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CopyOp Review 2020

What is CopyOp?

CopyOp can be referred as one of the most meaningful and top notch binary options social trading networks for traders in South Africa.

It actually allows individuals to get and copy the successful binary options trading patterns of the experts. Investments can be more profitable by utilizing this software.

Getting started and understanding the basics of CopyOp are also quite convenient and designed in a user-friendly to facilitate the ultimate binary options trading requirements. This software is relatively a newly launched one, but has gained much popularity among both the expert as well as starters of the binary options trading industry.

CopyOp review shows how they simply facilitate traders to copy some of the most successful and expert investors of binary options trading industry.

A list is displayed to the registered users and they can copy the investment behavior of the highly successful traders. Traders just have to select the desired investor pattern and the trading signals are automatically copied by the software.

South African traders can also earn money by making others to copy their own investment pattern or trading signals.

The CopyOp basically facilitates both the experts and the beginners. They can copy trading signals of experts for having profitable trades. On the other hand experts can earn money if their trading signals are being copied by the other users.

Using Copyop for trading binary options

The CopyOp social platform is actually the exclusive platform which is integrating social trading concept with binary options trading. The combination of social trading with binary options provides highly favorable results for the binary options traders, as seen in our CopyOp review.

In order to get started with the CopyOp, traders have to create an account with the software. Once they have created the account with CopyOp, they can easily proceed with the meaningful investments using binary options trading strategies. The strategic plans and patterns are very important when talking about binary options trading.

In this context, CopyOp is supporting the real time demands of the traders by providing them with expert trading signals from the top most and successful binary options traders.

Registered trader is awarded with some CopyOp coins, that can eventually be converted into the real world money. This social trading software is often regarded a revolutionary one because the users can make money in two ways, i.e. they can earn money by concluding good investments or by making others to copy their successful trading decisions.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

This way, CopyOp is serving the stance of both the newbies as well as the expert traders. The registered users of this software can find numerous relatable functions and features in CopyOp.

Strategy Making with CopyOp

Registered South African traders can potentially profit from binary options trading while using the CopyOp software. This software somehow also works as the trading guide for the newbies who lack adequate information and experience to conclude meaningful trades.

They can either make a demo account or real money account for getting into the features, as seen in this CopyOp review. However, the CopyOp coins can’t be claimed with a demo account. The users can either copy the successful trades or simply follow them for understanding the basics of successful trades.

They can refer to the “Explore Feed” or the “Hot List” for taking information about the top most traders.

For many traders, the main target is to make others copy their trading signals so that they can get more money. There are many ways with the help of which, individuals can get more copiers. In the very first manner, they can utilize some low-risk investments strategies for managing trades.

Similarly, traders can also calculate the statistics that how many points are required to get into the top 3 traders lists. As soon as the trader gets into the top charts, they can start low-risk investments in small attempts to experience successful trades. In this way the traders can make more bonuses.

Getting CopyOp Bonus

The whole working of CopyOp software is based on three simple steps, i.e. watch, copy and trade. By following these easy steps, the individuals can definitely make highly successful trade moves, following to huge profits.

This amazing software allows the users to watch and get the latest binary trading alerts from the top most traders across the world. After selecting the successful traders, they can copy the same trading patterns automatically by a system generated feature.

Furthermore if traders are already expert enough to generate successful trades and investments, then they can simply share their trading signals with the other users. If the trading signals of expert traders are copied by the others, they will simply be rewarded with CopyOp coins that can directly converted into real word money.

It is not necessary to copy the other expert traders when using CopyOp software. Beginners can also only watch and get the trading feeds from the experts. After watching and observing the experts the users can even stop following and copying the trading signals of experts. They can eventually start making successful trades and enabling others to copy them for earning instant income.

Beginners can also only watch and get the trading feeds from the experts. After watching and observing the experts the users can even stop following and copying the trading signals of experts. They can eventually start making successful trades and enabling others to copy them for earning instant income.

One thing must be kept in mind that in order to earn income/CopyOp coins the traders have to make a real money account. The CopyOp coin/income obtained from the copiers can’t be claimed with a demo account.

Advantages of using CopyOp

Strong customer support

The South African traders can enjoy a strong customer support mechanism when using the CopyOp for concluding profitable binary trading options.

The CopyOp app can be downloaded into the devices easily. The entire transactions are made through the SSL platform. The confidentiality of the users is completely secure.

Availability of different languages

The CopyOp software is available in five different languages, i.e. English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

User friendly Interface

Traders can enjoy a highly user-friendly interface when using the CopyOp for binary trading options.

How to make money?

Traders do have opportunity to earn money while trading with the binary options. They can either watch, copy or follow the expert trading investments to conclude profitable trades.

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (25.11.2020):

Copyop has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Old Review:

Copyop is not your typical binary options trading site and it’s not meant to be. It is a little hard to describe because it is more like a follow the leader type site than it is a true binary options trading site. It could probably more easily be compared to an auto trading robot that tracks people’s trading skills as opposed to asset analytics like most auto trading software does.

The site is run by the same company that runs the world’s largest binary options trading site, Anyoption. It is a relatively new site that was just launched earlier in 2020. It expands on a popular new way of trading binary options called ‘social trading’; which basically means you don’t do any technical analysis yourself; you just mimic the trades of other more experienced and consistently profitable binary options traders. You can copy the trades of those people who trade on the Copyop or Anyoption websites. It is really the first ‘full-fledged’ social trading web broker.

For the purpose of this review we will not add information about the Anyoption website. There is a full review here under are binary options broker reviews section if you want to learn more specifics about Anyoption.

There are two ways in which a trader can register to trade on Copyop;

  1. either by signing up for the website directly
  2. or by linking to it from the anyoption website.

You might want to consider doing the latter if you are the type of trader that likes to take advantage of some of the bonuses that Anyoption offers. One of the nice things about each site is your deposited funds can be used on either site too. You might want to note that we actually had to ask for the bonus after signing up and you have to be aware there are trading minimums before any bonus money can be withdrawn too.

There are 3 different choices of currencies that can be used to open an account in Copyop;

You have to be careful which one you pick because after the initial deposit you can only add or withdraw money in the same currency. You do not actually need to deposit money to open an account and this will allow you to check out the traders you can follow and see the features of the website. After doing this you can pretty much expect a phone call from the Copyop sales team to help you out.

Who are Those Traders that You can Copy?

There is no set format to whose trades you can copy; you can copy any person that trades on either site and any person can copy you. Really the only condition is a trader can only have a maximum of 100 people that copy there trades.

As we did our review we only saw one instance of a trader being maxed out. You can also keep an eye on a specific trader without making trades and have it displayed on your social trading feed. There is a lot of flexibility built into the web platform as far as how you look at another investors trading.

Another thing to note is there is no slippage with Copyop like there is with FOREX social Trading. Slippage is the difference in the trade from when the person whose trades you are copying and the price when you decided to copy is factored in. You get the identical trade parameters as the person you are copying with Copyop. The drawback is you get slightly lower return on investments than the person you decided to copy. Most people accept this as the cost of being able to access the service.

Most sites that allow social trading only let you do it with FOREX but that is not the case with Copyop. You can use it with stocks, Indices, commodities and FOREX pairs. Interestingly enough you will be rewarded if you place trades and people copy you. You are copying real people who are risking their own money so that in itself should increase your confidence level in the trading process. There is a small payout on losing trades too. You can increase your profit by watching traders and manually copying their trades instead of using the ‘automatically’ copy feature; of course this takes more time too.

Video: Copyop Social Trading App

How to Observe and Select Which Traders You Copy

In order to be successful with this web broker you need to know how to pick out the successful traders. With what we teach you here you will be able to choose traders to copy from both Copyop, Anyoption, Banc de Binary and 24option as was mentioned before.

Keep in mind that you can’t see every trader at once or look at a list of traders results, that is probably where the risk of trading this way comes in bit you can hot the ‘random explore’ tab or the ‘hot list’ tab to try discovering new traders to follow who have a record of success. The explore tab brings up random traders that have recently traded and the hot list brings up traders who are trading well as of late.

Here is a list of what you can see about each individual trader:

  1. Nickname, country, joining date, risk percentage
  2. Number of people watching them
  3. Number of people copying them
  4. Hit % on their own investments
  5. Longest winning streak
  6. Number of trades per day average
  7. Incremental hit percentage
  8. Last three trades
  9. Asset breakdown on their trades

One of the big drawbacks with Copyop is that you can only see the last three trades an investor makes and not a complete history of the clients trading or their current open trades; this is consistent with other sites that allow social trading also. The most useful stat is probably the trader’s hot percentage when factored on their last 120 trades. The lack of detail on the trader that you want to copy is what keeps people from doing social trading a lot of the time.

Screenshot of Copyop Website

How Copyop Handles Risk and Money Management

As with all binary options trading, on Copyop you will know and be able to assess risk before you make a trade. It is one of the nice benefits when it comes to binary options trading. That is a lot different than say FOREX trading where you have virtually unlimited risk until you get to your stop level. Even when you are copying other investor’s trades you still get to assess the risk versus reward on that trade before you execute the copy feature.

When you copy a trader you will be asked the following:

  • Exactly how many of the investor’s trades do you want to copy
  • The amount per each copied trade
  • What assets are involved in the investor’s trades that you want to copy

You may stop copying a trader at any time you so choose.

It must be noted that when you are copying trades the amount you invest stays the same per trade regardless of what the person you are copying invests. So you must be aware that there is no proportionality in percentage to the amount the copied trader invests. It is fixed for every trade you copy for the amount you selected for each copied trader. Because of this your results will never be exactly the same as the trader you copy. As explained before you will also not receive the same return on investment as the trader you are copying because they get a small percentage of what you make on the trade.

You can do such things as only take the trades of the people you are watching that they invest the most money. This may give you an indication of their confidence level in a particular trade. Someone who invests $2000 in a trade is obviously more comfortable with that trade than a person who only invests $200 on the same trade. You can study the information given on each trader and come up with your own conclusions for each trader and invest accordingly. If you watch a trader long enough you can really pick out the reasons why they are winning on certain trades and not on other ones. For example: A trader may only have a 40% success rate when trading but an 80% success rate in trades involving gold; so you would want to copy this trader only when they do a trade that involves gold as an asset.

Copyop Costs and Fees

There are not a lot of fees and costs as far as Copyop is concerned. Signup is totally free and you can even make one totally free withdrawal each month.

Copyop Customer Support

Customer support options are limited but functional. You can only contact this web broker by email or contact form; that means you can rule out ever getting a quick answer to a question or concern. We were not thrilled with that aspect of their customer service at all; as a matter of fact the average response time to the questions we submitted was three to four days and improvement is certainly needed in that area.. The FAQ page is not extensive either but what is there is very thoroughly covered and explained well.

There are a lot more support options for their sister site anyoption, so again we lean toward accessing Copyop after you sign up for an account with anyoption.

Copyop does have a nice variety of learning tools that they give access to those that register for their website.

Social Media Access

Copyop does allow it traders to connect using their Facebook account too; once you do this your friends can see your trades and vice versa. We are not sure why you would want your friends to know you trade and how much but this could be useful if you had an account that was made up of just trading group friends.

Copyop Demo

Unfortunately Copyop does not provide their users with a demo account at this time. As was mentioned before they do allow you to see the features of the website and follow some traders after signing up even if you have not made a deposit. At least that way you get a little sneak peek into the website. It will give you a good idea how successful a lot of the traders are on the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Takes statistical analyses out of play
  • It’s an excellent site for those with no binary options trading knowledge to make money
  • There is a large selection of traders that can be copied because you can copy those from their sister site anyoption; it’s the biggest binary option web broker in the world
  • Simplifies social trading
  • You copy traders that are risking their own money and you can copy anyone
  • The site has an easy to understand user interface
  • Tools to limit and manage risk


Our Final Thoughts on Copyop

This site is very different from other web brokerage sites for sure. As we stated it is much more a form of auto trader than it is a binary options website but you can still place your own trades too but make no mistake about it the site is made to help you coattail off the success of experienced traders. There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons so clearly this type of website is not for everyone. If you’re into trying to profit from other trader’s skills then there is no harm to giving Copyop a try. You may want to consider signing up for their sister site Anyoption so you get the bonuses they offer and can still access Copyop too.

Social Trading Network Comparison – Pros & Cons

Before reading through our reviews of each social trading network please note that we’re an independent website and that we have live accounts with our own personal funds invested with all the networks we review. I.e. they’re not based on playing around with a demo application or looking at the social trading network’s marketing materials. Look at our Reviews Guarantee for more info.

We’re currently only reviewing social trading networks which allow investors to auto-trade, i.e. follow and automatically follow the trades from other traders. The focus in our reviews is more on the auto-trading capability and performance, though we also touch on the social networking features. We’ve included images about the different platform interfaces which we’ll try and keep up-to-date as they evolve.

Our network and platform reviews are targeted both at total novice and more experienced traders. We try to explain most concepts within the review, though very novice traders may want to refer to our social trading terminology section in case a term if not clear.

The reviews are solely based on our own experience and opinions. We appreciate that these may differ from your own and therefore openly ask you to add your constructive comments to the review pages.

When changes are made or new features released on the social trading networks we will make updates to these review pages and our opinions may change. I.e. the reviews are not static and as such some of the older comments may be slightly out of sync.

Currently we’ve reviewed the ZuluTrade, eToro, Tradency Mirror Trader, Ayondo, Tradeo, myfxbook AutoTrader, Darwinex, Copyop and Gallant Trade Copier social trading networks. We also did Currensee, FxPro SuperTrader, Signal Trader and ZipSignals but those networks are no longer available.

Below is a table summarising the pros and cons for each of these networks. However, we suggest you read through the full review, or at least the first page summarising “our opinion”, for each of them.

Review Pros Review Cons
Click here to visit ZuluTrade website
  • free fully functioning demo account (i.e. try without committing money)
  • wide choice of traders (‘signal providers’) to follow
  • good choice of brokers in different countries (also means choice of account currencies)
  • customer ratings and comments directly on signal provider pages
  • low entry cost (trade from $300)
  • advanced “signal provider” search functionality
  • advanced risk protection and money management features
  • access to “signal provider’s” full trading history and all current open trades (i.e. fully transparent)
  • “signal providers” are only paid commissions in months they were successful
  • offers social binary options trading (in addition to forex)

Read our detailed ZuluTrade review

  • for every successful consistent trader (‘signal provider’) there many more poor and inconsistent ones
  • ‘signal providers’ are not required to trade using their own money
  • money management can be complex for non Forex traders or beginners
  • requires regular monitoring until the right mix of “signal providers” is selected

Click here to visit eToro website

  • simple interface
  • integrated social trading network, trade execution interface and broker
  • can trade/copy currencies AND major indices AND commodities (oil, gold and silver) AND shares AND ETFs
  • free, fully functional demo account
  • low slippage on live accounts
  • integrated risk and money management features
  • trades copied proportionally
  • convenient display of historic performance figures
  • very active social network and excellent training materials
  • most “Popular Investors” you can copy all display their real and verified full name & photo
  • traders you copy risk their own money
  • unable to easily view the full history of all the previous trades by the “Popular Investors”
  • actual account balance of the “Popular Investors” is not shared
  • Trader Finder/Discover People functionality can still be improved (though currently much better than what it was)
  • higher eToro spreads than with some discount brokers (but if you become a top “Popular Investor” you can get spread rebates of 100%)
  • for every good performing trader to choose from, there are still plenty of poor ones (most are also longer term traders)
  • higher overnight rollover fees than most discount brokers
  • currently only able to manage your account in $ USD
Click here to visit Ayondo website
  • Easy to search through list of available traders (Top Traders) top follow/copy
  • Some good quality/low risk Top Traders available to follow
  • Automated risk management (proportional to the trader)
  • Top Trader’s commission is based on their performance AND on their risk management approach
  • Low slippage
  • Fully functioning demo account available to try
  • Easy sign-up with integrated broker solution (ayondo markets)
  • Low investment entry cost (from 100 $, Euro or £)
  • Deposits in personal client accounts protected up to £500,000
  • Spread-betting accounts available for UK and Ireland customers
  • While available to view in the interface (but not easy), no ability to download trader’s transaction history in Excel or other data format for external analysis
  • Still limited amount of popular/high performing “Top Traders” though most of them now send their signals from a real money account (instead of a virtual money account)
  • Not possible to view contribution of individual traders towards your overall portfolio performance
  • No capital protection at trader level (only at account level)
Click here to visit Tradeo website
  • Single sign-up since Tradeo acts as broker too
  • Full non-expiring demo available
  • Accounts possible in 4 currenciesDirect interaction possible with full community or individual traders
  • Active social community
  • Telephone and online chat support available
  • iOS and Android app
  • “Social Webtrader” platform not mobile friendly
  • No automatic trade copying
  • Experienced high trader turnover to date
  • Poor customer service
  • Trader evaluation tools fairly basic
  • Difficult to view full trading history and not possible to download for off-line analysis
  • Account balance or trade sizes not shared (no idea how much traders risk)
Tradency Mirror Trader
Click here to visit the Tradency website
  • all historical trade info and current open trades available (data provided is transparent)
  • full control (open trades can be closed from within Mirror Trader interface at any time)
  • risk can be managed separately for each trader (“strategy”) copied (i.e. losses can be limited)
  • fully functioning free demo account available (though dependent on broker)
  • drawdown is calculated on closed trades only and doesn’t include drawdown on open positions (making the figures not very relevant for some strategies)
  • most brokers still charge extra commission per trade to customers for using Mirror Trader
  • no social interaction possibilities with strategy providers or other traders
  • strategy providers do not need to trade their own signal from a live account
  • basic Tradency support is poor
  • most traders/systems to follow use automated robots
Click here to sign up with Darwinex
  • Simple concept – Buy & Sell DARWINS
  • Low spreads
  • Risk automatically limited
  • Traders only compensated for success
  • Mobile apps
  • Comprehensive guides and good support
  • Free demo available
  • FSCS (UK) capital protection
  • Open traders are not shared – you rely solely on Darwinex’ proprietary indicators
  • Not totally free – but you only pay on profits made
  • Still relatively new platform – earnings potential still unconfirmed
  • Some divergence/slippage
Myfxbook AutoTrade
Click here to visit myfxbook website
  • Decent choice of partner brokers
  • Every system and trader you copy risks their own money
  • All systems verified and monitored to meet requirements
  • Wide choice of stats and graphs (if not hidden by the system)
  • System’s historical trade data can be downloaded for own analysis (if not made private by the system)
  • Trades can be copied proportionally
  • Trader/system rewards linked to performance (paid for winning trades only)
  • Full non-expiring demo account available
    • Use of “hypothetical” results & stats can give wrong expectations
    • Some interface glitches and errors experienced
    • Not all data is shared by every system you can copy
    • Partner broker costs/commissions per trade not transparent
    • Risk cannot be limited per system on individual basis (account level only)
    • Already open systems trades are copied by default (no option to disable)
    • Slippage means your results will be slightly worse than the systems you copy
    • No AutoTrade system reviews or ratings by other investors
    • No telephone or online chat support
    • Refund policy is very restricting
    • Based in British Virgin Islands

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

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    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

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