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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

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XautoProfits Review: Is Xautoprofits EA a Scam?

XautoProfits Review: Is Xautoprofits EA a Scam?


Last Updated: Feb 18, 2020 @ 9:41 am

Xautoprofits is a brand new automated Forex trading app that claims to be the “number one expert adviser in the market”. This claim can be considered to be fairly aggressive since the developers are entering the market place for the first time and just starting to get their feet wet, and it’s definitely something we will not forget during the process of writing this review.

Note: For those of you looking for a good automated trading system, we recommend picking one on this page.

Also, if looking for a good broker or investment company to put your money in, the above link will provide you with the right resources for that.

The developer also mentioned something about how the software they provide access to traders’ $ 826 619 daily profits in Forex trading course, “but we were not really sure whether this is the promise of their software, or analysis of the market in general. We shall inspect these claims later on.

Today we will provide a full review and let you know if this is the type of software that you should add to your trading account. The creator of the software fails to provide information about the history of their trade, the presence or experience in the Forex market.

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The lack of transparency is concerned, especially when we are dealing with a system that has only been on the market for several weeks. We hope that they read the criticism and
provide more transparency, because as it stands the lack of information makes the company find
as very unprofessional.

Xautoprofits Review

On the Xautoprofits site, we get very little detail about their services in general, with just a few hundred words of content in their promotion statements. Even still, they managed to be really precise with the explanation that makes the software
looks like a promising indicator and even a life-changing secret in “Ebook Forex trading.”

This is quite strange, because there is no other mention of any ebook on the website, including the purchase page. So we wonder what e book they could be talking about to start with. Another concern that we have, has to do with the awards portion of the sales page. According to this section, the software has won three awards, deeming robot, “Best EA of 2020.” The problem with this award, is that they are all false. Expert Advisor is not even available in 2020, as this website
launched mid-January 2020.

Also, if you go to the website of Global Forex Awards, they have a full their award-winning list, and Xautoprofits is nowhere to be found. In fact, they even do not give awards for automated trading systems. Obviously, this kind of blatant fraud did not bode well, because all the best Forex robot developers in this market are expected to be honest and transparent.

Trading strategy

This robot uses “powerful grid trading strategy” that utilizes artificial intelligence to collect data and analyzing past market movements to find trading patterns. They feel that their network trading approach in relation to the collection no lag indicator Xautoprofits robot set apart from their competitors.

The software is compatible with all currency pairs and Forex crypto. Using the take profit, strict stop loss and built in money management to secure profits. The system also includes optimized settings, free updates, support ECN, and some filters.

Vendor informs us that there are 12 strategies to choose from, but they did not provide specific details about each of them. This analysis is better than what we have seen in the latest review of Celestial Trading Tools, and Grandmaster Fastron Forex Expert Advisor.

Analysis EA Type that: Forex Robot
Price: $ 154
Strategy: Grid
Time frame: H1
Pairs: All pairs & Crypto currencies

Traders interested in Xautoprofits EA can be bought for $ 154. With the purchase comes access to robot, free update, only members of the forum all delivered instantly via email. No mention of Xautoprofits $ 154 license, so we really do not know how many accounts the software is built to work on. We must
assume that this means that traders gain access to your account license.

Trade Results for the Xautoprofits EA

Despite making promises of 236% ROI, Xautoprofits robot does not provide a verified trading results. Without Myfxbook account, there is no way that this robot can be considered as “No # 1 Automated Trading Software. ” We are wondering why the developer is still believing that their FX robot is the best when trading results have not been verified yet. They should consider refraining from these statements if they do not have proof yet. It makes them look bad.

The only thing that this vendor provides are some YouTube videos where they scroll through the different trades that the software is taking in their MT4 terminal. We don’t prefer that trading results should be presented in this format since it is very easy for vendors to manipulate results or hide something. We only prefer myfxbook results to any other method because with myfxbook, we are sure that the figures are true.

Our best advice for you

The creators of the system need to work hard in providing credible trading performance if they want to compete in this market. The best part of the Xautoprofits presentation was provided by the analysis of its strategy. Besides this, we didn’t see any strong or concrete point to compel us to recommend this EA. The expert advisor does not provide any of its trading results and definitely what they claim to be their results are simply figures that have not been verified. It does not give us any details about his background, and even uses fake awards that really makes you come the impression of being a dishonest company.

Therefore, at this point we will not be able to recommend this automated trading Program since we have raised a number of issues which are of concern. If you have anything you would like to add to our unbiased review, please leave your questions and comments below this review since we always appreciate your opinions. In the meantime, we are recommending these Forex trading automated systems because they’ve been shown to perform really well in all market conditions.

Forex Robot Scams

*Last updated in January 2020*

When it comes to investing, there are endless ways to scam a trader. Many brokers manage to get away with their fraudulent activities for a period of time. Then they are either ‘caught’ by a regulatory organization or they succeed in absconding with their clients’ funds, never to be seen again.

Broker scams come and go. Some move underground only to pop up again at a later date. There are always unethical brokers looking for schemes to fool investors and it takes only a few big deals to make the whole endeavor worthwhile.

Scams must be done in a clever, convincing manner. They must also be convenient for the trader. The easier it is for the trader to seemingly make money, the more a fraud will succeed. The latest entry into the Forex scam market is the Forex robot, which is a perfect example of promises of easy money. Forex Robots are all about making money while you sleep which makes them a prime area for fraudulent activity. Forex robot scams are only now beginning to be uncovered but not everyone concurs that Forex robots are scams to begin with.

Thankfully, there are more and more websites rating Forex traders and their systems. You can make more educated decisions after reading reviews and checking with experienced Forex experts. At the very least, one should search for reviews before purchasing a Forex robot, no matter what claims are made about its success.

Forex Robots

Forex robots or Expert Advisors (EAs) are programs that claim to automate Forex trades. It’s like putting a plane on auto pilot. Traders can sleep through the night calmly knowing that their trades will be placed exactly at the times they designated. Sounds easy, right?

Forex robots are getting a lot of hype of late and Forex robot scams are not far behind. Almost every Forex broker currently offers its account holders the opportunity to use a Forex robot for their trades. They back up the legitimacy of these robots with tremendous profits and lull the trader into a false sense of security only to end up broke. These claims are usually based on a very narrow window where the particular product was successful and not on a long term use of the Forex robot.

A Forex robot can only be as smart as its creator. The creators of these systems are looking to make a quick large sum of money and are not looking at the fact that the most predictable thing about the Forex market is the changes you cannot predict without watching the changes carefully. Anyone who knows the Forex market well and understands it will recommend a live person with their own trading strategy and then and only then does it make sense to automate any of it.

The companies producing Forex robots often rely on very broad, small print disclaimers to keep them out of trouble for promising tremendous results when those results are unrealistic in the long term.

The problem is that Forex robots are run based on automated mathematical algorithms, not taking into account things like market conditions that vary with political issues, weather and other factors. The inconsistency of the market is impossible to program into a robot, and therefore the results of Forex robots are inconsistent as well.

Most Forex robot scams are easy to pinpoint and would seem obvious to any investor. But even with blatant false promises of huge profits “while you sleep” millions of dollars are dropped into these Forex robot scams every day. Even those brokers that are successful exaggerate their numbers to attract new clients.

Online Forex Robot

One needn’t depend on the Forex broker for these robots because Forex robots are readily available for purchase online. Even sells the software package made available by one Forex company under the heading, “Make Money While You Sleep – Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot.” Costs for a robot program hover around $1000 for the package so most traders opt to use the EA provided by the Forex broker. This is what leads so easily to Forex robot scams.

When you look at any two weeks of trading in the past that were profitable, and then make a profit claim based on those weeks, you are not lying to anyone. These Forex robots claim their profitability based on any given successful time period in their past when testing the product so they aren’t lying. Be very wary of hindsight claims in simulated conditions.

Since 99% of traders who purchase a robot end up asking for a refund, most experienced Forex traders recommend never purchasing one. Objective Forex traders suggest never putting a Forex robot on a live, real money Forex account until it has been tested thoroughly through a demo account. If the Forex vendor is genuine, then he should advise his traders NOT to use an EA until they fully understand what the robot is all about.

Getting a refund for the Forex robot sometimes will satisfy the customer but they have already lost in the market and wish they had never gotten involved with it in the first place.

Forex traders who have used robots in the past suggest that traders learn enough about the workings of the EA program so that they can place the trades themselves and not through a broker. This will provide them with a sense that they are in control of their money and are not leaving it in the hands of a broker. This may not lead to profits but it will eliminate the feeling of being taken in by a fraudulent Forex robot scam.

Vader Forex Robot

Generally, nothing that promises tremendous gains with very minimal investment will prove to be successful. Any experienced Forex trader will tell you that it takes real understanding, and changes based on that understanding to be successful in the Forex market and for that you need a human involved in the decision making process. A carefully chosen Forex robot, monitored by an educated Forex trader can help to automate the trading and reduce time spent which saves money in the long run. If you and your Forex trader do the research then Forex Robots can be a positive thing. It can be a benefit to eliminate the emotional aspect of trading if you don’t eliminate the intelligence. Beware of any arrangement that does not involve careful research by experts and remember that it is not only the cost of the Forex robot at stake; your trading capital is as well.

Video: Scams in Forex Trading Script:

“Welcome to DailyForex. Today we are going to be looking at, Forex scams, and so called, Forex robots.

Scams in the Forex market! Forex robots!

If you type into Google in the search engine, “Forex robot” there will be hundreds of pages, a lot of companies trying to scam people in the Forex market. You know they are killing enthusiasm. People that want to come and invest or trade in the Forex market aren’t interested, they are killing their enthusiasm because people will get burned by these so called Forex robots that are being sold. They are promising “x” amount of gains that you will “make this while you are sleeping”. Essentially, put your trades on “autopilot”. And the gains will just magically take care of themselves.

Well guys, the fact is, this is a scam! And most people will realise that, after learning the hard way and trying to get their money back. These companies just disappear. They come and go, they are thinking of more creative ways to try to make a quick buck out of these poor people that are trying to come into the market with genuine interest in Forex trading. They are getting hooked by these awful markets that are dragging them in and it is really toxic and something I am quite passionate about and I really am not keen on seeing.

The companies producing Forex robots often rely on broad, small print disclaimers to keep them out of trouble by promising tremendous results when those results are unrealistic in the long term. The problem is that Forex robots are run based on automated mathematical algorithms. Not taking into account things like market conditions that vary with political issues, weather, and other factors. The inconsistency of the market is impossible to program into a robot and therefore the results of Forex robots are inconsistent as well.

The thing is with these so-called Forex robots, essentially where they are able to suck you in as well, is that every trader may have a particular period of trading that they see exponential gains and typically what these Forex robots- (EA expert advisors) would do , is get a particular period – where it’s actually done really well where they got “x” amount of gains, and percentage , and they will market that period of trading of a week or 2 weeks and they will market that- look how much these Forex robots made in this period of time! Well guys, this is nonsense! Because the week following the period they focused on they may have had a massive drawn down or their account blew up you just don’t know but they suck you in with that particular good period.

So be careful in that. And also with Forex robots they don’t take into consideration risk management, risk per trade, draw down, factor in your account can blow up. All they care about is broker commissions , some of these brokers are partnering with these awful companies just because they know people will deposit their money into the broker, follow this robot, they will get their commissions that earn them the spreads, etc. and it really is toxic! So avoid these Forex robots in general.

So thank you guys from DailyForex, we hope thats given you a bit of an education and inside into being very aware of the scams that are going around in the Forex market. Don’t forget to download the DailyForex app for the latest educational videos and market analysis!”

Sara Patterson

Sara Patterson has a Master’s Degree in political science and enjoys analyzing both current events and the international markets to get a fuller perspective of the currency market. Before turning to financial writing, she taught English writing skills to high-school age students. Sara’s work has been published on various financial and Forex blogs. Review Visit site

Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Steinitz HAS MTF -0.85 67.7 -43.794
Fractal Pterodactyl Robot -4.97 17.2 -58.406

Performance results may be delayed. Please click the test to see detailed current report.

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Consumer Reviews

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I do not recommend buying any EA from them.

I’ve bought Vader from them and tried it for 3 months on demo. Thankfully it is just a demo and not real money.

Performance was terrible. I see many successful trades $0.50 – $2.50. But the losses were $10 – $100. That is just pathetic.

Either you balance out in or mainly loss overall.

You are better of with Free EAs in MT4 market. I have several free EAs from MT4 market on my other demo account, and they are making more successful trades and profits than this stupid Vader.

Other profitable ones are Zulutrade. I find Zulutrades on my demo made $20k on demo better than this stupid Vader.

Vader is just junk. Do not buy from FRT. Their EA is c***.

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I didnt pay attention to the bad reviews about Odin because I was happy with a free robot they give out on their website. It turned out to be a free robot being worked on elsewhere. Odin is a terrible choice. It loses money all the time. If there is a setting to make it work, Customer service wont tell you other than just use the default option, which doesnt work either.

When i complained, they recommended me to buy another Ea from them to make Odin work. When I complained, they blocked me from sending the further emails.

I also tried their Volatility Channel, which doesnt work either.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

i do buy odin software in june this year. i learned after you get 4 total demo and 1 live so you need to be understanding that first! the reasons is that they will make you buy “extra license” for second live account so make sure before you license any! it do perform well enough in demo that i go live in august with live micros. on november 1 2020 the live account had growth of 32% increase from live start time. so i change from micro live to full lot live today and add more deposit and i can not wait! very excited for it

support i get was good but can be slow and they do help me when they can! but really i feel this is the most important part: is the broker! without this good reliable broker all software and strategies do not probably work. but i am excellently trading now and feel very happy for the future!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Estoy probando a ODIN y a pTherodactyl, pero por ahora solo he visto pérdidas, ya tengo un caso en curso 6907, pero hasta ahora solo me solicitaron el historial del robot. esperando respuestas.

Im testing ODIN and pTherodactyl Robots, but for now im only see looooses!! i got a case on course: 6907, but for now the FRT team only I have been asked for a account report , Waiting responses.

Im testing with 22 pairs.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

i was using this and some eas from the mt4 store in the same account. don’s crew helped me understand details about hedging rules in my country. because i had multiple eas attached on same pairs i was getting fifo errors and blockeds on my oanda live account.

honestly without his support i would have failed somewhere down the road because i w as also over trading my balance too. i can only get small leverage where i am and was pushing the bounds of margin calls just by having so many open trades running. again this was my fault.

i am only on micro live right now and i have since isolated his eas from the other $30 eas i got on the mt store. so far his eas have been closing in the net profit for over 30 days which is exactly what the heck i needed! happy with product as delivered and apologies for screaming at his support crew originally :)

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I want to break this down into facts mostly if possible. My info:

1. I only own Reaper and HAS
2. I use which was previously Gain Capital or still is Gain Capital, no idea
3. Running on a $20.00 VPS plan from amazon light sail
4. M15 for both

Defaults were ok, but kind of middle ground. HAS was promising but floated sometimes. After some tweaks to Reaper I may have found my new go to robot:

1. Still m15
2. Only London hours, skip everything outside of it
3. This is where it gets confusing. Reaper has this hide stop loss feature enabled by default. So there is an sl but it isn’t shown on the order info in the terminal. So I have it set to hide and calculate using its ATR method. Then I set a manual static stop loss on the order itself of exactly 45 pips. Sometimes the SL Reaper calculates is higher than 45 pips and this can lead to big losses. But with my manual 45 pip hard lock it never gets to that point. And in most cases the SL reaper is calculating is less than 45 pips and actually almost perfect money management wise because it tailors to the pair!
4. No HAS running anymore for now but I am going to try and tweak it as well as it was promising on the defaults

using the modified settings I have grown the account almost $500 in roughly 6 weeks. I’m not going to get too excited but this is incredibly promising and what I was looking for


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Рейтинг: 156

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