CTOption Review

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CTOption.com Review

May 2020: There is now a third FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company. The FPA now considers CTOption to be a scam. The FPA recommends against dealing with CT Option unless this issue can be resolved. This Scam Finding may be lifted if all guilty cases are resolved.

June 2020: There is an FPA Traders Court guilty verdict against this company. The FPA recommends caution dealing with CTOption.com until this issue is resolved.

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Consumer Reviews

Service use: Other

Length of use: over 1 Year

The FPA does hope that CTOptions someday pays the money owed in the 3 traders court votes against them. The FPA also hopes they repay you and anyone else they owe money to.

If CTOption is being honest, they should send 100% of the money owed to you with no fees, taxes, or any other charges.

Service use: Live

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I deposited $4000 for trading and they added another $4000 as bonus. This is a managed account and a new manager gets involved every time. Every time a new manager contacts me he/she requests more money.
I was not ready to add more money and they added bonus to my account and started trading. I said i do not want more bonus and wanted to trade with the money i have. but they still added the bonus and did the trade and the manger said that i can with draw the profit if the current trade which was $30,000. Now i have a balance if $32,250.00, wanted to take the profit of $13,000.00

When i request the withdrawal of the profit , the compliance team first said i have to do trade worth 30 times of the bonus and to-day they sent me an e-mail that i have to trade 50 times of the bonus.

Every time i send a with drawl request, the requests gets cancelled.

I posted a review previously, that CtOption has approved my withdrawal and did not transfer the amount even in 4 weeks still, I wrote to the Debit Card Disputes Department and they could refund my deposit, however, my profit has been lost :(
Please if you have withdrawal problems, call and then write to that department of your bank and explain the situation, and provide emails and screenshots as evidence.
After 7 days the refunded my deposit!

Apr 20, 2020 – 1 Star I have deposited 300 USD on the 15th March, in United Trading Network, due to sync problems the amount disappeared from the account and then appeared again in CTOption.
They promised to do the sync between the UTN software and the broker but nothinng happened, after some days I have seen the trading history changed, they put some trades instead of me, which brought 100 USD to my account. Called them to stop, they told me that this is their auto-trader and I have no chance to control it.
And then I told them to stop the auto-trader, and requested a withdrawal, forwaded me to a rude marketing person who said he will approve the withdrawal and close my account because I am childish.(Ask them if I can keep the auto-teaded amount- they said yes)
After this the amended my withdrawal request and made losing trades, manipulating my account( 30second/60second trades when I was away from the computer).
So they left 15$extra from their auto trade and my 300$ plus 45$ profit is still not arrived, however they have approved on the 23rd March.
Almost a month gone.
I called my card company, filled up a depute to collect my money from the broker.
My account has been verified on the first day I registered.
Do not reccomend to anybody. i am in the UK, but never choose a non CySeC regulated broker again! Plain mentality and rude behavior, the chat person can do nothing for me, they constantly told I must contact with the account manager.
Do not register with them, experinced traders wrote me they are under new management and playing the same game with people like me.

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CTOption Review

CTOption is one of the more than 400 binary options brokers and trading platforms that exist today. For traders to day, the choice of which broker or trading platform to open an account with is the problem. The reason is that while they are so many, some of them are not worth your while and some are systems that you can trusty your investment with. In which of these two categories does CTOption fall? This review will answer the question for you.

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CTOption and how it works

In relation to the age of binary options as an investment method, you could say that CTOption is relatively young. It was launched in 2020 and has been in operation since the. This software is owned by InfiniCore Ltd. It has offices in Kingston, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. They also have an office in London. This firm is a popular trading platform. They also offer brokerage services. These operations are available in more than 90 countries around the world.

CTOption is a binary option trading platform intended to offer traders a new way of making profit in this business. They seek to have the most advanced, professional, and profitable platform in binary option. Towards this goal, they have innovative products and services that traders like. For both experienced traders and novices in binary options trading, there are plenty of assets, strategies and services that will help them meet their expectations.

CTOption Main Page

The trading platform

CTOption as a broker and trading platform in binary options is powered by Panda TS. This software is owned by a systems development company known as Panda Trading Systems Ltd. This company has been providing innovative and customized tools for trading binary options for more than 10 years. While this system is not as popular with trading platforms and brokers, it offers some unique features that work well for CTOption.

The modern and user-friendly platform is a favorite of many traders. This is because it is easy to customize to your own preferences. It is also very easy and straight forward when it comes to navigation.

The Replicator

This is an innovative feature which is used by traders to maximize their profits while at the same time minimizing their risks. What it does is that it will allow you to follow the trades of the platform’s 10 best traders. This way, you can mimic their trades which will be quite good for newbies who are just learning the ropes. With the replicator, you are not restricted to the top traders only; you can even select one trade that you think fits your bill and mimic his trades.

CTOption trading page

Account opening at CTOption

It is a very easy and simple process when it comes to open a trading account with CTOption. A few minutes is all it will take from the moment you open your account and the time it will be ready to make profits. After filling in the contact information in the spaces provided. You will be ushered to another page where you will register your account with CTOption brokerage. You will then make an initial deposit whose lowest figure is a very low $250. After this, you will be ready to trade in your binary options.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Making a deposit with CTOption is not a problem. Just as long as you have the required amount that should be $250 or more, you will just use their approvedmethods which are debit and credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill and Moneybokers, or bank wire transfers. Withdrawals at this trading platform are not as tedious as they tend to be with other systems. You are expected to allow a 24 hours period for processing after which you will check to see if your withdrawals have been credited to your bank account, your debit or credit cards, or your e-wallets accounts. All monetary transactions at CTOption are processed through a secure management system that is STP based. As a trader you are expected to make your withdrawals and deposits in a secure manner to ensure your money goes to the right accounts.

The Payout

The payout is part of what you ROI is dependent on. At CTOption, you are promised an impressive 90% payout for the highest and 60% for the least. Assets which attract the higher payouts are those that are well traded. This 90% happens to be one of the highest in binary options trading these days. Claiming an accuracy level that has topped 85%, traders will be in the money every 8 out of 10 trades. This is a good return on investments if it can be reached. The reality is that it is very difficult to make such high accuracy levels. The actual results achieved and reported by independent traders are a lot more modest than that.

Customer Support

As a broker who has been in the business for more than5 years, you do not expect a shoddy job when it comes to client support. CTOption have a well-developed system of assisting traders under their trading platform. Should you have a query, you can call, email or use live-chart to get help. Their multi-lingual support staff is helpful and people who know their work.

CTOption Market analysis

Asset Index

At CTOption, there is a wide range of assets that the trading system will fully support. In fact, there are over 60 assets that you will choose from. These assets will be in form of currencies, currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities. This wide range allows you to trade with your preferred assets at any time. When you realize another asset other than the one or ones that you are trading in, you can smoothly switch to another more profitable asset at any time. This way, you will not have a situation whereby you have run out of assets to trade with.

Other features of CTOption

  • US customers accepted: Binary option traders in the United States do not have a very wide pool of trading platforms that accept them. CTOption is one of the few that accepts them. This is a welcome addition to the platforms that are available for them.
  • Various trading options and expiry times: When you are trading with this platform, you will have a wide range of options to suit your trading methods and your experience. You can trade the basic Call/Put option, or the more specialized Range, One Touch or Turbo options. You also select the expiry periods that you will prefer to trade with be they short-term or long-term expiry periods.
  • Rebates: At CTOption, it will not be a situation where when you lose, you lose everything. You will be entitled to a rebate of 5% on all your trading amounts for all losing trades. This will soften the loss and give you something back to add to subsequent trades.
  • Bonuses: Any time you make a deposit with CTOption, you will be offered a bonus that will be commensurate with the amount you post. Other than that, you are assured of a 30% bonus on your initial deposit when you open your trading account.
  • Demo account: CTOption has a well-developed Demo Account which is used for training and testing purposes. This account operates exactly like a real account. The trades are same as will be the signals, the trade amounts and the expiry periods. The difference is that here you will be trading with dummy money. It is a good account to help you get a good orientation to the business. For experienced traders, it is a good one to practice on your strategies before you apply them in a real money trade.
  • Education: At CTOption, traders have access to a deep resource of information and training aids like eBooks, webinars, training manuals and charts to help them become more accomplished traders.

CTOption Follow The Leader Function

Should you open your account with CTOption?

This trading platform does not seem like it is fraudulent, but there are some issues that will need to be clarified before you open your account. One of them is the fact that when you are opening your account, you have to register your account with their own brokerage form. This may not be bad, but as a trader you are denied the right to make your choice of broker. Another issue is the promises of an 85% accuracy level. This was not achieved in trials and it will seem to be a marketing gimmick to get you open your account with them.

What you have to do to start making money in a legit program is to open your account in a respected and prestigious platform. The best of these is the Binary Option Robot which is a leading brand in binary options since the trade’s early days. They know the ins and outs of the business probably more than all the other trading platforms available today. You get to import your brokers with this system, you have a top-notch client support system and they keep all their promises. Opening an account here is to usher you into the realm of profitability in binary options.

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CTOption Review

Rating: CTOption still accepts US traders and is one of the best US brokers with a high payout.
  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Maximum Payout: 90%
  • Accepts US Traders: No
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CTOption Binary Broker Review

CTOption is a binary options broker that was founded and is owned by a team of professional financial analysts in Gibraltar. It was started in 2020, making it one of the newest entrants into the binary broker field. This doesn’t have an impact on its popularity though: the company is one of the highest rated among traders everywhere.

From its amazing deposit rates to its wide asset range and easy platform, CTOption has captured the hearts of the traders it works with. To find out if it is really a broker that is worth investing in, here is an in-depth review of the broker.

Account Type, Bonuses and Special Features

There are 3 main account types for traders. The type of account you have is determined by the initial deposit you make. For $250-400, the Mini account is given. For investments of $500-999, the Standard account is used. For executive high rollers and companies, the Executive account with an initial deposit of $10,000+ is preferred.

Over 140 different types of assets are available at CTOption. The variety is also large, with traders getting a choice between stocks, indices, commodities and even Forex trading. Hyper options are one of the more unqiue types of options available at this broker.

These are extremely short term options that can expire in as little as 30 seconds. They can be used by the more experienced traders to take advantage of volatile markets.

Other options include the traditional High/Low option type, which has an expiry time that ranges from a few minutes to a few weeks. These are the most common types, and are the best for beginners to the trading game. There are also the Touch and Range options. These are of medium class in the expiry time period. The options expire in a matter of hours and are perfect for once-in-a-blue-moon market events.

The minimum deposit at CTOption is a low $250 (US). Some of the best features of the platform include the great welcome bonuses as well as the free demo and practice accounts. These are great for traders who want to get used to the platform before going ahead and using their real money on trades.

Security and Licensing

At present, the broker is not licensed by any of the major financial regulatory commissions, including the CySEC in Cyprus. For this reason they are able to offer services for traders from the US. According the last report from the company, an application has been made for a trading and brokerage license to be issued to them.

Trading Platform Review

The trading platform for CTOption is developed by one of the top names in binary options trading platforms – Panda TS. It is a very easy to learn, well-made platform that is very practical indeed. The platform has quite a few special features. One of these is the Binary Replicator system.

This is a type of social trading that is unique to this broker. Using this system, traders are able to take a look at trade performance over time indefinitely. Different filters can be applied, and trades can be looked at in real time. With this feature, traders can also pick their favorite trader to follow, and then be notified of all their trades for a certain time period.

While checking out CTOption’s platform, we also found that traders are provided with simple, yet sophisticated trading signal options. This means that you could select a signal and watch for it when you want to.

While most brokers require you to monitor the signal manually, the CTOption system allows you to configure it so that you are automatically invested in the trade when the signal is activated. This means that you don’t have to do any work, as the signal will make the trade for you even if you aren’t able to do it yourself.

Deposit & Withdrawal

CTOption offers a number of ways to deposit and withdraw money from your trading account. These include bank transfers, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill and more. All transactions are secured with STP encryption. Withdrawals are quick, and usually come through in a couple of working days.

Overall, CTOption is definitely one of the better platforms we have checked out. It is a wonderful pick for both beginners and pros alike. Some people might find the lack of licensing troubling, but they are still a very reliable broker. The icing on the cake: they accept traders in the US!

CTOption Broker Review

�� Demo Account:
⚖ Allows Hedging:
�� Allows Scalping:
�� Headquarters: United Kingdom
�� Founded:
�� Trading Platform(s): PandaTS
�� Regulating Authority(s):
�� Minimum Deposit: 250
�� Maximum Leverage:

Visit CTOption
Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

Our Review of CTOption

Company Overview

The online broker CTOption offers binary options trading to traders in over 90 countries worldwide. It offers trading in dollars, euro and pounds sterling.

Account Types + Opening

If you would like to get a feel for how CTOption works without committing yourself just yet, then why not open a free demo account with them? There are several ‘real’ account types with CTOption too, and it is very swift and simple to get started with them as all that potential account holders need to do is to fill in a quick online form. Choose a Mini account (which is ideal for beginners), a standard account or an Executive account (which is tailored towards professional traders). There is also an Islamic account option with CTOption.

Promotions, Sign Up + Deposit Bonuses

CTOption offers, like many such brokers, a 100% bonus on initial deposits. The initial deposit amount will need to be $250 for you to open an account with them (and customers in the US often find that they need to deposit $500 instead of this $250), so you can start off trading with $500 or more. In addition, you will very often get your first withdrawal free with this broker.

Commissions and Fees

CTOption will typically take a commission of 10-20% on your trades. Fees are also associated with withdrawals; a fee of $50 applies to all withdrawals that do not come under the promotional offer of a free first withdrawal.

Trading Platform Review & Mobile Apps

The CTOption trading platform is a PandaTS platform, which makes a difference from the SpotOption platform that is so widely used by similar binary options brokers. The platform offers real time news, educational articles, and also emphasises customer support with web chat and phone lines both available around the clock. The whole feel of the site is refreshingly slick and transparent. CTOption also has a mobile app which is available via Google Play.

Deposits & Withdrawal Methods + Ease

Deposits and withdrawals can be done by local bank transfer, bank wire transfer, debit or credit card and by using online payment accounts (such as MoneyBooker). The minimum amount that traders can withdraw is $100.

Regulators & Safety: Are they a reliable, legitimate broker or a scam?

CTOption is not currently licensed, nor is it regulated. This may simply be down to the fact that it is a relatively new broker – indeed, reports suggest that CTOption is seeking a license from CySEC at the earliest possible opportunity. Though some traders have complaints about losing money on CTOption’s trading platform, all indications suggest that this is a legitimate broker rather than a scam site.


CTOptions is a binary options broker founded in 2020 and their headquarter is located in London. The broker belonged to a company called InfiniCore Ltd. CTOptions is subjected to the FCA. This means that your fund is protected with an extra layer of security. They offer binary trading services to customers in more than 100 countries. CTOptions offers more than 100 types of assets. The payout for the majority of the assets is higher than 80%. Before you can register for an account, you must provide some verification documents they requested. CTOptions is one of the few brokers, that still accepts US traders and CToption is not a scam broker.

Trading Platforms

CTOptions offers the Panda TS platform for traders. The platform is quite reliable. All the features can be easily accessed on the Panda TS platform. It offers 4 types of assets including one touch, range, high/low and hyper. Hyper trading refers to short term options with short expiry from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. You can place a trade for just $5. There are over 2 dozen forex currency pairs. There are four Bitcoin based forex currency pairs. They support both EU and US indices.

CTOptions also offer mobile trading platform. CTOptions support many extra features such as binary social trading, Replicator and auto trading system. The mobile platform allows you to place trades conveniently and watch your trade live.

Types of Accounts

CTOptions offers 3 types of accounts including Mini, Standard and Executive. The Mini account is for traders who want to deposit in between $250 – $1499. Mini account holders features Trial Account for Replicator Pro, live trading room and online education package. Standard account is designed for traders who want to place a deposit of $1500 – $4999. Standard account includes all the features of mini account. In addition, Standard account holders are also entitled to personal account manager, lifetime demo account and free professional trader course. Executive account is for traders who want to trade on a sum larger than $5,000. Executive account holders will enjoy benefits such as 20% cash back, free trading signals 24/6, and innovative insurance policy agreement. Welcome bonuses are available for all accounts.

Is CTOption A Scam?

No, CTOption is a legit company and not a scam. However you should always read the terms and conditions, mainly the bonus terms because those conditions are really hard to acomplish, therefore some may say that the bonus here is a scam. It’s not a scam in my opinion however you should never accept a deposit bonus, because you may never be able to withdraw that money again. CTOption has offices in the UK and I really think that this broker is not a scam.


Customers can deposit through a variety of methods including credit/debit cards, wire transfer, WebMoney, CashU, MoneyBookers, Yandex and etc. It accepts three deposit currencies including USD, EUR, and GBP. Traders can withdraw the funds in their accounts via the same method they deposited the funds. You are not obliged to place a deposit if you register for an account. The minimum withdrawal requirement is USD$100. They usually process the withdrawal requests within 2 days. It will take up to 5 days for the money to appear in your account. You can perform the withdrawal at anytime of the day.

Customer Service

CTOptions offers customer support through email, telephone and live chat. CTOptions offers three international telephone customer support for three countries including UK, France and Bahrain. They have separate email addresses for different departments. The website supports 8 languages. There is an education center that provide free tutorials on binary options trading for both newbies and advanced traders.


The clients’ funds are deposited in separate accounts at DBS Bank in Singapore. DBS Bank is an A+ rating bank. The trading activities and sensitive information of the clients are protected by a secure 128 bit SSL protocols.


In conclusion, CTOption is a reputable broker that offers competitive payouts and reliable trading platform. They offer free lifetime demo account for the standard and executive accounts. Traders are allowed to open more than one account. This enables traders to efficiently manage their portfolio for a variety of assets. Most brokers do not allow you to hold multiple account because they have to comply to the AML.

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