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Exclusive: Tradologic Set to Launch Regulated Binary Options Exchange Binarex

Following recent changes in the binary options industry, Tradologic is aiming to bring transparency into the market.

Tradologic has embarked on a new project that aims to bring a new perspective to binary options trading. The company has been working on deploying a regulated binary options exchange called Binarex, the technology provider confirmed to Finance Magnates. The product is aiming to eliminate conflicts of interest between brokers and traders.

We are already in talks with several EU and non-EU financial regulators

Looking at the current state of the market, Tradologic has identified an opportunity for both brokers and traders alike. With exchange traded binary options, the traders can receive better fair execution, while the brokers will be profiting regardless of whether a client is making or losing money.

Exchanges typically charge a fixed commission fee to traders, who in turn profit when other traders lose.

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Eliminating Conflict of Interest Key to Long Term Sustainability

The changes are representative of the breaking of a status-quo in the forex trading industry, as some companies have started pivoting away from the market maker model and into straight-through processing (STP) execution, when the trades of every client are moved on to the over-the-counter foreign exchange market.

Tradologic is aiming to address a key concern not only for traders, but also for regulators. Exchange-traded binary options are already used by retail traders in the US, where Cantor Exchange, Nadex and NYSE have products that are regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Commenting to Finance Magnates, the CEO of Tradologic, Michael Golod, stated: “It’s no secret to anyone that regulators worldwide are increasingly scrutinizing some binary brokers’ practices. I see Binarex as a sustainable business model that ensures fair and transparent terms for all parties involved.”

“We are already in talks with several EU and non-EU financial regulators and the feedback we’ve received so far tells me we can expect a much friendlier regulatory environment,” he elaborated.

The company is expecting to officially launch the product at the Finance Magnates London Summit on the 14-15th of November 2020.

Binarex Broker Review

Binarex is a binary exchange model which offers no form of bonus or VIP programme to its clients, but does boast impressive, easy to use, cutting edge trading software which can be used either on a desktop PC or via a mobile device thanks to the 100% web based trading platform. Their customer support services can be accessed around the clock in a number of ways including via the convenient live chat option, however there is a definite lack of underlying assets, with only around 27 available for trading across the classes of commodities, currencies, stocks and indices.

Review Overview

Bonuses – 0%
Software – 90%
Customer Support – 70%
Options Choice – 20%

Good Quality Broker

Summary : Trusted Broker

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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Binarex is not a traditional broker, but instead they are a binary exchange model. This company has been created to bring transparency to the industry and to help traders to receive the best possible executed on their exchanged traded platform. The Binarex platform is designed to elininate the need for a middle man and offers a similar experience to that found at a global stock exchange. They provide a set of financial instruments which offer investors a pre-defined level of reward and risk for every trade. Investors pay a premium to open their binary exchange position and this reflects the contract’s value. When entering the market with a binary exchange contract, the client is already aware of the maximum profit or loss that they could experience beforehand.

Company Information

Binarex is a relatively new binary options exchange rather than a traditional broker. Developed by Tradologic and owned by Finex Securities Ltd, they are based in Vanuatu. At the present time, this company is not yet regulated or licensed by any recognised body or authority, however they have applied to CySEC for a license and it is currently under review and is expected to be accepted soon. In the long run, they are also interested in obtaining a CFTC license in the USA. This broker uses strong 128 bit SSL encryption across its website to protect its clients’ personal details and financial transactions and appears to be reliable.

Assets Available

Binarex only offers around 27 assets for trading including:

Bonuses & VIP Programs

There is no evidence of Binarex offering its clients any bonuses, whether they are newly registered or existing clients, or any type of VIP programme for high volume traders.


Binarex offers a convenient 100% internet based trading interface which allows seamless and speedy access as well as fast trade execution without the need for any installations or downloads of memory intensive software. This also means that traders are not tied to their PC and can access their trading account and place trades from any internet enabled device as long as they are connected to the web from any location in the world and at any time.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It is possible to deposit funds quickly and easily into a Binarex account by simply clicking on the Funding tab inside the Binarex trading platform. Clients can choose from any of the following payment options:

Secure payment are quickly processed so clients can begin trading quickly. All payments are protected by SSL encryption and the minimum amount permitted to be deposited into a trading account is $250.The maximum amount for a single transaction is set at $10,000. Funds can be withdrawn easily by clicking on the Withdrawal tab in the funding page. Clients simply choose the amount they wish to withdraw and the method by which they wish to be paid. Credit card withdrawals can only be received up to the original amount deposited and any excess will be sent to the client via bank transfer.

Customer Support

The Binarex client support team can be contacted via several methods to respond to queries and to resolve any issues which may occur.

Support is available around the clock and the website is available in 3 languages – Chinese, Japanese and English.

Extra Features and Resources

Binarex does not appear to offer any free educational resources to its clients apart from a glossary which explains all of the key trading terms that new investors are likely to encounter when starting out in the binary exchange market.


If you are considering choosing Binarex as your preferred binary options broker, there are a number of positive factors to consider, however there are also some disadvantages too:

  • Cutting edge trading software that is suitable for use by both experienced and novice traders
  • 100% online trading interface requiring no installations or downloads
  • Multilingual website
  • Strong SSL encryption
  • e-Wallet payment methods available
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Live chat support option available
  • Unusual binary exchange model for extra transparency and fairness
  • Not regulated or licensed at the present time (although a license has been applied for)
  • No free educational resources
  • Commissions are charged on each trade
  • Minimal assets available for trading
  • No dedicated mobile app

Can I trade with Binarex using my mobile device?

Increasing numbers of traders are choosing to execute trades from their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets on a regular basis, so companies like Binarex are mobile optimising their platforms to ensure that they offer seamless access to trading accounts and trade executions from any internet enabled device through the provision of a 100% web based platform. As no software needs to be downloaded or installed, it is possible to use the online trading interface on any type of Android or iOS device from anywhere in the world.

Does it cost anything to register with Binarex?

It does not cost the client anything to register with Binarex and there are no hidden costs or fees to worry about.

Is Binarex a secure site?

Binarex is in the process of having its license application approved by CySEC at which point it will become a licensed and regulated broker. Binarex ensures the security of its clients’ personal and financial information by offering strong 128 bit SSL encryption across its website for its clients’ protection.

Does Binarex offer educational resources?

Although Binarex does not offer any educational resources such as ebooks or video tutorials, it does offer a helpful glossary and Frequently Asked Questions section which help new traders to learn more about the common terms used in binary options trading and enables them to find out more answers about the most commonly posed questions regarding investment.

How much commission do I have to pay with this broker?

When trading with Binarex, a commission of $1.50 is charged for opening a trade, for existing a trade before it expires or if your trade is profitable when it expires. No fee is charged if the trade is out of the money when it expires. Binarex ‘s fees are among the lowest across the binary options industry and if you fund your new account with a minimum of $500 there will be no fees to pay during your first few days of trading.

How do I register with Binarex?

It is very quick and simple to register with this broker. Their homepage features a quick sign up web form where you can easily and swiftly enter your details. It takes under 5 minutes to register for this broker’s services and accounts can be accessed 24/7. As soon as your account is approved you can place your first deposit and begin trading immediately.

Can I use an e-Wallet payment method to trade with Binarex?

Binarex has realised that many modern traders like to have a wide variety of banking options available to them for making deposits and withdrawals. They have therefore supplied a selection of convenient payment methods for their clients’ benefit, including traditional options like bank wire transfers and credit and debit cards as well as the more modern online options like e-Wallets.

Can I contact Binarex instantly if I have a problem?

The Binarex customer support team is available for their clients’ benefit in order to address any isssues and answer questions around the clock. Customers can use the telephone helpline or email address, or even the web form on the broker’s website to contact the customer service representatives. There is also a live chat option available for instant support.

TradoLogic – White label platform provider

TradoLogic is one of the three big white label brokers that split up most of the binary options market even though most traders are completely unaware of it. Regardless of the name of your broker, you might trade with TradoLogic, too. This article helps explain the white label model, and who Tradologic are.

This article answers these questions:

  • What Is TradoLogic?
  • Why Do I Have To Know TradoLogic?
  • Can I trust TradoLogic?
  • How Can I Find A Better Broker Than TradoLogic?

With this information, you will understand TradoLogic, and you will be able to protect your money.

What Is TradoLogic?

TradoLogic is a white label broker for binary options. This means they are what General Motors is to GM, Chrysler and Cadillac. They provide the technology, the basic functionality of the product, and the infrastructure in the background. Then a brand takes these products, puts their logo on them, and sells them to the end customer.

With binary options, this system requires a white label broker and a customer who has its own broker brand. The white label broker provides the trading platform, the banking, and the customer support, the customer provides the name and the logo, and chooses from the different styling options.

This means that all TradoLogic brands are effectively the same broker. They might look different on the surface, but they will always offer the same payouts and same banking options. Under the surface, they run the same technical programs, which is why they will always create the same outcome.

TradoLogic provides white label services for many different trading styles. They have offered CFDs and spot forex for quite a while, and started to offer binary options when the industry began to boom. It is an established company and has been around for quite a while.

TradoLogic is one of the leading providers of white label binary options solutions. Its main competitors are SpotOption and TechFinancials.

Why Do I Have To Know TradoLogic?

As a binary options trader, you will probably never deal directly with TradoLogic. Nonetheless, there is good reason to know the white label broker because you are likely to indirectly deal with them.

Once you form an opinion on TradoLogic, you understand a large part of the binary options world. If one TradoLogic broker is good for you, most others will be fine, too. If one TradoLogic broker is bad for you, you should stay away from all of them.

You can greatly simplify your broker comparisons by understanding the four great groups of brokers:

  1. TradoLogic brands,
  2. SpotOption brands,
  3. TechFinancial brands,
  4. Brokers with their own trading platforms, for example IQ Option or

You have to do a little research with the last group (take a look at our broker list, for example), but it is well enough to test one broker of each of the first three groups. We would recommend staying away from all of these white label brokers, but more on that later.

For now, the important point is understanding the system. There are three white label brokers, and regardless of which of their brands you use, you always trade with the same system.

Can I trust TradoLogic?

The most popular TradoLogic brand is a broker called Option Bit. When you open the Option Bit website, Google Chrome will issue a warning message that you are dealing with a scam. This warning is well-justified.

There are five reasons why you should be careful to trust TradoLogic. They are:

1. You Are In A Heavily Disadvantaged Position

The problem with TradoLogic is that you are gambling against the house. Regardless of which brand you are using, TradoLogic creates the payouts and the binary options types in which you invest. Just like a casino only offers games of which it knows it will make a profit, TradoLogic only offers payouts that are in their favour.

This system is not inherently bad. There are many gambling games online. Some are based on cards, others on slots or roulette balls. Why not have one based on the financial market? Similarly, the fact that you are investing against your broker would be fine as long as your broker offers fair payouts that only take as much money from you as you would pay in fees with other forms of investing.

In this case, the system would be the same as with other financial investments. Some traders would make money, some traders would lose money, and the broker would take a cut when the money shifts from side to side. This is how every financial market works.

2. Beware Of Scams

There are plenty of reports of scammed Option Bit and TradoLogic customers.

Apparently, one popular method is to deny the traders the withdrawal of their money based on alleged security concerns. The TradoLogic withdrawal process is intentionally complicated, which makes it difficult for traders to do everything right. For some traders, small mistakes meant that they will never get their money back. This behaviour is unjustifiable. Internet security is important but hiding behind its mask to keep a traders money is wrong.

Other traders reported that they were pressured into making large deposits. Once they had put in a little cash, their personal consultant called them, urging them to invest more in exchange for additional bonuses. These and other similar tactics are covered in more detail in our scams page.

3. False Promises

Some traders report that TradoLogic promised them features such as personal account managers that failed to work in their best interest. While their account managers urged them to deposit more money, they became silent shortly after the traders complied with the request.

Similar reports extend to customer support. Traders complain that the staff was either incompetent, overwhelmed, or simply absent. In any case, they were unable to provide help.

Finally, TradoLogic brands often advertise much higher payouts than you can actually achieve. While there are claims of payouts around 90 percent, the average payout in real-life trading is often significantly lower.

This difference is a problem because payouts are the number one factor in your success. Since you get a payout with every single trade, lower values accumulate in the same way as with the rice grain and the chess board. Short-term investments such as binary options allow you to make many trades a day, which is why these effects will accumulate quickly.

All three of the big white label binary options brokers are based in Israel. The Israeli government has grown so disenchanted with them that they have undertaken significant legal actions to crack down on white label brokers.

Brand owners were arrested on accusations of fraud, blackmail, making threats and operating a false trading system. Decide for yourself whether you want to sign up with a business that faces this kind of trouble.

How Can I Find A Better Broker Than TradoLogic?

Luckily, there are many better binary options brokers than TradoLogic. You can recognize them by paying attention to a few significant characteristics. These are:

  • Government regulation. Trustworthy brokers accept government regulation. The government checks the business’s financial legitimacy and makes sure that you always get a fair service. Make sure that your broker is regulated by the European Union or the United States.
  • Self-made trading platform. Brokers that created their own platforms have to use much more trader-friendly systems. They are on their own, and trustworthiness is their most valuable asset. Brands of white label brokers are just among many, which is why they are replaceable. When a brand loses the traders’ trust, the broker will simply open a new one.
  • Simple process, clear communication. Brokers that use intentionally complicated withdrawal processes do so with good reason. They want to gain the ability to deny you your money. Whenever your broker employs significantly more complicated methods than your bank or your stockbroker, be careful. We all have some experience with online banking, and we understand what reliable online security means. Use your common sense.

Check for these three criteria, and you can quickly separate trustworthy brokers from untrustworthy ones.


TradoLogic is a white label broker for binary options. They provide the trading platform, the payment management, the customer support, and other essential features for their brands. While the white label system is widespread among all types of industries, TradoLogic offers a questionable service that you should avoid.

There are numerous reports of questionable businesses with TradoLogic and other white label binary options brokers, including a large-scale crackdown by the Israeli police. We recommend staying away from all business that have experienced such troubled times.

You can find a better binary options broker by choosing a government-regulated broker that uses its own trading platform. You can find a selection of the best of these brokers in our broker list.

Types of Binary Options

Binary options in the US – regulated and exchange-traded only.

The only way to trade binary options legally in the United States is on a CFTC-regulated, United States based exchange.

Binary options are sometimes offered by a broker. Nadex is different and offers a sharp contrast.

We offer a revolutionary approach to trading for the active short-term trader. We do it as a well-regulated, leading US based binary options exchange.

This is an important difference you will want to understand.

Our job as an exchange is to match buyers and sellers across a wide range of active global markets.

We never take the other side of a trade, but many brokers do. What that means for you is if you trade with a broker, they could be on the other side of your trade and profit only if you fail.

Our interest is in supporting a dynamic marketplace built with the short term, active trader in mind. We take our role seriously as the leading US based exchange offering binary options.

As a leading exchange, we want you to have everything you need to trade. We offer different strikes, timeframes and markets to choose from. It’s why we provide both a robust desktop platform and a brand new mobile app specifically built for short term traders.

And it’s the reason we work to offer such wide access to dynamic trading opportunities across all the markets you love.

Volatility and binary options.

Volatility moves markets, drives trading decisions and of course can make things fun.

The ability to harness that volatility means opportunity when you are trading.

It’s why we created our binary options in a way to allow exposure to volatility with a simple, easy to follow approach.

Our binary options provide unique opportunities to make short term trades and capture volatility, while also providing the flexibility to close positions early and the control to allow traders to set their own level of risk.

One of the ways binary options offer exposure to volatility is based on the pricing of the contract relative to the underlying market.

The more active the underlying market, the more movement in the binary option’s price and even in relatively flat underlying markets, the at-the-money binary options can be volatile.

We are offer a wide range of opportunities to trade based on volatility with binary options. It’s why we create more strike prices and offer more contracts on a broad range of active global markets.

Different timeframes to trade binary options.

We believe traders should have straightforward access to multiple global markets around the clock.

And we want to provide multiple time frames within our 23 hour trading day for you to trade.

Choose timeframes lasting 5 minutes to two hours and up to a week with plenty of opportunities in between.

Trading at Nadex is dynamic and markets can move fast.

For many, that type of fluid activity is exactly why they started trading.

We’ve created a vibrant marketplace that provides the variety to trade stock indices, forex, and commodities from a single account.

But the opportunities to trade with us really grow when you consider all of the time horizons our contracts cover and the number of strikes we offer in each market.

While binary options are sought by day traders wanting trades in short time horizons, Nadex offers a lot of variability and choices when it comes to the length of our short term contracts with multiple opportunities to trade throughout the day and the week.

Each time frame has its advantages.

Traders wanting to harness volatility in flat or trending markets like shorter frames because as the market gets closer to expiration, the price of the binary can fluctuate with increased volatility.

This makes for very active and exciting market action.

If you want to take a position that spans a few hours, or a day or week, you can do that too.

This enables you to trade based on a variety of different strategies. And you’ll always have the flexibility to close positions early to take profits or limit losses.

Short-term trading.
It’s what we do.

Join 125,000+ traders who have opened an account with Nadex.

Trading Around the Clock

23 hours a day, Sunday-Friday. Whenever you want to trade.

Trading intra-day, daily or weekly provides unique opportunities.

Small market movements offer opportunities.

Know your maximum potential profit or loss up front.

Three ways to trade.

Nadex Binary Options turn every trade into a simple question: will this market be above this price at this time.

A Nadex Touch Bracket has floor and ceiling “knockout” points. This structure can maximize effective leverage and provide natural profit targets.

Nadex Call Spreads have a floor-to-ceiling trading range which offers defined risk without the need for stops, allowing time for the market to prove you right.

Trade the markets you love.

A platform built for trading.

Advanced Order Types & Depth of Market

Apply your strategy with limit orders or our unique market order with slippage protection. See bid/ask price and volume with depth on the order ticket.

Robust Charting & Technical Analysis

Employ a full range of technical indicators and charting tools to analyze market trends. Place and modify your orders directly from the chart.

Free Desktop & Mobile Platforms

Trade whenever and wherever you want on PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. Place a trade order on one device, then manage and close the trade on another device.

Resources to help.

What they are saying.

More reasons to trade with Nadex.

Regulated by the CFTC

Robust technical analysis tools

Thousands of contracts traded Sunday-Friday

No brokers or broker commissions

Just $250 to open an account, $1 per contract side

It’s this easy to start.

Fill out our online application in just a few minutes.

You’ll get a quick response.

Once approved, you can fund your account and start trading.

Try our brand new
mobile trading experience

US Toll Free: 1 877 776 2339

International: +1 312 884 0100

North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.
200 West Jackson Blvd
Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60606

Nadex is a registered trademark of IG Group, Ltd.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

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