ETFinance and Real Madrid Basketball team up!

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ETFinance, new sponsor of the basketball team

Pablo Laso, Llull and Rudy attended the event along with Borja Vilar, regional general manager of the leading online investment company in Europe.

The Real Madrid City pavilion was the setting for the presentation of the three-year sponsorship agreement between Real Madrid basketball and ETFinance. The event was attended by Borja Vilar, regional general manager of ETFinance, a leading company in online investments in Europe; and Pablo Laso, Sergio Llull and Rudy Fernández, on behalf of the Whites’ team. The three madridistas were the stars of a round table in which they reviewed the current situation for the Whites, with a special focus on the Euroleague Clasico.

The coach was the one in charge of opening: “We’re going in to the Clasico in good shape. They’re special matches, which generate beyond the normal. We’re up against a great opponent, who always have very good players and force us to put in a good performance if we want to win. The team is confident. For us, playing at home is an incentive and a motivation and we hope there will be a great atmosphere at el Palacio“.

Llull: “The Clasico is always special”.
“It’s always a special game and more so playing at home. We’re training well and we’re looking forward to it. We will try to put in a solid 40 minutes to get an important victory. This year the Euroleague is more competitive, with two more teams. It’s a very difficult competition and you have to fight for all the wins”.

Rudy: “In games like the Clásico, the Palacio is the sixth man”.bre”.

“A full WiZink Center gives us that extra energy and motivation to go one step further and get the victory. The fans love Real Madrid and fill the court whoever the opponents are. That’s appreciated because they make our job easier”.

Rudy: “It’s a game we all like to play in”.
“It’s a game where every player likes to be on the court. It would be important to win for the standings. It’s a long and demanding season and every match is important. It’s normal that teams like ours have 16 players to compete well in this demanding Euroleague“.

Palacio Factor
“Seeing the WiZink Center full makes us committed to the jersey and badge we wear. In games like this the Palacio is the sixth man. We also have to thank the fans for continuing to fill the Palacio in matches that maybe the opponents are not as well know”.

The event ended with a photo and Borja Vilar received a basketball team jersey with the number 1 and the name of the new sponsor on it”.

ETFinance and Real Madrid Basketball team up!

Big news from Spain! ETFinance and the behemoth that is Real Madrid (more precisely, its basketball
section) have joined forces for a sponsorship agreement. The collaboration will last at least three years
and is the broker’s first sports sponsorship in Spain. The agreement was announced before the big
match against the club’s arch rivals FC Barcelona, adding to the excitement ahead of the game.
Everything was signed in Valdebebas, the team’s training camp, where Borja Vilar de Martos, Country
Manager of ETFinance, and Juan Carlos Sánchez Lázaro, director of the Real Madrid basketball section,
represented the parties.

In addition, an interesting round table was organized during the whole event, with Rudy Fernández and
Sergio Llull, some of the club’s most notable players, and coach Pablo Laso participated in discussing their
feelings before the Euroleague match. However, they have also talked about their professional careers in
general and their professional development, which made everything even more interesting.

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ETFinance and Real Madrid, natural-born leaders

The fact that the such a contract between ETFinance and Real Madrid Basketball was signed shows that
both the club and the company have the same vision and goals when it comes to their own development,
and that is to fulfill their potential and succeed in reaching all of their objectives. As Borja Vilar, Country
Manager of ETFinance, put it “the winning mentality is part of ETFinance’s DNA and is something we
share with our new partner, Real Madrid, which has been chosen not only for its achievements but also
for its mentality of being better and leading the competition. With this sponsorship, we officially expand
our efforts to provide users with an accessible and adequate platform in Spain and the rest of Europe.”

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extremely secure and provides ample of great educational tools. It is, therefore, a perfect place for trading
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During the presentation to announce the new partnership, Real Madrid’s Pablo Laso, Sergio Llull and Rudy Fernández conducted a round-table conversation.

ETFinance, the online investment platform, announced their official partnership with Real Madrid’s Basketball Club on Wednesday in an agreement that will last three years. The sponsorship deal was officially announced at Real Madrid’s facilities in Valdebebas.

Borja Vilar defined ETFinance as “a platform for investors from those just starting out to the highly experienced. For the beginners, we have all types of tool to help you learn how to invest and understand the market. And for the experienced investor, we have tools for analysis. For us, it is highly important to provide the type of tools that help everyone focus on their financial well-being. It is a way to give people the power to control their own money. In addition, we have mobile and desktop applications and hundreds of assets that you can invest in.”

For Vilar Martos, this partnership with Real Madrid “represents all of the values we have in common with Real Madrid at a global level. They are one of the best teams in the world and this is the kind of position that we aspire to. We can’t be the sixth man for Real Madrid because that is the fans but we are the seventh. This type of synergy is what we are looking for along with the power to develop both individually and together.”

“This agreement represents all of the values we have in common with Real Madrid at a global level”

The ETFinance Regional Manager of Spain explained the objective of the agreement: “Picking Real Madrid is a natural fit because no other team is as inspiring. We want to promote the values that we have as a company and of everyone that works here. Real Madrid is perfect, not just for their global reach but because of their togetherness and the whole club family that they represent.” He also ruled out, for now, expanding the sponsorship into other sections of the club: “We want to focus on basketball and we have worked so hard that we have had little time to think of anything else. For now, we are very happy, proud and a little nervous for the game against Barcelona.”

During the event, they had a round-table discussion chaired by the sports commentator, Lalo Alzueta, with Rudy Fernández and Sergio Llull along with the coach, Pablo Laso, who spoke about the current form of the club and revealed some keys to their sporting success.




How do you feel ahead of the Barcelona game in EuroLeague?

Good, they are always special games. It’s normal that they talk more about this game than a normal league or EuroLeague game. We are facing a massive rival, who have good players, which means we have to arrive into the game in good form if we want to win. I am calm because we have trained well. I’m confident that we can play well tomorrow.

Does the pressure change when you play at home?

You have pressure every day. We have won most often at home and so the pressure is to win away from home and to keep it going. All of our opponents are tough and, yes, at home it’s obligatory to win for the fans. For us, to play at home is always motivating.



How do you assess your time at Madrid and the future?

I am so grateful that everyone pushes in order for the team to reach the maximum level. I am not thinking about what has happened and I am not thinking about what will happen. I put a lot of value into the day to day, in training well, and preparing for games. I have no one big goal, I am always setting little goals. Time adds value to these situations of personal growth with your players and so that the team remains competitive.

How do you see the growth of the academy?

The first is to think about the team. Doncic is having a great season in the NBA but I remember a video of him playing in Slovenia. It’s a team job because these players don’t arrive good and then play well at Real Madrid. It’s the work of a lot of people behind the scenes that work in order for these players to shine in the first team the same as they do in the academy.

What are the values of these players?

Respect the opponent, teammates, the work of the technical staff. I see little things in my players that make me proud as a coach off the court, that for me, are victories as important as winning the EuroLeague. It’s the starting point of what we want to achieve.

“I see little things in my players that make me proud as a coach off the court that are victories more important than winning the EuroLeague”

How do you feel ahead of the Barcelona game in EuroLeague?

It’s a game that any player would like to be on the court for and it’s important for our qualification. In a long and demanding season, every game is very important. And even more so in EuroLeague given it’s competitiveness.

What changes do you see in the new EuroLeague format from the old one?

There are two more games, there are two more teams. Year after year it’s more demanding and it’s more competitive and balanced. There are a lot of games and it’s only normal to be tired mentally and physically.



How are you enjoying fatherhood?

I am delighted and grateful to be living this moment with my family to have the chance to enjoy these little moments with my kids when the calendar allows. I try to relax and disconnect from basketball when I am at home with them and my family.

What stands out for you during these years at Real Madrid?

It’s a mix of everything because every time we play at home it’s full and the fans show that they are committed to this club and jersey. Games such as tomorrow, you’ll see how they support us and how they lift us up to get wins. And also, even when we play against teams with not such a big name, they still fill the stands.

What virtues do you need to be a great captain?

Respect for the jersey that you are defending. This team is a big family just like the Spanish national team. Together with Llull and Felipe Reyes, we are conscious of what we are representing and not just during games but during training and everything else.

“The virtue that you need to have to be a great captain is respect for the jersey you are defending”

How do you live through a Clásico from the inside?

The Clásico is always a special game and even more so playing at home. The team is ready and excited for the game. We are ready to play 40 minutes of good basketball in order to get the win, which will go a long way for our qualification.

What is the secret to recover from such a serious injury?

Never back down regardless of how difficult things get. It goes well with my character not to back down, to give everything and this transferred well with the injury I had. It hurt to go through one of the worst things you can suffer as an athlete and thanks to the work of all of the people at the club, I recovered much more easily. It helped me to mature personally and in other aspects that you don’t take into account before it happens.

“My secret is to never back down”

What do you feel when the fans chant your name?

A full WiZink Center gives us extra motivation to go a step further than our opponent. They have been very good and the fans are hooked on basketball. They are our sixth man.

*This content is sponsored by ETFinance and elaborated on by Diario As.

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ETFinance invests in Real Madrid basketball sponsorship

(Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Spanish basketball club Real Madrid has added online investment platform, ETFinance to its sponsorship portfolio.

The brand has entered into a three-year deal with the team which was agreed ahead of Real’s EuroLeague clash with rivals Barcelona tonight (Thursday).

Through the agreement, the company joins fashion house Hugo Boss, automotive manufacturer Audi and Spanish beer brand Mahou in the second tier of sponsors.

This sits below kit supplier adidas and shirt sponsor Palladium Hotel Group, which signed its agreement in September 2020, replacing Universidad Europea in the role.

Real Madrid Basketball is a division of Real Madrid CF, the city’s leading football club, and was founded in 1931. It is one of the Europe’s most successful teams, having won a record 27 Spanish Cups and a record 10 European titles in its history.

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