SuperStar software is that it does not limit the user to a specific device. For users of the desktop PC, Bitcoin SuperStar is available via Windows, Mac and other operating systems. Bitcoin SuperStar also works on mobile devices and can be accessed by users of Android and iOS mobile devices. So Bitcoin SuperStar can be used conveniently on the go.

How to start trading with the Bitcoin SuperStar

Bitcoin Superstar registration is very easy. Register on the Bitcoin SuperStar website. The whole process takes less than two minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide:

The first step in trading Bitcoin SuperStar software is to open an account. The registration form is on the Bitcoin SuperStar homepage. Enter a few personal details here to create your account.

At Bitcoin SuperStar, provide your full name and an email address. After you have given this information, click on “Next”. As a next step you will be asked to create a password and to enter your phone number and the country of your residence. Your personal information is safe with Bitcoin SuperStar. All necessary steps are taken to protect personal and financial data. Your account will be activated as soon as the data has been sent.

2. Deposit money

The second step is to fund your Bitcoin SuperStar account. The minimum deposit is EUR 250. Bitcoin SuperStar works with a solid number of experienced and professional brokers to give you access to a trading platform. With every broker you can be sure that you can deposit and withdraw your money reliably and easily. After depositing, the broker ensures that you have access to a secure and comprehensive trading environment and get maximum profit from the crypto market.

As a last step, set up the trading parameters. In this way you help the software to analyze the market according to your individual preferences and to open and close trades automatically. You can also put the Bitcoin SuperStar software in manual mode if you prefer to take control of the trading activities yourself.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Superstar Scam Or Absolutely Legitimate?

Yes, the Bitcoin SuperStar software is reputable. It analyzes a wide range of financial data resulting from different sources in order to localize profitable trades. The software generates and reacts automatically around the clock to buy and sell signals. This makes it extremely convenient for both experienced online retailers and beginners

Is Bitcoin Superstar another scam?

Bitcoin Superstar happens to be a cryptocurrency service provider that is offering an automated robot to facilitate the day to day trading operations. The platform is allegedly developed by ‘Thomas Gottschalk’. Bitcoin Superstar claims to be offering its customers the most advanced features and trade-tools that are specifically designed to suit their trading needs and geared to doubling their profits (as is claimed by the company).

The company website is (this is an unbelievable URL) and the person name Thomas Gottschalk has been designated as a director of Bitcoin Superstar. The website does not display any support email id or contact number or address. There’s a web-form that seems to be the only way to reach out to this company.

Bitcoin Superstar Review

Bitcoin Superstar claims to be the most popular crypto signal service or application in the globe in which you can get an opportunity to make real money. They also claim to have all the required features and tools to make crypto trade the most profitable and easy-to-do for the users. They claim to have an experienced team of finance experts who will guide you and help you to avoid any possible risks. However, all of this seems too good to be true and the more you research about this company, the more doubt starts creeping in.

Cryptocurrencies have become a very prevalent financial market & there are different companies through which people are making money. Bitcoin Superstar is among those companies which trade cryptocurrency and claims to help people make high-profit margins on a regular basis.

Bitcoin Superstar seems to be shady with the exaggerated promises to their clients to provide a risk-free app and to make $1300 within 24 hours. According to them, after depositing initial investment with the Bitcoin Superstar, you can get an opportunity to earn a commission through their referral programs. They make it possible by allowing affiliate marketers, social media marketing agencies and online promoters.

Reality is reverse as their registration page is designed in such a way that it would possibly confuse the clients. The credibility of Bitcoin Superstar also becomes questionable because of the details of its owner. The software which has been used by the Bitcoin Superstar is completely owned by a company called ‘Algo trading”. However, this is the same company that doesn’t have a great market standing and has been labeled as a sham by various users.


Bitcoin superstar promises huge profit margins such as 99.4% in profit after signing up and making the initial investment. However, they haven’t really detailed out how this extravagant profit is made possible. Moreover, there is no way to get returns to such an extent specifically when you are trading in bitcoin because of market unpredictability and fluctuations.


Here are some facts and figures about Bitcoin Superstar that may come handy while making up your decision about this company.

  • Founded in: 2020.
  • Location: Germany
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Strategy: Not properly explained
  • Minimum amount to be deposited: 250$
  • Withdrawal for crypto(min): 5$
  • Minimum withdrawal time: 24 hours

Trading Results

Another thing from which you have to be familiar is the trading results of Bitcoin Superstar which are not verified. Whenever the company claims to be a profitable trading result then the promised profit margin must be realistic, however, this is not the case when it comes to Bitcoin Superstar. The profit margin which is explained on the website is $1300 within 24 hours seems too good to be real and there are no proofs to substantiate this claim.

The website does have a trade stream that seems to be “live” and allegedly evidence for the real trade taking place. However, unfortunately it doesn’t seem real or reliable.

Client Feedback

When it comes to client feedback, it is quite impossible to see any positive feedback about Bitcoin Superstar. However, you would find a few ‘very positive’ testimonials on their website but the interesting thing to notice is that the images are exactly the same as in some of the other such sites that we have already reviewed earlier. In short, the testimonials don’t appear realistic or honest.

You may be interested in taking a look at some of the similar trading platforms, such as Trade Daily Pro, FX Coin Bot, DAX Robot and Green Millions.


All in all, bitcoin superstar appears to be telling us the same old story that has been circulating around the world-wide-web in the cryptocurrency niche. Moreover, like various other similar companies, Bitcoin Superstar is also missing crucial points and seems to be withholding a lot of required information from potential customers.

Have you been thinking about investing with Bitcoin Superstar? Or, have you had any experience with this company?

We would love to hear more from you, so share your opinions with us in the comments below.

Bitcoin SuperStar Review

What Exactly is Bitcoin SuperStar?

Bitcoin SuperStar can be defined as an automated software used to trade and invest in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. This software can be used by all traders, whether experienced or inexperienced. It is also available for PC, mobile and tablet users, which makes it very convenient to use. Furthermore, the availability of the software on these mediums makes it easy to access your trading activities, regardless of your location.

There is a technical and fundamental analysis required when using manual cryptocurrency trading where the next trend-setting crypto price movement for making selling and buying decisions is determined. However, with Bitcoin SuperStar, you don’t have to bother with that; the analysis is carried out by the software which executes the trade with the right market conditions. In essence, as soon as there is a viable trading opportunity and it corresponds with the user’s set trading parameters, the software immediately acts on it even if the user is not logged into that account. Subject to the trader’s set trading parameters, the software can complete several trading transactions in one day. Based on this, a trader trading with this software, is sure to make profits from cryptocurrency trading.

The crypto market, unlike other conventional financial markets, is active at all times. You can trade cryptocurrency at any time of the day or night on any day of any given week. The implication of this is that the Bitcoin SuperStar software is always active. It scans the market without pausing, does the necessary technical analysis and looks out for viable trading opportunities. The fact that the software is active at all times of the day, means the trader does not have to stress himself combing through the market at impossible hours just to find viable trading opportunities. Bitcoin SuperStar makes it possible for traders to focus on other things while the software trades cryptocurrency for them.

The Bitcoin SuperStar cryptocurrency trading robot can be used on both computers and mobile devices. The robot is designed to help users trade bitcoin successfully by providing them with well-researched insights to guide their investment decisions.

There are lots of reviews on the site homepage from users explaining how they were able to make as much as $11,000 or even more after trading for just 47 days. With all these reports on the viability of this product, one has no choice than to accept that the software is as reliable and profitable as promised.

What is the legal status of Bitcoin SuperStar?

Since its introduction into the financial market about a decade ago, cryptocurrency has become quite popular in the market as a platform that offers people the opportunity to make billions of dollars from trading daily. The best way to succeed in this financial market is to understand the market so you can use it to your advantage.

To succeed in crypto trading, you must have a good knowledge of the workings of the financial market because you need to fully understand some technical and fundamental factors to be able to navigate the market and make a profit off it. You must keep yourself informed about all the happenings in the crypto space and the impact of these events on prices. For instance, the prices of cryptocurrencies are affected by factors like news reports, recent regulations, government policies, collaborations for crypto use and so on. Therefore, if you’re really serious about trading Bitcoin and any other crypto, you must learn how to analyse these market components and use them to your advantage.

Not everybody has what it takes to carry out market analysis, as it can be quite time-consuming and difficult. If you’re a regular trader, then you’re probably no stranger to long hours spent in front of the computer, patiently waiting for a trading opportunity to open up. Very few people have the time and the analytical ability to understand the different market projections.

However, with this software, you can successfully trade cryptocurrencies without necessarily having an in-depth knowledge of how the market works. This software will help you spot the right trade, enter and exit it at the perfect time using your account. This way, you don’t have to bother yourself with all the technical analysis required for trading in this market. Designed by Thomas Gottschalk, this software is perfect for everyone both experienced and inexperienced crypto traders alike. With Bitcoin SuperStar, anybody can trade the crypto market and make profit from it.

However, the big question is this; does this software really deliver on what it promises to do? This is the question Trustedbrokerz seeks to help you find an answer to. We have done the hard part by using a live account to test the software, so you can be sure that our review is honest and unbiased.

Test & review for Bitcoin SuperStar

A lot of traders have discovered the world of bitcoin and are eager to make money off it. But like any investment decision, you’ll need some industry insights and some data analysis to succeed at it. This is why trading robots exist in bitcoin markets. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin SuperStar is up there with some of the best bots in the industry.

The introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence has made it possible to process troves of data quickly and accurately. Bots can process the data that could take weeks to be processed by manual efforts in a few minutes. So you need to ask yourself this question; which is more profitable to you as a bitcoin trader? The Bitcoin SuperStar trading bot offers you optimized quantum processing, AI and dependability. This guide will also provide you with details on how the bot works and any other information you need to know.

How Financially Viable is Bitcoin SuperStar?

At this point in the review, the only answer to that question is an unequivocal yes! Bitcoin SuperStar can help you make money from trading cryptocurrencies. The software’s win percentage margin might be over 99%, but your success as a trader is largely dependent on the instructions you provide for the software. Factors like, risk level, amount of investment and others, are what determines a trader’s profit with this software. A lot of traders are making thousands with this software, so what is stopping you?

Signing up with Bitcoin SuperStar

The registration process for Bitcoin SuperStar is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps involved:

1. Register a user account

To use Bitcoin SuperStar, you must be registered on the site and the registration process is fairly straightforward. Go to the homepage, click on the link for new user, you’ll be asked to provide a name, contact number and email address. Next, choose your password and then confirm it. Click on the submit button and check your inbox for a confirmation link.

2. Make sure your account is funded

Once you click on their confirmation link, your account becomes registered automatically. A congratulatory message then appears on your screen welcoming you. Once you click on ‘start trading’, you will be automatically redirected to your own personal dashboard.

You must select a deposit amount before you can proceed, with $250 being the minimum amount you can select. Your preferred option will determine your method of funding. You have the option of choosing credit card payment or bank transfer method. Once the deposit is made, you can start trading.

3. Start Trading

You can also decide to use the demo account before you start trading proper, to get your feet wet with one or two dummy transactions. Using the demo account will not cost you any money. As soon as you’re ready to start trading, go to your dashboard and set your withdrawal and trading limits then sit back, relax and enjoy your profits.

How credible is Bitcoin SuperStar?

The software’s credibility is there for all to see, from the user dashboard, to the homepage, Bitcoin SuperStar’s credibility cannot be questioned. The amazing user testimonies further lends credence to its credibility as well as the fact that their broker’s network is filled with known names in the industry which is quite reassuring. This software definitely looks legit.

Who is the creator of Bitcoin SuperStar?

The creator of Bitcoin SuperStar is a known software and cryptocurrency expert called Conrad Atherton. His goal in creating this software was to design an optimal auto-trading bot that would have a huge impact on the global cryptocurrency market.

Why go for Bitcoin SuperStar?

There is no doubt that we choose wisely by deciding to go with this bot. looking at all the new and exciting user resources, the ease of funding and opening an account, it is safe to say that this software lives up to its reputation.

Being matched with reputable brokers like 247option was another perk of using this software. New users will enjoy the software with the confidence that its services are top-notch.

Comparing Bitcoin SuperStar to other Robots

Most people expect cryptocurrency robots to have the same functionality and features. However, when it comes to “new user” resources, Bitcoin SuperStar is head and shoulders above the others. Here are some noteworthy points to buttress this point:

  1. Demo account: Bitcoin SuperStar’s demo account feature is one of the unique features that makes it so special.
  2. Fast analytical power: Investors will rather have top-notch technology. The analytical power of this bot is faster than most, which makes it easy for it to do the hard lifting for users.
  3. Exceptional user ratings: The user reviews are not just great, they’re actually exceptional! The users of this bot have nothing but amazing things to say about it.

Easy Withdrawals: The withdrawal feature comes with different payment options. This offers users more control.


The creator of Bitcoin SuperStar is an experienced developer with a proven history of success. The ability of the bot to deliver as promised has been highly rated by users. It has a lot of cutting-edge technology that makes operations easier for users. It is no wonder this bot is considered a trend setter by users across the world!

Bitcoin Superstar – Test & Review

Making money with bitcoin is a topic of interest in today’s world. However, just like investment decisions, data analysis and industry insight are useful. This explains how trading robots have become a major part of bitcoin markets. Bitcoin Superstar is one of the best-rated bots available for cryptocurrency trading and profitability.

There is no doubt that with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning, huge troves of data can be processed quickly and accurately. The data that manual efforts might take weeks to process can be completely handled by bots within the space of a few minutes. So, as a bitcoin trader, would you rather stick to long hours of reading bulky crypto market reports or employ a bot to get the job done while you sit back and put in less than an hour a day? The power of AI, optimized quantum processing, and dependability is what Bitcoin Superstar offers as a trading bot. How this bot works and other details you need to know are covered in this guide.

What is Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar is a cryptocurrency trading robot that is optimized for use on mobile devices and computers. The aim of this robot is to make bitcoin trading profitable for users by providing well-researched insights as a guide for daily investment decisions.

Users of Bitcoin Superstar have provided reviews on the bot homepage detailing how they made $10,000 or more within 47 days of trading. With such amazing reports from verified users, it is worth believing that Bitcoin Superstar is a reliable and profitable piece of software.

Bitcoin Superstar Features:

  • Payment Methods: All major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Professional trading indicators
  • Robust risk management

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Superstar

    Ease of account opening. Opening a user account is simple with only a few details required Provides a demo account. A new user can access a demo account in order to get familiar with the robot’s interface before starting live trading Proven technology. With machine learning and artificial intelligence optimized here, this is one of the more hi-tech bots currently available. Options in payment methods. The user has the right of choice in payment options. This makes the software more user-friendly. New user manual and FAQs section. Every new user is able to access the bot manual for free as well as the FAQs section.
    Only a few cryptocurrencies are available for trading

How To Sign Up With Bitcoin Superstar

It is easy to register as a user of Bitcoin Superstar. The process is simple and easy to follow. This is what you need to do:

Register As a User

You need to be registered to become a user of Bitcoin Superstar, and this is a straightforward process. When you click on the new user link on the homepage, you will be prompted to provide your name, email address, and contact number. The next thing is to choose a password and confirm it in the next column. After clicking on the ‘submit’ tab, you will be receiving a confirmation link in your inbox.

Fund Your Account

Your account is registered after you click on the confirmation link sent to you by email. Next, your screen will display a congratulatory message welcoming you to the closest available broker on the robot’s network. By clicking on the ‘start trading’ tab, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard.

You need to select the amount you want to deposit here before proceeding, with the minimum set at $250. Your funding method will depend on your preferred option. You can either choose a bank transfer or credit card payment. After you make your deposit, you are set to start trading.

Start Trading

As a user of Bitcoin Superstar, you can start trading after making your initial deposit. However, you have the option of going to your demo account first, to try your hands on some dummy transactions. You will not lose any money while using the demo account.

When you are ready to trade, head to your dashboard, set your trading and withdrawal limits, and watch as your profits roll in.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Legitimate?

From the bot homepage to the user dashboard, Bitcoin Superstar conveys some credibility that is worthy to point out. User testimonials are amazing, and the network of brokers are known names which provides some added assurance. Bitcoin Superstar definitely appears to be legitimate.

Who Created Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar was created by Conrad Atherton. As a reputed cryptocurrency and software expert, Conrad sought to develop an optimal auto-trading robot that would make an impact on the global cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Superstar?

Using this bot for us was a wise decision. From getting all the new user resources, to ease of account opening and funding, Bitcoin Superstar gets the deserved plaudits.

It was reassuring to be matched with a reputed broker like 247option. Any new user will be confident to go ahead with bitcoin trading, safe in the knowledge that the software can be trusted as a high-quality service provider.

How Does Bitcoin Superstar Behave Compared With Other Robots?

We often expect crypto trading robots to be similar in terms of features and functionality. However, Bitcoin Superstar leads the pack in terms of its ‘New User’ resources. The following points are also noteworthy:

  1. Demo account : Providing a new user with a demo account cannot be taken for granted. Bitcoin Superstar makes this happen.
  2. Speedy analytical power : An investor needs to be sure that the technology available is top-notch. This bot packs a speedy analytical power that does the hard work for the user.
  3. Excellent user ratings : It is good to have positive user ratings, but it is quite another to see reviews that are truly excellent. This bot is excellently rated by users.
  4. Ease of withdrawals : Withdrawals are supported with payment options. Being able to select from a range of withdrawal methods affords more control for the user.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Superstar was created by a software expert with a proven background of experience and success. The robot’s performance is highly rated by its users in delivering profitably to their crypto trading. With cutting-edge technology underlying its operations, many users have a reason to upvote this bot as a market leader.

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