Easuperior.com Review Is Superior EA Safe Or Scam

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Easuperior.com Review: Is Superior EA Safe Or Scam?

One expert advisor for all brokers in the world

Superior EA is an Expert Advisor for Automatic Forex Trading on Meta Trader 4 Platform. Superior EA used since 2020 by many trader in the world and can used in all Brokers. You can use Superior EA with minimum Balance $300 in your account.

Superior EA Features :

Single Open Trade , No Martingale and No Averaging, Only Single Open in every currency pair and it’s very safe.

Automatic News Filter.

Open trade by Market Power.

Full Automatic Trading.

Stop Loss and Take Profit by Market Power, it will give you more profit and safe your Balance.

Smart money management.

Can be used in all Brokers.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

24 Hours non stop trading.

Can be used in all type of account.

Free update Superior EA every six months (Full Version Only).

Easy to use and easy to installation , everyone can do it.

24 Hours customer support.

How to Buy Superior EA :

Select your payment method. We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneygram, Netteller, Perfect Money, Fasapay, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Send your email address to our client support and then make a payment use your payment method.

After we received your payment, we will send your EA File to your email address.

We guide the installation.

Superior EA Price :

Lock Version price $200 .

Lock for 1 Real Account , Unlock for Demo Account and Active for One Year.

Full Version price $3000.

Unlock For Real Account and Demo Account , No Lifetime , Free Update every 6 months, Lifetime Support and Free VPS for 3 Years.


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Origin Reviews

480 • Bad

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Write a review

Reviews 480

Good luck trying to unsubscribe from…

Good luck trying to unsubscribe from any paid subscriptions, tried everything. Locked me out of my account, send bots into forum to misdirect threads and don’t register as a direct debit with banks so you can’t cancel that way. Scummy scammers that want to squeeze every last drop out of you, not trustworthy.

I wish i would have looked up reviews…

I wish i would have looked up reviews for origin prior to me paying the 30 sub cost for a year. its a horrible service and i wish i could get my money back. it NEVER runs when you try to play a game. you always have to “troubleshoot” in some kind of way even uninstall and reinstall everytime just to play a game. yes its very tedious! my son is on the spectrum and likes to play PvZ can be very inpatient and repetitive. when you have to uninstall reinstall just to get the damn game to run! wth did i pay 30 ucks for? save your money and just buy the game folks. what a scam!

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. I spoked to someone name Silvia on chat support for a refund as per their policy after 4 days after I purchased the game there is no refund (which I get). But I was extremely unhappy with my purchase and bc of the covid-19 I can’t afford to pay $32 for a game that I won’t ever touch again..at least offer some credit, exchange or something and don’t be so condescending. Her words were “ if I give u a refund that means I’d have to give everyone a refund and that’s just not fair”. She was very dismissive about it and didn’t really care what I had to say. If I purchased the game at Walmart or Target or Amazon or for another platform, I would of been able to return the disc so it makes no sense. She also refused to let me talk to anyone else. Total rip off and horrible representation of your company.

Servers are terrible

Servers are terrible, it’s common that the servers are down so you can’t load your games. The launcher also affects the games so they get clunky and it’s poorly optimized. There is nothing positive about the launcher, it’s so far behind launchers like Steam. Really bad!

It is absolutely impractical and very…

It is absolutely impractical and very rigid to manage.
Just makes it difficult to enjoy any of the products

So yeah

So yeah, like many others, I’m a victim of their fraudelent behaviour. I used a month for free and canceled it 14 MONTHS ago only now to relize they kept charging me all this time. I did not recieve ANY of the charge confirmation emails during this period. I had no idea.

Stay away from these crooks!

dirty robbing scamming basrard will not…

dirty robbing scamming basrard will not cancel myt mebmebrship or delete my card details i have took this further see use in court

Constant hacking issues. Do not store credit card details on you account. Avoid EA altogether if possible.

Account has been hacked I dont know how many times, my friends account was revently hacked as well and the support for this is criminal. It took WEEKS for my friend to get it sorted and most of that time is trying to contact EA (they make it very difficult to register any sort of problem.) I found the best way was to pretend I had a completely different issue just so I could speak with someone,

Origin is a mess

Origin is a mess. I’ve had to do more research for one game than I ever thought possible They don’t list answers to problems upfront and honestly completely screws over Mac users by not warning that they won’t be able to use the stuff pack upfront. It wasn’t until I researched and researched why I wasn’t able to get my stuff packs to work did I find out my Mac wasn’t supported under Metal. I’ve been trying to refund my stuff packs and that is another research battle.


Does not work. won’t let me sign in with steam, registered, won’t receive confirmation. spent 30 minutes trying. Please fix this

The worst app ever

The worst app ever. I bought Sims expansions – but they all disappeared. Then Origin required to update my Sims 3 base game and guess what? Error with startup. Had to uninstall and lost EVERYTHING. Trying to solve, but nothing good. What is being paid for?? Horror. I should have never downloaded Origin.


I DO NOT RECCOMEND ORIGIN. If I could give negative stars I would. The damn thing needs to update every two days and you can’t play your games till you do! It gives you the option to “play offline” so you skip updating origin and just play your game BUT when you click that option it just reroutes you to the login page where it will repeatedly tells you your password has expired or is wrong.
It constantly gives me the error of wrong password or expired password right after I update my password. Haven’t been able to log in for weeks and support has been actual garbage.

Incredibly dumb system

Incredibly dumb system. I would *not* recommend at all.

Want to play a game? Update origin (not the game; haven’t been updates in a year) for 15 minutes. :(
Want to login. Pasword expired!
Want to play offline? “Can’t login” error! (DUH!)
Who designs this software? Stop it!

Whenever there is a crack of my games available, I crack immediately to get rid of this crap.

Such a bad app

Such a bad page. Wanted to buy an EA game for my nephew and it didn’t work. I tried to pay with credit card or PayPal, none of those work.

This ia waste of time, I’ll never try to buy anything else from EA.

My account randomly got suspended for…

My account randomly got suspended for NO REASON. I didn’t receive an email about it either. When trying to log in once again I keep getting an error that says logging in isn’t available at all. Some clown did webdesign for this I think. I contact EA Help and no reply after 5 days.

I don’t know what else I expected from a hosting platform by EA. It is as shat as it sounds. NEVER put money toward this parasitical company EVER.

Full of bugs

Full of bugs, shame EA you lost a buyer


I dont think you’ve done enuf to sort the problem out with my internet service I also asked you for a change of telephone number this still has not been recieved.

I asked for a new router as mine wasn’t working and I threw it away over 1 month ago and you’ve still not sorted out the problems.

If I dont recieve a new router by Wednesday I shall be seeking legal action as youve taken the money from me allready

All you can say is contact our team! Really iv been trying to contact you from day 1 I don’t have time to sit 4 over 30 mins on the phone I really dont iv asked you humptine times for a new router to check the problem

Your reply was I owe you 40 boys if u send me out a new router KMT you have some nerve I’ll give you that you lot owe me money how dare you really n truly your company shouldn’t be running you make money by ripping people off simple as.

I told u I have a new provider and to cancel my order the bank have just told me fraud has been done on my account. you’ve taken more money out of my account shaytan your pure vile and evil trust me u should be ashamed of yourself

I will now see you in court my card has been cancelled I’m left without money 4 tonight your scum you really are, I’m with another provider youve no right whatsoever to take my money scamming rip off devils.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

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