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CopyActiv Review

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Copy trading is becoming increasingly popular among traders who want to make money in binary options trading without having to learn about financial markets first. The latest platform that caught the eye of traders is CopyActiv that promises high returns without much fuss. More about this platform find out in CopyActiv review that will introduce traders to most important aspects of copy trading on this platform.

What is CopyActive Copy Trading Platform?

CopyActive is first and foremost copy trading platform. Copy trading is binary options trading that combines social networks and financial trading. Traders can find other successful traders and follow them just like they would do on Instagram. That way, traders can easily follow their steps and trade profitably.

This is a major advantage compared to traditional binary options trading. Traders don’t have to spend their precious time learning, researching, analyzing and finally, having bad trading results. According to CopyActiv review, this trading platform can cut the entire introduction to binary options and successful trading for 16 months. This statement found on the website can be interpreted as a guarantee that traders will become successful and profitable immediately, without any delay.

How to register with CopyActiv?

Registering with CopyActiv is, according to the review, is fairly easy, and not complicated at all. Even beginners can do it by clicking ‘Register’ and filling the registration form. Only basic information is required. It is important to note that CopyActiv review understood that it is completely free of charge, but traders still have to make a deposit with the broker. Minimum deposit is €200 with brokers available at CopyActiv platform. It is always recommended to read broker reviews before making any deposit with any of them.

Good news is that traders get the chance to take a look at the platform and get familiar with the entire interface before making a final decision.

Once everything is set, users can start copying their trades or placing them in case they have a guru status.

CopyActiv Trading Platform

The entire interface created by CopyActiv is very easy and convenient to use. Traders can find all important categories in a list placed on the left side of the dashboard, and on the right, they get to see what they are interested in, whether it is depositing, past trades or people they are copying. Some traders might find unusual to believe other traders, but this is what copy trading is all about – creating a trading opportunity for everyone. Binary options are, after all, the most democratic way of financial trading in the whole world.

Trading with CopyActiv Platform

CopyActiv review showed that on their website, CopyActiv distinguishes two different types of users – investors and traders.

  • CopyActive Investors

Investors are considered to be traders whose main mission is to start trading on CopyActiv as soon as possible. The review showed how this type of users is mostly focused on finding a successful trader and copying trades. This type of traders is not focused on placing original trades.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Broker!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Account! Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Only for experienced traders!

  • CopyActiv Traders

CopyActiv traders are users who actively place trades, and have more experience in binary options trading. They may even have some personal strategies and have all the knowledge necessary to become a CopyActiv guru who will bring other traders profit. Gurus get 3% commission on al profit their copiers make so it is an amazing way to make more money. Traders also get additional tools and other features that can be useful for predicting market movements in real time. CopyActiv review shows that this copy trading platform is great opportunity for everyone.

Does CopyActiv offer Demo Account?

Yes, CopyActive has a free demo. The demo comes equipped with €550 virtual funds that can be used for practicing and learning about the platform. While copy trading is much simple than usual binary options trading, there are still many elements traders have to get familiar with before starting trading for real.

Demo accounts are a feature that can definitely be considered an advantage as they give traders the opportunity to experience platform on time.

Pros and Cons of Trading with CopyActiv

Without a doubt, CopyActiv is the very interesting product for binary options trading that will definitely bring many benefits to traders, especially beginners who are not ready to trade on their own. Other groups that can really benefit are experienced experts. Remember, gurus not only make a profit by placing successful trades, but also get a small commission from every copier that takes advantage of their skills and makes a profit.

Copy trading is definitely a significant trend that traders should observe and follow. Some believe that it might take over binary options trading completely. And while there is a little chance it might happen, CopyActiv review shows that this type of platforms is something that definitely should be taken into consideration when discussing future of this exciting product.

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Binary Options Auto Trader Review

Binary Options Auto Trader have ceased all operations. Please visit our recommended trading brokers list.

This page is my personal review of an automated binary options trading tool that I found called “BinaryAuto Trader”. The official website is and the service they provide is an automatic trading tool that places trades on your behalf. I picked up a copy of the binary options auto trader myself and decided to put it to the test and do a real life review. More of a testimonial if you will. Let’s get to it:

Binary Auto Trader Quick Details / Overview

  • The product: Automated, hands free binary trading tool
  • What is it: A google chrome extension
  • How Much Does It Cost?: $179 / month
  • How Do I Get It?: Visit
  • You will need an account at a binary broker compatible with the software. We recommend and are using

My Experience Using the Binary Option Auto Trader

So I was really excited to find this product. I remained skeptical but was willing to give it a risk. The product looked good looking and they have a realistic win/loss rate that they publicly display. Here is how it works:

  • Order the product from their website and check your email for a link to click. *You will need the google chrome browser. It’s free.
  • Then you need to download the google chrome plugin – This is very simple and the click of the mouse

I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and start. No files to download and locate on my system to execute. Just push the button and the plugin displays in my chrome toolbar, at the top right. I opened up the plugin and logged into my account at 24 option. Once logged in to 24o, the plugin has 4 fields to confirm before it begins trading for you.

Before The Auto Trader Begins Making Trades There Are 5 Fields To Confirm

Click Agree and Click Start To Go Live

  • First it shows whether or not you are logged into the broker. It also has an optional field that will keep you logged in automatically if you enter your login and password.
  • Next, it confirms that you are logged into your BOAT (BinaryOptionsAutoTrader account) – if not you can click to log in
  • Next it lets you define your trading amount. This is how much you are risking per trade. The minimum is $25. You also can select an option here that lets you take a trade again in case you get a broker error when trying to fill the trade (I left this option off, I did not want to try and re-take the trade if there was an error at first)
  • Next it requires you to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click ‘start trading’ – Once all lights are green it will execute any trade signal it receives.

Day 1 starts with a with a $176 balance at

Started Out With $176 In My Account – Making $25 Trades

About an hour after starting the auto-trader software I still do not have a trade placed yet. I’ve logged in and out a few times to make sure I am connected.

My first trade signal comes about an hour and a half after starting the signal. I was notified by a small box that pops up at the bottom right hand corner of my screen. I haven’t been able to screen shot the signal alert that pops up because because it only lasts a few seconds before dropping back out of view. But as soon as I go back to the 24 option screen, I see that I’m in my first trade. It is a put on the GPB/USD. It has a 10 minute expiry and my strike price is 1.57568. I want this binary option to expire below this price!

My First Trade – On It’s Way To Being A Winner

Yes – a winner! I’m pleased of course. I’m up already. Three minutes later I see another trade signal. Let’s do this.

The next trade was a 30 minute expiry and was a loss. The automatic system is 1/1 and I’m down a few dollars due to the vig. An hour and a half later another trade was taken with a 10 minute expiry and it is also a loss. I’m down a little bit at 1/2 however I do like that my losses were by very narrow margins. I am talking a few pipets here or there. My win was healthily in the winning side. The losses were both very close, which gives me some positive info to report.

I’m down a little bit, no big deal.

Later that day, two long term binary option trades were taken. There were higher risk, higher reward trades that did not close for a few days. They actually took place from a Tuesday entry to a Friday closing. These offered the higher end payouts of around 300%. I did not expect these trades to be honest. I would not know the results until after my trip to Disney World that is planned for Thursday through Monday.

The system took two more short term trades for me the first day with one win and one loss.

My balance was sitting at $132 with two $25 trades still open with a $75 each payout if they win. If even 1 of them won I will be sitting around $155 or so.

Day 2 – Good Day – The next day was sweet as the system took three trades overall with 2 wins and 1 push. The push is returned even money. I’m happy so far with the system.

I left for Disney World – No Trading

I suppose technically I could have left the binary auto trader on while I was away and saw how things turned out but I want to see the trades taking place and I wanted to know the ins and outs of the binary automatic trading tool so I could do a real review for you.

I turned it off, had a blast at Disney and was back to work before you knew it. *Wow those character dinners are expensive, bring your trading account balances to Disney my friends!

I ended up losing both of the longshot 300% return trades.

My account is down to $132. I’m down $44 so far. That kind of sucks. Oh well, I’m in this until I bust my limited bankroll or I make $500.

Back To Work Testing The Binary Auto Trader
The first day back from Disney is an uneventful one. No trades were taken at all by the system this day. I’m not sure if I am connected correctly however I’m catching up on work and not paying attention to turning it on. It could have been on and just no signals triggered. I”m not certain.

Feb 6th – Back at the office and turned on the binaryautotrader today and made sure I was good and logged in. No action at all through lunch. I think the system maybe not be working?

Then at 1:45 or so I get a trade signal pop up on my screen. Yes – a winner. And by a healthy margin. I like to see that. Things are going pretty good. I am not making boat loads of cash yet but I’m a bit surprised.

Then, it starts going down hill. The next few days are a series of losses with a random win mixed in here or there. I’m going to go ahead and publish the review as it sits right now even though it is not portraying the BinaryAutoTrader in the most positive light. The truth is, you can see that the times I have been using the system have been reportedly some of their worst in performance so far. You can see the public results on their website (which I give them kudos for that) and decide for yourself. Just visit their site and you can see the full lists of results, wins and losses.

A Trading History Showing Most all of My Trades With Binary Auto Trader

Where do I stand at the end of this review?

My account balance is sitting at $56 $77, it just won another trade just after publishing this. I have enough for two three more trades if they both lose. Let’s hope we catch a good run and turn this around or I will have to conclude my review a recommendation to hold off on making the investment into the system unless you are prepared not only to pay the $179 / month fee but also willing to lose your trading account while the guys work to turn their results back around.

Even though I went broke using the system, there was something I liked about it. I like the system, it is simple and easy and it has potential.

I do not think it is a substitute for the highly skilled traders who do this for a living or those that want to trade profitably and will put in the man hours.

I do think that for the average trader who is looking to gamble a bit on the binaries and has the bankroll to take the risk it very well could turn into a profitable venture if the system runs good for a while. It seems that looking at their published record, my timing was about as bad as it gets as far as when I was running the auto-trader.

If you want to check it out, just visit their website here at I also encourage others experiences and thoughts on this product below, I would love your honest feedback.

Final Word: If you found this review helpful would you please share it on Facebook or Twitter? Thank you in advance!

Trade4me – Copy the trades of the Successful!

Trade4me – Replicate Success!

Trade4me is the first ever binary options social trading network, developed by SAS NEUTRINO in 2020. It is said that Trade4me is the eToro, popular Forex social trading network, for the exciting financial form of binary options trading. It was developed to have the same features that made eToro so famous amongst traders. The ability to copy other successful traders based on their real time, up-to-date statistics and profitability. This opens up an opportunity for newbie traders to earn their fair share of profits by simply piggybacking the best of the best on complete autopilot.

“This is the first service I actually made profits with. I simply love! Excellent support and a great overall trading experience. $1589 this week alone on complete autopilot! Thanks!! J” – John, UK

Want to START Copying the Top Traders? Open your FREE account Today!

Fast near instant trade executions is what makes Trade4me so unique. With over 3000 active traders this social trading platform is growing day by day, thus the biggest community of binary options traders. Their traders come from all around the globe so it’s not a surprise that they are serving traders in almost every country in the world. If you’re looking to auto trade straight from MT4? They got that covered via the to Metatrader API.

Trade4me | Who Says Binary Options Need To Be Hard?

Their stats speak for itself…

  • 71% last month win ratio (Top 3)
  • 3096 traders
  • 22916 trades copied

Do you have an EA or Indicator you want to use to execute trades automatically from your MT4 charts? They have the solution that makes this a flawless experience! You now have the ability to profit on complete autopilot. Stop giving your hard earned money to the brokers. Start withdrawing profits today!

Connect with other traders and copy their trades automatically!

Binary Options Copy Trading

Binary options copy trading is easy right? All you have to do is pick a winner and make a million? If that’s what you think then you must read this now!

Some Tips For Copy Trading Success

Copy trading is actually potentially one of the riskiest things you can do with binary options. Especially if you approach it with the wrong frame of mind. Believe it or not, it is not as easy as it sounds and it does take some strategy. Assuming of course you have chosen a good platform.

Broker Regulated Min Deposit Payouts Bonus
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For more information on individual platforms we suggest you check out the reviews. There are dozens of available platforms, many of them little more than gimmicks to attract traders. One platform we can recommend is Signal Hive which was voted best binary options signals provider for 2020, 2020 and 2020.

Another alternative to binary options copy trading, is a social trading network.

Risk Management When Copy Trading

Copy trading is just like any other kind of trading; you have to spread your risk around. Blindly copying is not the way to go. Just because a trader you like has a great record doesn’t mean that will continue, or even if that trader will be trading when you want them to.

For this reason alone it is a smart idea to follow more than one trader but there is still risk in that. You don’t want to use more than one trader if they are trading the same asset, you need to pick 3 to 5 assets and find traders you like for each. This way you are diversified in two ways;

  • First, you are not relying on any one trader
  • Second, you are not locked into only one asset.

This way if one trader or one asset starts to lose money you still have four that are doing OK.

When looking for a trader to follow build a list of possibilities for each asset. If you were the coach of a football team you would want to have a first string and second string right? The same idea applies here.

Obviously you want to pick the best one of the group, the one with the most logged trades and highest win rate would be my suggestion (over a long time frame), but you will want to have a back up for “just in case”. It’s possible that the trader you like best isn’t trading enough, hits a losing streak or simply falls behind in the rankings. When this happens its time to rotate them out of your portfolio and rotate in a fresh trader.

Selecting Assets

When choosing assets try to avoid unwanted correlations. Correlations are when two assets are affected by the same catalysts. They are primarily found in forex pairs like EUR/USD and USD/JPY which, in this case, move opposite of each other. It is impossible to avoid all correlations, the market is intricately entwined, but you can avoid obvious ones.

The reason is simple; it defeats the purpose of diversification. My suggestion is for a copy portfolio to look something like this;

  • Gold
  • Oil
  • An Index
  • A Stock
  • Two non-related Currency Pairs.

Trade Size

The final tip and perhaps the most important is to manage your trades and your traders. Use the risk controls provided by the platform, they are there for a reason. Simply put, this means don’t just follow a trader and sit back and forget it. Keep your trades small, I suggest using only 1-3% of your account per trade, and follow for short durations only. If not, even with a great platform and a good trader, you could come back to find your account wiped out.

Copy Trading with Robots

Copy trading via a robot increases risk. Automated trading means you lose complete control of your trading. There are risk management tools that can be put in place – for example limiting total losses, or the number of losses in a row. It is vital these tools are used. If the service does not offer them, look elsewhere.

Some Final Thoughts

Copy trading is OK. It’s OK to follow someone else success but you have to be smart about it. The first line of defence is picking the best platform. The next step is to actively copy trade and the above tips can help. Don’t be a greedy and blindly follow the hot trader of the moment. Take control of your trading and be successful. If you learn something along the way even better.

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Copy trading is where you automatically copy the trades of pro traders. Underwater Stock Options Copy Trading With Binary Options!

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