Daweda Exchange Manual Trading Video Guide

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Daweda Exchange Published Manual Trading Video Tutorial

We were all once in the situation when we were searching for a certain how to guide on Youtube. The same goes for using and trading on Daweda Exchange binary trading interface. There are thousands of traders worldwide that are starting their binary options career and they are searching for valuable video guide that will help them understand the features on Daweda Exchange trading platform.

In this article, we will explain the basics of Daweda Exchange platform and mention some of the most important facts that are useful before a trader registers and starts trading.

Daweda Exchange Published Manual Trading Youtube Guide

In order to understand the whole process of trading with Daweda Exchange, traders can check the video guide that will help them start manual trading with his broker. Video tutorial shows all important steps presented by their representative. We have watched the video and followed his instructions. This video is published recently and it will help all those traders that need aa support with their first steps with daweda broker.

Check the Daweda Exchange video tutorial and learn how to manually master the features on this exchange platform.

Daweda Exchange Platform Video Guide

On Daweda Exchange site traders can find a few useful guides that will help them in their first steps with the Daweda platform. Traders that have no trading experience with binary options will be able to check the platform guide that is presented on the Daweda site. The screenshots are available under How to trade button on the main Daweda page. Traders that rather want to see the video guide, can just click play on a video above.

Daweda Exchange has prepared a simple step by step guide with several screenshots that explains how to place manual trades on their platform. In order to start trading, a trader first has to choose a preferred asset. The interface allows traders to choose between commodities, indices, stocks or forex. After a trader gets some skills, he can start building his personal favorite assets list for easier utilization. Daweda representative Michael has introduced us to the basics of Daweda platform, showing us the graphs and features in video guide.

Below the main menu, Daweda Exchange platform allows traders to select the number of the assets they want to trade with. Traders can modify this number by selecting plus and minus buttons. During the selection of assets, traders will see that potential profit amount changes accordingly.

Next step allows a trader to define the direction of the certain asset. If a trader thinks that the value will increase then he needs to choose UP button and if he thinks that the value will decrease, then he should choose DOWN button. If a trader is not satisfied with the price offers, Daweda Exchange allows him to set up his own preferred price. This is also explained in video guide.

After all the fields are filled, a trader needs to confirm his order by selecting confirmation button. Traders that have been chosen to execution will appear in Open&Pending positions list. This enables traders to see the status of all positions that will be executed.

Daweda Exchange video guide presented a simple tutorial of placing manual trades. Traders can see how the prices change in a real time and how the trades are being placed. Michael presented the chart and how traders can set preferred visibility of their trading interface. The platform allows setting the chart in hours, 4 hours, one day or one week view.

Check the video and become a better Daweda Exchange trader. If you want to find more information about this broker, read our Daweda Exchange review.

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Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

Make Forex Trading Simple

  • Market Participants, Advantages of Forex Market
  • Currency Trading Features: Online forex trading techniques
  • A Sample of Real Trade
  • Analysis Methods
  • Forex Guide: Top 5 Tips to Guide You

Register Now and Get Private Access to Our Forex Library

Forex trading Basics for Beginners:

What is traded in Forex market? The answer is simple: currencies of various countries. All participants of the market buy one currency and pay another one for it. Each Forex trade is performed by different financial instruments, like currencies, metals, etc. Foreign Exchange market is boundless, with the daily turnover reaching trillions of dollars; transactions are made via Internet within seconds.

Major currencies are quoted against the U.S. dollar (USD). The first currency of the pair is called base currency and the second one – quoted. Currency pairs that do not include USD are called cross-rates.

Forex Market opens wide opportunities for newcomers to learn, communicate, and improve trading skills via the Internet.

This Forex tutorial is intended for providing thorough information about Forex trading and making it easy for the beginners to get involved.

Start practicing Open a Demo account

Trading Forex

Any activity in the financial market, such as trading Forex or analyzing the market requires knowledge and strong base. Anyone who leaves this in the hands of luck or chance, ends up with nothing, because trading online is not about luck, but it is about predicting the market and making right decisions at exact moments. Experienced traders use various methods to make predictions, such as technical indicators and other useful tools.

Nevertheless, it is quite difficult for a beginner, because there is a lack of practice. That is why we bring to their attention various materials about the market, trading Forex, technical indicators and so on so as they are able to use them in their future activities.

One of such books is “Make Forex trading simple” which is designed especially for those who have no understanding what the market is about and how to use it for speculations. Here they can find out who are the market participants, when and where everything takes place, check out the main trading instruments and see some trading example for visual memory. Additionally, it includes a section about technical and fundamental analysis, which is an essential trading part and is definitely needed for a good trading strategy.

Beginners Guide to Scalping Betfair (Video Post)

As a beginner you’ve probably just found the gold-mine that is scalping Betfair. Like any successful betting exchange trader will tell you; you only need to find one or two ticks regularly to generate a stable income stream.

But, is knowing this enough?

Unfortunately, it’s not.

For every hour you invest in the markets, you need a return. The best returns come through knowledge, I can’t stress it enough. The trouble being; newbies are often seeking instant gratification. Play the long game, be smart.

It’s not just about making money on the spot, it’s really not. Use your time wisely.

In this post, I’m going to share a few things you must know in order to succeed when scalping Betfair. Such as;

  • What a scalp trade is
  • How you can scalp a price on Betfair
  • When it’s best to be scalping a market
  • Limiting your risk

Let’s start with my definition of scalping…

Scalping Betfair Effectively

Scalping is a technique that relies on small, short-term price changes within any betting exchange market.

To execute a profitable trade it’s always best to start with the end in mind. Considering the possible outcomes before a bet is even placed is the best way to do this.

Sound’s boring right?

Good. Boring usually means safe, and nobody wants to learn through losing money. That’s not why we’re here.

The image below show’s a winning ‘scalp’ in it’s simplest form.

While it may not look that appealing right now, think further ahead. You know, the long game I mentioned earlier. Honesty, when you start to look at scalping Betfair in this way it’s really not that long until profits start to roll in.

Just think if that small £3.03 profit was replicated in 30 races that day, one day a week. You’d have a cool £363.60 a month in the bank.

How about you double the stakes and get busy scalping for two days a week? £360.60 just became £1,442.40 if you can keep up the consistency. I think my points clear though, scalping can be lucrative once you’re consistent.

The best thing about scalping Betfair; you only need to be right for a very short period of time. Most of the time you don’t even need to predict a price will move.

Being right for a short period of time is key, because markets can move very quickly. You want to get in and get out as quickly as possible while making your money, or “ticks.” If you get your money to the top of the queue on either side – you don’t even need the prices to move when scalping!

Placing Your Bets

So, how is a ‘scalp’ trade actually executed?

In order to successfully complete your first scalp, all you need to do is place two opposing bets against each-other. Usually one or two tick increments apart. Once they’re both fully matched we can use our betting software to lock in a profit, otherwise known as ‘hedging’. The key is to make sure they’re fully matched as fast as possible. More about that in a moment.

Play the clip to see a successful scalp in action:

See how quick it was? Magic.

It’s not as easy as it looks though, it’ll take time to perfect your scalping skills. More pointers in a moment…

If you’ve still not quite grasped how a trade works there’s a longer explanation here.

It doesn’t matter which bet is placed first, just that they’re both matched fully. Having a preference as to which way the price will move is helpful of course. If the price moves against you, it’s time to close out fast. It’s not going to be possible to win 100% of the time, but by getting your bets matched more often than not it’s quite possible to come out on top.

The business of placing your bets and managing your position is pretty important. There’s a whole section about it in the pre-race video pack.

How You Scalp A Price:

What factors are important to succeed?

The first thing to remember is; scalping is often a very quick manoeuvre. For this reason alone it’s best to use betting exchange software, we want speed on our side. Personally I use A GeeksToy Pro. The main benefits are one click betting and the speed at which market information is displayed (milliseconds) as well as some fancy charts and indicators.

The second thing is; you’re not the only person to be doing this! Scalping Betfair requires a fair amount of discipline and self-control. When both of your bets haven’t been matched, you may need to ‘scratch’ or cancel the scalp by placing the exit bet at the same price as your opening bet. Remember: scratching isn’t a losing bet.

Mentally scratching a bet may be tough. Especially if the prices moves after you do it (in the direction you wanted). But always remember to protect your bank at all times. There will always be more opportunities in the markets to scalp successfully.

Once you’re set up and ready to go it’s time to think about the actual execution of your trade. Always start with the end in mind.

What will you do if things don’t go to plan?

Not having a plan is the guaranteed route to losing. Successful trading is all about managing risk, when you do that correctly the profits will take care of themselves.

The best single tip I can give you when it comes to scalping Betfair is this; always offer a price when opening a scalp. When you think about it, you’re already at an advantage when the price hasn’t moved if you offered a price. In fact, in many cases you won’t even require market movement. By offering a price at entry and exit of a scalp trade you can make money purely from the market turnover. Matching bets on both sides of the book (back and lay).

When To Attempt Scalping Betfair…

We know what a scalp is, how it works and what we need to execute it. But like everything in life, there’s a time and a place. So, when is this technique best employed?

If you’re anything like me, you won’t like risk. It may limit when you can do it but, scalping’s ideal for the risk averse trader (in the right situation).

As I hinted above, market turnover can be of great assistance to scalpers. Exposure time is limited in higher liquidity situations, limiting our risk in the process. So it’s logical to make sure you’re only looking to attempt a scalp trade in the very best conditions. The better the conditions are too, the larger bets you can use too but that’s a bit more advanced.

To find the best situations to employ this technique you’ll want to look for better quality racing. The Sporting Life is a useful tool for this, it’ll show you the horse racing on offer that day, media coverage and other things that make for a good betting market like number of horses within the race, prize money and race quality.

Limiting Your Risk

Scalping Betfair appeals more than other methods because of the low risk involved. Even so, it’s important to know your limits.

Poor staking is the biggest problem for most. Adding to a scalp trade that’s going wrong is nearly always a bad idea. Even though I’ve just told you, it’s more-or-less guaranteed you’ll do it at one point or another.

Unmatched money can disappear within the market at any point, although it’s a good idea to make sure you are staking in line with the market.

For example; the image below shows a £100 lay bet placed at 5.1 (seen in the centre column). The stake size is well out of proportion to this market if we were scalping.

Where-as you’d get away with significantly bigger stakes in this kind of situation. Purely because of the amount of unmatched money available.

Why’s it important?

Remember we want to limit the downside. So if the trade should go against us in the first example and we had staked £100 we would have to match against money up to 5 ticks away, bringing a significant loss. Where-as if you’d used double the size stake in the second example, you’d only have to match your bet at the available back/lay price of 3.4. Despite double-stakes, there is less risk in the second example.

Remember it’s not just about losing less either! If you’d placed a winning scalp, there’s less money passing through the market meaning it’d take longer to get your winning bet matched. And of course, the more time the trade is open, the more risk there is of something going wrong.

Fund Management When Scalping

As I have spoken about risk above, I felt mentioning fund management was important. To be successful when scalping, you have to control your bet sizes. The bigger your bets, the greater your risk. You definitely don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your bet sizes are simply too big for the volume in the market.

In bigger markets, like say the Cheltenham Festival, you can of course increase your stakes. However, will that impact your decision making ability?

Find the right stake size relative to your bank but, also relative to the market volume. This bound to be the best long-term solution.

Presuming the bank is growing; take money out. Spend it on yourself – you’ve worked hard for it! Don’t let your stakes become too big that the market volume can’t handle them.


Scalping Betfair is often as hard as you make it. Most people come into trading betting exchanges via matched betting or just plain punting. That’s fine but the urge is to have this compulsion to bet again and again without any real edge over the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re scalping or swing trading, you won’t get rich behaving like that.

Take your time, check out the resources mentioned in this post and free videos on YouTube. Knowledge is paramount.

Once you’re comfortable with the markets and how they work your odds of success are dramatically increased. As the saying goes: the more you learn, the more you earn. Good luck!

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38 thoughts on “ Beginners Guide to Scalping Betfair (Video Post) ”

Very interesting article.l’m new to trading so I’m still learning. I have some success with scalping but I’ve also had a few disasters where I’ve an unmatched bet in running because the price has drifted. I think I should take heed of your comment and employ an exit strategy more often then I wouldn’t end up in a vulnerable position. Keep all the info coming it’s really useful and encouraging. Thanks.

Hi Nigel, yes thats a great place to start. It’s often over-looked by newer traders. Keep at it!

Hi Caan,
I’ve spent a lot of time looking at your info and also that of a certain Mr. Peter W. ��

As a relative ‘newbie’ who now knows what a blown bank really is, I keep coming across this word ‘work’. Educators – like yourself – keep saying we need to put the work in. My question though, is this: Put the work in where/how?

Also – and please don’t take this personally – why are people such as yourself bothering to put all this info ‘out there’ if you can make so much money trading? I know, I know – I’m an old cynic – but after several times of being ‘shafted’ I’ve got quite a sore backside! lol

Still and all, I wish you well in all you do. Your educational content is really good. If you just want to mail me back to tell me B*******! Thats fine too!

All the best

Of course, work on yourself too. I mean half the trading game is self control, and trading, like gambling is one of those things that carry a lot of impulsive behaviour. I think when Peter and I say such things we are just being aware we don’t want to lead people down the garden path into the believe that it’s a get rich quick scheme or something.

The course content question is one thats popped up elsewhere. But it’s another income stream, would be foolish to turn it down right? Also trading becomes quite solitary if you just do that. I did for the first couple of years and it’s like being a robot. The blog etc gives another level to the day, interaction etc.

Don’t worry about the sore back side… if you look back far enough I had one of those too at points!

Hi again, Caan. Many thanks for your reply. I see exactly what you mean and in fact, am working on another income ‘stream’ to bolster my trading bank. ��

All the best
George. ��

Thanks for the article. Scalping is still an area of trading that I find difficult to profit from on a consistent basis. Sure I have winning scalps but I also have plenty of losing ones and the upshot is that I do struggle to win often enough to make a consistent profit from scalping. The biggest hurdle for me is when there is a sudden spike in price that turns the trade into a loser so that even when I hedge I end up with a small red. And then if I try to recover the red I just end up with a bigger red. I can make good profits from swing trading and Back to Lays but scalping remains the one area of trading that I just can’t quite crack yet. I’m hoping that enough demo trading on Geeks Toy will help it to sink in.

Why even bother if you’re making good profits from swing trading? They’re two completely separate skills to learn and at odds with each other when to play. It’s quite possible your trading brain is homing in on swingers why risk messing up a winning formula, there’s no need to be a jack of all trades in trading. Plenty of us concentrate on single sports like horses, not football etc avoiding scalping is no different.

If I can master scalping it will allow me to bet on more races and also take advantage of the bigger meetings and consequently make bigger profits. I don’t trade other sports – just focusing on horse racing. But I appreciate that learning to scalp will take time. As I have not cracked it yet I am only demo trading it as I don’t want to lose money if I can help it! With Back to Lay and swinging on the other hand I am using real money. Had a nice back to lay with Xebec earlier this evening.

A lot of successful scalping centres around the situation you do it. Not all situations suit it… also the tendency is to over-trade for many newbies learning to scalp Betfair.

I made this trade at Worcester. Back Dry Olparty odds: 2,50 and lay 2,42. prerace.
Start time race: pm 4:50

Brilliant post Cann. I make about £3 a race on average now through scalping but find some places like dundalk will wipe me out for 3-4 races profit in one go. Do you know why this is?

Good work on the £3 per race.

It could be that it’s a poor race choice. As Caan says, it’s best to scalp in steadier markets so Saturday meetings lend themselves to that better, particularly those that are on Channel 4.

I don’t do much scalping but if I do, I use a stop loss as well – gives some protection in event of the price flying away from you.

Yes, Dundalk is typically illiquid, making it harder to when scalping the betting markets. Not every situation is suited to this style of trading. Also, as I’ve said elsewhere – not all opportunities are created equal. It’s best to adapt to the situation at hand, while avoiding over-trading and opening positions for the sake of it. It’s fine to just sit back and watch sometimes too!

Like most here am fairly new to trading. Have been learning the art of Scalping with some success. With relation to money management, what is the safe way to do it in terms of your overall bank size per trade? Ie. Do you use a set % of your bank per trade or what?? Still have not got that side sussed out properly yet.

Hi James, I’d try to steer away from that % view. It seems to carry itself over from financial trading. Focus on the process rather than the outcome and things may change ��

Possibly one of the most inspiring posts for any newbie to trading! I just started with the videos yesterday with no prior knowledge but I really appreciate the work and honesty you put into your teaching.

Kind words Julian. I appreciate it, thanks! Glad to know you find the videos insightful.

Just briliant tips for me who just start learning.. thanks a lot.

Great video Caan as always. i bought your videos a while back and was wondering if you ever taught classes a few times a year like The Blagger?

Hi Steve, I have, it’s just a matter of time to organise/set up at the moment with a lot going on. Cheers.

I was just wondering caan. How many scalping trades do you put through on each race that you trade on betfair? is 5 to many?

Hey Gary, it really can fluctuate. Starting out I’d advise a few simple scalps, limited to what you expect to be very good situations. Once experienced it’ll be far easier to know when you can push the boundaries. Typically it becomes easier to scalp as liquidity increases, giving you more chance to get more bets matched.

I have a question ?. If all the money is on the layside, is it best to back or join the layside ??
Cheers Jack

If only it were so simple Jack, I’d probably have retired by now in a Yacht in the middle of the med! WOM isn’t all that useful anymore.

In the ladder are LAYING at the back price and BACKING at the lay price?

Not sure I understood your question there, Robert. Can you explain a little more?

Hi Robert
(I think I understand your question)
The back & lay price is the same (current price) at any point in time.
I.e. If the price was currently 5.4 then clicking on lay & back (both at 5.4) would effectively cancel each other out.
The idea is to back higher than the lay. I.e. Lay at 5.4 & quickly back at say 5.5 or 5.6 in order to give you a small profit.
Hope this helps

Returning to your blog after freeing up some time, I am curious to learn if it is possible to find an edge as an individual that has a limited knowledge of sports however is prepared to study through the paid courses? Needing a profitable challenge since completing the Open University.

Hi Mike, I’d advise studying everything you can rather than just paid courses.

As someone who has purchased the Pre-Off Trading guide and trading for nearly 2 years, I hope my input is useful here.

Whilst courses are undoubtedly helpful, there is still a lot of value going through the YouTube videos as well. I know from when I started, my focus (incorrectly) was on ‘How can I make money here?’ whereas 21 months down the line, my focus now is risk management / money management / trading discipline / trading psychology.

With regards to the pre-off markets specifically, I believe that you need to go through a number of market cycles before you can say that you understand them. Sadly, there is not a quick fix for this but I can tell you now, that I’m at a stage where if I lose money, I can no longer blame ‘the market’ as after this long trading, I’ve learnt how different markets move.

And that takes us nicely back to what I was saying about risk management etc.

The best advice I can offer, is to spend as much time as possible in the market – I would only use practice mode to get familiar with the software and start using real money (albeit small stakes) as soon as possible.

The hard reality of trading is that you will always have losing trades – the critical factor is how you deal with their losses.

As an aside, Caan – how long did it take you from knowing nothing to getting to the stage where you were no longer plagued by poor discipline etc?

Best of luck with it, Mike.

@Caan and Chris. Cheers for the input. I have been messing around on Betfair for a while and it was only recently that I earned a nice 3 digit sum through the Tennis market using a swinging approach. Although I am happy to pacify the emotions when losing and have learnt to moved on, I can only feel the profit was a total 5 day fluke as I am recently been making losses. In saying that, I have learnt from previous mistakes and will be concentrating on videos and at one point, when educated purchase Berry Esq’s guides. Cheers to ya both, chin chin.

Please could you tell me what your definition of better quality racing is? Are you using race class for instance (perhaps just class 1 and 2 races), or is it the better class courses, or even the prize money?

Also, do you place your back and lay bets at the same time, or do you wait till your first bet is matched before placing the closing bet?

And (sorry for having three questions) can you give me some pointers on how to choose the right situations to do scalping. Two possibilities that come to mind are 1. When the odds are significantly different to the bookmaker odds, as it’s likely they will come back in line (or alternatively this could be an indication that the bookmaker prices will move, so your startegy could be flawed), and 2) when the chart is very steady showing only small fluctuations in price (though this could change at any time of course). I am quite happy to purchase a course or something if I need that to fully answer this last question.

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