AdvCash – Successful withdrawal of funds. Offshore payment card

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AdvCash – Successful withdrawal of funds. Offshore payment card

It is worth to pay attention to AdvCash (Advanced Cash), expecially for all those who often use electronic currency and search for an advantageous option for their investment. This is, first and foremost, one of the most popular electronic payment system, which is actively used in most investment projects.

What can AdvCash offer you?

• multicurrency wallets (USD/EUR/GBP/RUB)

• instant exchange of currencies at the best rates with a low commission

• transfers in 200+ countries around the world (at any Visa/MC card or email)

AdvCash – fast, profitable and safe solution to your payment issue!

We should evaluate advantages of AdvCash, in order to understand that this system is really convenient and profitable platform for accumulation of money:

• 100% security of the system

• flexible protection of the wallet

• 0% commission for transfers within the system

• ability to transfer funds to third parties

• presence of an offshore card

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• withdrawal of cash at favorable rates

• intuitive and usable interface

AdvCash registration & verification

Registration is completely free. All you need to enter the name, surname, email and an access password into the required fields. You will get a notification letter of your successful registration after entering all the required information.

(!) One little interesting note: It is not necessary to specify your real data – name and surname. But if you plan to pass the verification in this system, then it is recommended to do so.

Verification in AdvCash includes three stages:

  1. Verification of identity: a scan of the passport page with a photo or a driver’s license – to verify the authenticity of the data entered. It usually takes from 1 to 3 days.
  2. Verification of the address: it is possible to provide a scan of the passport page with a residence permit or another document confirming the authenticity of the entered address. It also takes form 1 to 3 days.
  3. Verification of the phone number: you will be sent an SMS with the code to the specified number, which you will need to enter in the corresponding field on the site. On this the verification process is completed.

Many may ask why do we need to undergo the verification? In fact, the answer is very simple! Surely, you will be able to use all the features of the system without going through this procedure, except refilling the account via bank transfer.

Also, it’s worth briefly focus attention on the limits “before” and “after” verification:

• Before passing the verification procedure, the owners of personal account are able to refill it for the amount of 1000 USD/day and 2500 USD/month. Also allowable withdrawal of funds up to 500 USD/day and up to 2500 USD/month. Transfers within the system are possible in the amount of up to 3000 USD/day/month.

• In contrast to the previous, the owners of personal accounts, which have been verified, may refill funds in the amount of 99,999 USD/day or 250,000 USD/month per transaction. Possible withdrawal of up to 100,000 USD/day and 250,000 USD/month with a limit of 10,000 USD per transaction. The limit of transfers within the system will be 999999 USD/day/month with a limit of 99999 USD per transaction.

Therefore, it is recommended to undergo verification to gain access to full use of all the proposed features of this system.

AdvCash Wallet

You are able to open more than one multicurrency wallet (even if they all are in the same currency), with the ability to send a transfer within the system to the wallet number or even to the beneficiary’s e-mail address. As already mentioned, the wallet supports four currencies: euro, dollar, pound and ruble. Each of such wallets is assigned a unique purse number in accordance with the chosen currency – a letter and twelve digits.

AdvCash Card

The company offers plastic and virtual MasterCards (USD/EUR) equipped with PayPass system, with a free service and best rates.

Using a plastic card you may make purchases and withdraw cash without commission. As for limits, the withdrawal amount is 90 000 USD/EUR per month and 3000 USD/EUR per day. Concerning the replenishment of the daily limit? it is 3 000 USD/EUR. You can order a card immediately after registration without verification. Release of personal card takes about one day, after which the card is sent to its owner. It will cost – $4,99 including its delivery.

AdvCash virtual card is an excellent option for safe online shopping. Using this card you can make free transactions (only in the currency of the card), get free of charge service, as well as its instant replenishment. This card costs 1 USD/EUR and can be issued for 3 years. It is also available immediately after the registration in the system.

AdvCash money deposit and withdrawal methods

You can use Perfect Money and Bitcoin to refill account with a sufficiently low commission. It is particularly advantageous to use cards for transactions conducted in euros and dollars. In some extreme cases, you are allowed to refill your wallet with mobile operators. It is also possible to use e-currency exchange for replenishment and transfer of funds.

Therefore, properly acquainted with AdvCash system and learn about all the benefits, it can be confidently identified as one of the best payment systems for today.

Advcash – review of the Advanced cash payment system

Advcash – What it is and how it works, we will find out in this review. In the age of modern technology, almost every person working with online payment systems has an idea about electronic wallets. We will begin our brief review on one of the most well-known payment systems – Advanced Cash (Advcash). Although it is still a new system and is only gaining popularity, it can already compete with such giants as, for example, Perfect Money or Payeer . We will give you a brief overview about this payment system.

This review includes the following topics:

  • 1. Overview and History;
  • 2. AdvCash Cards;
  • 3. AdvCash Referral program;
  • 4. Registration;
  • 5. AdvCash Verification;
  • 6. Rates, balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds;
  • 7. Setting up the safety of the profile;
  • 8. Advantages;
  • 9. Disadvantages;
  • 10. Conclusion.

What is Advcash and how does it work?

Legal Information. Advanced Cash holds licenses from the International Financial Services Commission of Belize to do these types of business:

  • International Money Transmission Business № IFSC/60/237MT/18
  • International Payment Processing Services № IFSC/60/237PPS/18

ADV Project Limited: Suite 16, Watergardens 5, Gibraltar GX11 1AA.

For convenience, the users often abbreviate and simplify the name. Such abbreviations as AdvCash, Advanced Cash, ADV, Adv cash and others have become well known. Here is some general information:

  • The payment system is located on the official website .
  • AdvCash wallet has the address Passing the registration, the new user visits this domain automatically. The fact that you have come to the right place is indicated by the green lock in the address bar. This is a certificate of encryption and data protection, it uses the HTTPS protocol, and therefore, the confidential information of the users is reliably protected.
  • The interface uses only 2 languages – English and Russian.

The company was registered in 2020. The first day of work is 27 September. The place of birth – the city of Belize, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The successfully passed certification allowed obtaining all the necessary licences for work. Being an offshore office, AdvCash is not affected by the laws of other countries, which allows significantly reducing costs, reducing tax and provides anonymity. EPS has branches in many countries of the world, including Russia (the office is located near Samara, in the city of Togliatti). There is also a telephone support line and representational social networks. Here you can always ask your question and receive an adequate and complete answer to it. Advanced Cash supports several types of currencies which can be freely exchanged within your personal account:

  • Dollars;
  • Euro;
  • Pounds sterling;
  • Hryvnia;
  • Roubles.

Advcash cards

Previously Advcash was famed with its bank cards. For many customers it was the main reason why they chose Advcash payment system. Money withdrawing at ATM by Advcash anonymous MasterCard was a very popular cashout method at e-currency market.

The functionality of the site allowed you to arrange an order for a bank card issue absolutely for free, but only MasterCard. The card was serviced for free, but you had to spend a bit on its manufacturing and delivery. Any ATM of your city accepted it and took a commission, which was 1.99 dollars and did not depend on the amount withdrawn. The client had the opportunity to use not only a plastic card, but also create a virtual card. This service was available in almost all electronic payment systems. It worked as a standard, allowing you to pay for goods and services on the Internet. From February, 2020, unfortunately, for many customers Advcash company temporarily suspended card program. Advanced cash support team is promising to restart Advcash card program in 2020. When exactly it will be time will show.

Advcash affiliate program

There is an affiliate program in AdvCash. It allows you to receive a percentage of the amount of referrals transferred, which provides the account holder with additional income. Your account is credited every time Advcash charge fee from your referrals. You will get up to 20% of that commission from 1st level referrals.

Advcash mobile applications

The site is regularly updated, overgrown with new functionality, and also in future, at a later stage it is planned to release mobile applications for the convenience of managing payments through phones and tablets running on the android and ios platforms.

Concluding the brief review, I would like to note that the recently invented payment system AdvCash has already captured a certain part of the market of electronic payments and does not intend to stop there. So what do we need to work with this EPS?

Advcash – sign up

Naturally, in order to get started, we have to go to the official website of the Advanced Cash wallet. This procedure is very easy to go even for the most inexperienced user.

The registration has a specific algorithm. Let us consider it in detail. Going to the main page, we scroll down and see a button to create an account. We click it and go to the next step. On the new tab, we will be asked to fill in our personal data, as well as to select an account type for future use:

  • 1. Business – is often used by legal entities, as it allows for a huge number of operations;
  • 2. Personal – the account is needed if you are a natural person.

After selecting the account, enter the actual information about yourself. Why is it necessary to use real data? Everything is simple – they will be necessary for us for the further verification procedure in AdvCash. The details for the work must be written in English letters. Filling out the form, specify the name, as well as the surname and the actual email address. It will become the login for the access and the number of our wallet AdvCash. Then invent a password with a content of at least eight different characters (letters and numbers of different registers, special characters can also be used). It is better to use a completely disconnected set – this allows the AdvCash payment system to reliably protect your account from hacking. When we fill in the relevant information, we “give the go-ahead” to unlock the button for ending the registration. By holding the slider with the left mouse button, drag it to the opposite position and complete the registration (as shown in the image above). Next, a new page will appear, where you will be offered to go straight to work, or first verify your account and set up a secure profile. If you close this window, it is possible to go immediately to the personal data page. We have the ability to manage three main accounts (rouble, dollar, euro) and two additional (hryvnia and pound sterling). Properly completed registration, even without passing data verification, allows you to easily use all the features of Advanced Cash. But, if you want to transfer money from the card to the balance or cash out a large amount of funds, you will still have to verify your account, plus it will immediately protect you from the most potential incidents of mistrust on the part of the administration.

Advcash – verification

Under the name of the wallet, you can see the inscription “Not verified.” It implies that the owners of the system and its participants do not completely rely on you, which will limit some operations on the account. In order to successfully continue working with the service, we need the verification of the account. Therefore, click on the name located at the top of the window.

In the opened tab, you need to enter your personal data in the following order:

  • 1. Country;
  • 2. City;
  • 3. Post office index;
  • 4. Home address;
  • 5. Telephone number;
  • 6. Language.

You can still fill in the contact the details of Skype, but this is not necessary. The email box is already listed because it was entered earlier at the time of registration of the wallet. Click the “Save” button and go on. The “Verification” section requires a lot of attention, as it is the information which the AdvCash payment system operator will check. We have three tabs accessible. This is the address, phone number and passport. When you click on each of them, a window opens for loading the document. In order to confirm your identity, click on the icon “Passport”. Here you need to download the scanned graphic document, the size of which must not exceed 800 * 600 pixels. You can use a driver’s licence (scan from both sides). Make sure that the drawing is clear, otherwise the check will take longer and it is likely to get rejected. Then go to the window “Address”, where they demand from you:

  • receipt of payment for utility services;
  • bank statement;
  • document of payment for Internet or telephony.

There is no need to send all the documents. The main thing – the accuracy of information recognition, as well as an indication of the name and address on the same page. The complete list of the possible documents and requirements for them are specified on the company’s website.

Usually the information is checked during the day, excluding holidays and weekends. When the specialist is authenticated, you will receive an email about the wallet verification results. If the fields and forms are filled correctly, you will be provided with additional features of the Advanced Cash payment system, as well as guaranteed account security. If the test fails, the operator will tell you the reason. You just need to fix the error. The telephone is attached very simply: just enter the number, and you will receive a message. It will contain the code that must be entered into the check box. Now the verification of the AdvCash account is completed. By logging into your personal account, you will see a status change near your name. Next, we will deal with the proposed rates, as well as determine how to operate the payment system.

Advcash – Rates, balance replenishment and cashout

Each payment service has its own tariff grid of operations. Advanced Cash provides a fairly democratic commission for various transfers, wallet replenishment and withdrawals. Account replenishment is performed by several methods. Enter the page of your account and open the appropriate tab. Then you have to choose the desired amount, the method of payment and indicate in which of the currencies you want to receive it.

Balance replenishment is possible by using the following methods:

  • Ecurrencies;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Top up with a bank card;
  • Payment from a mobile phone;
  • The use of exchange points. Each such point with which the company cooperates puts forward different conditions.

It is necessary to carefully find out which method is the most beneficial for you, because the percentage taken during the transfer is different. Internal transfers will be available if you go to the tab “Transfer Funds”. Further, according to the algorithm, you must select the recipient and approve the operation. Withdrawal is the same as replenishment. Methods for cashing money are specified above, therefore, we will not go into details.

It is very convenient in this case to use the protection code: until the payer enters the code (reported by you personally), he will not receive the right to use the electronic means. If the code has not been used, the money is returned.

Advcash – Profile Security Settings

Now we know a little more about the Advanced Cash electronic payment system. And, to provide pleasant and safe work in it, you must protect your account from various types of fraud.

A standard set of functions will allow it. In order to do this, go to the section in the top menu “Security Settings”.

Advanced Cash supports several ways to protect your e-wallet:

IP identification. Here you can specify the allowed IP addresses which you consider safe to enter. If the input was made from another place, the security system will prohibit any manipulations;

The intellectual recognition method. It turns on automatically after registration. If you change any of the settings, Advanced Cached will ask you to enter a pin code of several numbers, which has been sent to an email box tied to your account;

SMS authorization. It is a standard procedure which includes receiving a message with the necessary code;

The use of a code card involves obtaining a graphic image containing a set of unique characters. With each transfer of money, you will need to enter the code from the picture. The copy is sent to the email box;

The password for payment. The user has the opportunity to invent his/her own unique password, which will requested by the EPS for each operation;

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When transferring and receiving large electronic amounts, this method will be the right one. It will reliably protect your wallet, if all funds are stored on the same account.

You can personally choose what level of data security you need. It depends on the volume of the payment transactions and the amount of money in the account. First you need at least a minimum security setting.

Advantages of AdvCash

When using any payment system, there will be some advantages for you, but, at the same time, there will be also some disadvantages.

We propose to consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the payment system AdvCash.


  • Multi-level protection of the wallet;
  • The opportunity to have passive income (affiliate program);
  • Transfers within the system without commission;
  • Issue of your own cards for withdrawal of funds (Temporarily suspended);
  • Convenient verification by SMS;
  • Anonymity of the user (offshore);
  • Low fees;
  • New features and options added regularly.;
  • Several ways of depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • The ability to work with a wallet without verification (although not recommended).

Disadvantages of AdvCash

There are more advantages than disadvantages, but there are some disadvantages as well:

  • Payment cannot be returned if you make a mistake when entering the recipient’s data (except for the cases when the code is used – this is stated above);
  • Replenishment from the mobile account is subject to a large percentage of the commission;
  • So far there are no applications for managing the wallet from a smartphone or tablet.

How to buy Advcash?

If you want to buy Advcash fast, secure and with low fee, then you can use XMLGold Online Currency Converter . XMLGold provides on of the best rates for e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange at the market. Quite often XMLGold has special offers with zero fee or even bonuses for currency exchange. Thanks to XMLGold you will be able to buy or sell AdvCash with Sepa Transfer EUR, Wire Transfer EUR/GBP/USD, Perfect Money EUR/USD, Payeer EUR/USD, Epay EUR/USD, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Ecoin , C-CEX , XMLToken etc.

In mostly cases currency exchange will be instant and with low fees. XMLGold is one of the most reliable online e-currency exchange platform, works already more than 12 years (since 2006). Besides low exchange rates XMLGold also offers profitable Referral and Discount programs to its customers. Plus the same like Advcash, XMLGold offers also a Prepaid Card program to its customers. At the moment, unfortunately, Prepaid Card program is temporarily suspended.

Conclusion and feedbacks on AdvCash

Taking into account the relatively recent start of work, Advanced Cash regularly performs all the basic functions of an electronic payment system. Its development goes by leaps and bounds, thanks to the competent developers.

The experts predict a big future for this system, as the number of clients is growing day after day. This conclusion is quite logical, because the service provides its users with a huge number of opportunities, as well as cares about their security at the highest level. It is enough to talk with a person who has been using this EPS for quite a long time, and he will immediately advise you to register for this system. Concluding the review on the use of Advanced Cash, I would like to make some recommendations which are applied to all payment systems: be sure to set up a secure login, do not keep all your personal funds on one account and be careful when entering passwords, never disclose them to unknown persons.

Advcash — wallet, login, registration and Advanced Cash reviews

Advcash is an online payment processing and money transfer system that has been operating since 2020. The service offers more than 20 different ways to replenish a virtual wallet, which effectively replaces the physical one in the online and mobile environment.

Advcash supports transfers in both fiat (national) currencies and cryptocurrencies. The last option to withdraw funds involves transferring money to cryptocurrencies without commission at the internal rate of the service.

Thus, Advcash is a worthy competitor for older EPS, such as Qiwi or Payeer.

What kind of service it is and how it works, we will consider in more detail later in the article.

What is Advcash

Advanced Cash (Advcash) is, first of all, an electronic wallet that customers from different countries use to make online payments in real time.

Being an offshore company, the legislative principles of other countries do not apply to the service, so that Advcash can afford to significantly reduce costs and taxes, while ensuring the proper level of anonymity of its customers.

Advcash supports settlements in the following fiat currencies:

In addition to the above currencies, it allows customers to make transfers in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash and Tether.

Advcash can be an ideal platform for those who are looking for a global alternative to national providers of banking and financial services due to the support of a huge range of financial instruments necessary for comfortable settlements.

Clients can also always transfer money to any other AdvCash wallet without commission or any restrictions. The best part is that this process does not require verification. At the same time, identity verification will become an integral part of working in the system, if necessary, to use more advanced features.

Service developers are constantly working to improve it by adding new functionality.

According to the information provided on the Advcash website, soon the service will delight its customers with the addition of a mobile application. The upcoming update will allow everyone to manage payments through the use of smartphones and tablets based on IOS and Android.

Advcash registration

How to register in Advcash:

  1. Go to the official Advcash website.
  2. Select the type of account – Personal or Business.
  3. Enter your personal data.
  4. Verify your account by clicking on the link in the email.
  5. Congratulations! You are registered in Advcash.

Advcash supports the interface in Russian and English, thus making it absolutely accessible for customers from the CIS countries.

Creating a wallet begins with the transition to the official website of the service. On the main Advcash page, click on the “Become a customer” button at the bottom of the main page. As another option, to register, use the “Login” located in the upper right corner, and then click “Register” in a new window. Regardless of which option a potential client will use, in the end he will be redirected to the same page.

So, in the window that appears, the system will offer to fill in personal information, the type of which will vary depending on the purposes of using the account.

Upon successful registration, the user will be redirected to the Advcash account created by him.

Registration of Personal Account

To register a personal account, the system will request information about the name, surname, email of the potential client. The specified email will be used as a login to access the payment system.

Special attention should be paid to a password, which should include at least eight characters. Do not forget that the more complex the password, the more reliable the account protection.

We register the requested data in English letters and click “Register”.

Upon registration, a greeting letter from AdvCash will be sent to the specified email, and the user will be redirected to a page containing information about the protection and verification of your personal account.

Next, close the window and get into your personal account.

Business account registration

When registering a business account, the user will need to fill out information about the director or authorized person (name, surname), company name, company website (optional), type of activity, company country of operation, postal code, city and legal address.

Click “Save and continue”, after which we get to the tab that requires entering an email, password and phone, to which SMS will be sent with a code. Email will be the login to access the AdvCash system.

Click “Register” and in a new window enter the code that came to the number indicated on the form.

Upon registration, a greeting letter from Advcash will be sent to the email specified in the registration form, and the user will be redirected to a page containing information on the protection and verification of your personal account.

In order to get directly to the wallet, click on the cross in the upper corner of the window, or on the button “Go to work”.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the AdvCash policy, since by clicking the “Register” button, it is believed that the user automatically accepts the terms of use of the service. This condition applies to both users of a personal account and business.

Advcash login

How to log in to your AdvCash account:

  1. Log in to the official page of the service.
  2. Click on the “Login” button, which is located at the top right.
  3. Enter the mail and password that the user specified on the platform during the registration process.
  4. Click on “Enter Advanced Cash.”

If the user has forgotten the password, it can be restored by clicking on the “Forgot password?” Button in the account login window.

After that, the Advcash system will ask you to enter the mail tied to the account, to which a letter will be sent further with further instructions and a new password.

However, from personal experience, we note that when trying to request a password recovery, the system does not always respond from the first attempt to clicking the “Forgot password?” Button, so it’s better not to forget it.

Upon the fact of successful login, the user is redirected to a page that contains information about the registered account.

At the top of the interface contains information:

  • About the account holder and the time of the last activity in the account;
  • About correspondence with the support service of the service (creating tickets and answers to them);
  • About security settings (increase account reliability);
  • About the referral program (20% of the commission from transactions of referrals of the 1st level);
  • About vulnerabilities found (notification of bugs in the system for a fee).

The first thing you need to do after registering on Advcash is to set up your profile, as well as implement all possible steps to increase the security of your account. To do this, click on your name at the top of the interface.

AdvCash Security Configuration

Let’s dwell in more detail on the item “Configuring Security”. Reliability of funds is the main need of each client when working with finances.

Thus, the payment service offers to improve the level of security by adding:

  • Identification according to various network parameters;
  • Bindings to IP addresses, that is, the input may be limited to the specified IP;
  • One-time password protection by activating two-factor authentication (2FA);
  • Requesting a password by the system when making a payment;
  • Special code card;
  • SMS authorization at every login.

All features except the last are provided by the service for free, when notified via SMS, the system automatically charges $ 0.1 per message.

Note that if there is no activity on the page for more than 15 minutes, AdvCash can stop the session for security reasons. You must log in again to resume.

So, the system provides the ability to manage three main accounts (Russian ruble, US dollar, Euro) and four additional (Ukrainian hryvnia, British pound sterling, Kazakhstan tenge and Brazilian real), which will have to be protected from potential threats.

Each currency account is assigned a unique wallet, which is necessary to receive payments.

Advanced Cash allows users to:

Top up accounts. So, replenishment of the account is possible with the help of bank cards, for cryptocurrency, with the help of bank transfer, Internet banking and for cash;

Transfer funds and monitor transactions.

In case of any problems or questions, service customers can refer to the FAQ in the support section, or contact via online chat or by phone.

The user will not be able to fully use the Advcash service until verification is completed. More on this in the next section.

Advcash Verification

In order to pass verification on Advcash you need to do the following:

  • Step 1. Go to the “Profile” of the user.
  • Step 2. Go to the “Verification” section.
  • Step 3. Verify your identity.
  • Step 4. Confirm the address of residence.
  • Step 5. Confirm the mobile phone number.
  • Step 6. Verification on Advcash passed.

Successful verification is the key to trust on the part of the administration. Verification is possible only for persons at least 18 years old.

Until the user’s data is approved by the service’s security service, the user’s name will be “Not verified”. If you hover over this inscription, the following will appear:

“We recommend that you pass verification in order to use all the features of the system without restrictions. To start verification, click here. “

Actually, and click. Next, a profile opens, in which we select the “Verification” section.

The following window will appear:

Here the user is given the opportunity to get acquainted with typical questions, which will help in the successful implementation of all system requirements.

So, the system requests passport data, the address at which the user lives and the mobile number. Provided that all the necessary documents have already been found and scanned or photographed, it will take no more than 5 minutes to do everything.

Let’s start in order. The security service of the service, first of all, expects a copy of the passport or driver’s license from the account holder. The image should be full, clear and color, larger than 800×600 pixels in the format of JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, not more than 8MB. We load the document by clicking on the button “Download a copy of the document” and select the required document.

After the document has been sent, we proceed to the verification stage of the address. In this case, the following documents are suitable:

  1. Copy of receipt for utilities, for Internet or landline phone;
  2. Bank / card account statements with a seal and signature of a bank representative;
  3. A document confirming the opening of an account in your name with the seal and signature of the bank representative, registration in the passport, notification from the tax.

The document, the issuance of which must be made no earlier than 3 months before the provision (does not apply to registration in the passport and driver’s license), must contain information about the name, surname and current address of residence. We load the document from the device by clicking on the “Download a copy of the document” button.

And the final step is to verify the user’s phone number. In the form we enter your phone number and then click “Verify”. An SMS with a code will come to the indicated number, which we enter next.

Dates may be delayed if verification is completed on weekends or holidays.

But in the end, the user will be able to freely use all the features of the Advanced Cash payment system.

Advcash Card

The service has earned the attention of users due to the availability of the payment card issue option. At the beginning of its development, Advcash took the right step by concluding an agreement with MasterCard aimed at the issue of plastic cards. Now Advcash boasts not only cards from MasterCard, but also from the payment giant Visa.

The service has earned the attention of users due to the availability of the option to issue a payment card. At the beginning of its development, Advcash took the right step by concluding an agreement with MasterCard aimed at the issue of plastic cards. Now Advcash boasts not only cards from MasterCard, but also from the payment giant Visa.

So, in order to order a service card, you must click on the “Create a map” button on the left side of the interface. As a result, a list of cards available for ordering will appear. All cards are divided depending on the region of use (World, European Union, Russia) and on type (virtual and plastic). Let’s consider each in more detail.


Only supports US dollars. Issuing a plastic card will cost $ 14.99, while a virtual one will cost $ 7.99. The validity period of both is three years, with free maintenance, a refund from the card to the service wallet in the system

The fees charged by the service for issuing funds on a plastic card in USD are $ 2.99. In this case, the removal from the virtual is completely free. The plastic card has restrictions on withdrawing funds through an ATM ($ 5,000 or 10 withdrawals in one day) and making purchases ($ 10,000 or 25 transactions in one day).

The European Union

Supports US Dollar and Euro. Issuing a plastic card will cost $ 24.99, and a virtual one at $ 14.99. The validity period of both is three years, with free maintenance, a refund from the card to the service wallet and making purchases.

The withdrawal fee is from € 1.99 to € 2.99 on a plastic card, and is completely absent when withdrawing from a virtual card. A Visa plastic card has restrictions on withdrawing funds through an ATM (€ 80 per day or 5 withdrawals; € 250 per year) and making purchases from a card (€ 250 or 25 transactions per day). As verification progresses, the limits can be increased.


Supports US Dollar and Russian Ruble. Unlike the previous ones, the release of this type of card is possible in three variations: Standart (₽799), Pro (₽1099) and a virtual Standart card (₽199). The validity period is three years, with free maintenance, a refund from the card to the service and shopping wallet (for plastic cards).

The commission for replenishment from the AdvCash system on any card is from ₽69. A plastic card has restrictions on withdrawing funds through an ATM (₽5000 per day for Standart cards and ₽60000 per day for Pro cards) and making purchases from a card (₽200000 per day for Standart cards and ₽600000 per day for type cards Pro). As verification progresses, the limits can be increased. None of the cards are currently available for order.

At the moment, employees have announced the beta stage of a new type of international card in the US Dollar, during which everyone can participate in the card program.

To issue a request for receipt, you must click on the “Order” button under the card you are interested in. We check the name, indicate the real date of birth, select the delivery address, delivery method. Delivery is possible either on a free basis (the card will be sent by mail in an envelope) or for $ 66.97 in case of delivery within 10 days. Note that the amount of payment for the card is $ 3 more than originally indicated!

When ordering a card, we also confirm that we are familiar with the rules for using the payment service.

If the user is satisfied with the price, then the funds will be withdrawn from the wallet specified in the AdvCash system, and the card will be prepared for sending to the new owner.

Advcash Replenishment

How to replenish AdvCash:

Step 1. In the header, select the tab “Deposit”.

Step 2. Choose the amount and currency.

Step 3. Choose a country.

Step 4. Choose the most convenient way to replenish.

Step 5. Click to receive.

Step 6. We are waiting for the receipt of funds in the account.

The payment system offers to replenish an extensive range of options, among which everyone will find the most suitable:

  • Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, World, others) with a commission of 1.99% -3.49%.
  • For cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT, ZEC, BCH, ETH, XRP) without commission, except for Tether $ 1.00.
  • With competing payment systems (Yandex.Money, Qiwi) with a commission of 4.99%.
  • Bank Transfer (SEPA) with a fee of $ 1.09.
  • Internet banking (ATF24, Bank RBK24, Alfa-Click) with a commission of 3.49%.
  • Cash (transactions are provided by third-party services).
  • Online exchangers.

You can learn about exchange services that support this EPS through the use of aggregator services, for example BestChange.

Depending on the location of the user, the list of proposed replenishment methods may vary.

Advcash Conclusion

How to withdraw money from Advcash:

Step 1. In the header, select the “Transfer funds” tab.

Step 2. Choose the amount of currency.

Step 3. We indicate the number of the account, card, email, depending on the withdrawal method used.

Step 4. Click Continue.

Step 5. Confirm the conclusion.

Step 6. We are waiting for the funds to be credited.

So, you can withdraw money from AdvCash in the following ways:

  • Inside the AdvCash system (to another account).
  • To a bank card account.
  • An international transfer is processed within 3 days with a commission of $ 6 + 1.49%.
  • To a bank account using SEPA, SWIFT.
  • To cryptocurrency wallet address.
  • Getting money “on hand”.
  • To email.

Note that withdrawal fees for SEPA directions and cards at the time of writing are reduced. Therefore, at any time, their size may change in the direction of increase.

Advcash and cryptocurrencies

Advanced Cash is another very popular and convenient way to purchase cryptocurrency with complete confidentiality.

Note that the system offers replenishment based on your own course, which can be found on the main page of the resource at the top of the interface. The course for other currencies, both virtual and fiat, is also presented there.

To transfer a transfer to a wallet, the user will have to wait for 6 confirmations of the transaction in the Bitcoin network, that is, at least an hour. The same goes for cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. To conduct a transaction in Ethereum, the system asks for 35 confirmations, Zcash – 18 confirmations, Ripple – 0. The address for replenishment using any cryptocurrency can be used only once, that is, when the next operation is requested, the address will be different. There is no transfer fee.

Note that this EPS is supported by many cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, Binance.

Advcash advantages and disadvantages

We offer to consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the AdvCash payment system.

Among the main advantages of Advcash:

  • The ability to store multiple currencies in one account.
  • The ability to interact with many high-tech products from around the world (financial service providers in Russia, Ukraine and other countries).
  • Ease of transferring funds between Advcash users.
  • Ability to transfer funds by email.
  • Interaction with cryptocurrencies.
  • Availability of plastic and virtual cards MasterCard and Visa.
  • Opportunity to receive income from the referral system.

Among the disadvantages of this EPS:

  • Possible problems with verification of identity due to non-standard requirements for documents requested for KYC / AML.
  • The absence of all types of cards provided by the service.
  • The presence of hidden payments when placing an order for plastic cards.
  • Lack of application for Android and iOS.
  • While the service has an extensive set of financial instruments, which is constantly updated with new functions, the company employees still have work to do to make the service much more convenient for customers.

Competitors Advcash

Of course, Advcash is not the only service of its kind and has serious competition in the face of such companies as Payeer, Perfect Money and others.


Payeer is a service that processes bulk payments with various payment systems, bank cards and bank accounts around the world. It was launched in 2020.

Working with this payment system is simple and convenient. Perhaps its only drawback is the presence of fees for transactions, but, nevertheless, most investment projects prefer Payeer.

Supports multiple currencies in one account. In addition, the wallet of any account consists of the same numbers and differs only in currencies. Like Advanced Cash, Payeer issues its own debit cards.

Perfect money

Perfect Money is a well-known provider of e-commerce services. The payment system has been operating on the market since 2007. Verification is provided in order to obtain more favorable conditions for interaction with the system. The service is also multicurrency and supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Commissions in this EPS are considered one of the lowest on the market. Perfect Money also acts as a bank, offering a percentage of the amount stored in wallets.

In addition, the confidence assessment system allows participants to receive loans or lend money to other participants and receive interest for this, which is not in the Advanced Cash payment system.

AdvCash reviews

The service provides its users with great opportunities and has thousands of satisfied users.

Special attention is paid to the operational and meeting support service.

However, in the network you can find negative reviews. So, for example, users write about hidden service fees. You can verify this when ordering a card. We have already noted the fact that the declared value of the card on the main page differs from the amount that must be paid upon placing the order.

Users also complain about the intricate verification process. So, according to the recall of one of the clients, the system rejected the verification request in confirmation of the request for additional documents.

Someone is dissatisfied with the prolonged period of delivery of plastic cards, while the site says that within a month the customer will have it (or up to 10 days when ordering express delivery). And others complain about the long transfer of funds to alternative payment systems.

In conclusion, we will only give a few useful tips that are applicable not only for AdvCash, but also for any other EPS:

  • Be sure to connect the features that secure the wallet;
  • Do not keep all funds in one account;
  • Check the site when entering passwords (so as not to become a victim of phishing);
  • Never share passwords with anyone.

AdvCash USD

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Advanced Cash is a universal payment system, founded in 2020, in which everyone can create a multi-currency e-wallet for free, enter and withdraw various e-currency, make exchanges and make quick money transfers around the world. Users of the service are able to release the plastic card or virtual card on the official website.

AdvCash is an offshore payment system that cooperates with MasterCard. Each user has the opportunity from anywhere in the world to order a plastic personalized offshore card, which you can use to make purchases and cash currency at ATMs around the world.


AdvCash Review [ edit ]

The payment system AdvCash is easy to use, you do not need special knowledge and skills, spending 2 minutes on registration, you can immediately use the system and experience all the advantages of this EPS. After registration in your account you have 4 wallets at once: USD, EUR, RUB and GBP. There is no commission for internal transfers in the system, you can transfer funds to your friends and relatives without extra costs.

  • Low fees for depositing and withdrawing funds to the most popular payment systems, as well as to Bank cards of different banks and SWIFT transfers.
  • Security is at a high level. You can enable two-step authorization on the site.

Advanced Cash is one of the most common payment systems around the world, it is supported and accepted by almost all services and Internet projects, which will be useful for everyone when accepting payments and paying for services and goods in the network, investing in various projects, for transfers around the world and receiving payment for work (freelancers), etc. Convenient input and output of personal funds to Bank cards, payment systems (Payeer, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, PayPal, Perfect Money, etc.) and many popular exchangers (for example, can be compared through these monitoring of electronic currencies).

Withdrawal of money in another currency from the offshore card Advanced Cash is converted at the exchange rate of the MasterCard system, which is quite beneficial for many users in different countries.

Soon, an updated version of the service, Advanced Cash 2.0 will be put into operation. In addition, in the near future you will see a mobile application for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS. Advakesh has a large number of partners, including Bitpay, Protectimus (data protection), IDchecker (document verification and user identification), Interkassa (payment aggregator).

Wallet [ edit ]

Immediately after registration you can use your multi-currency AdvCash wallet. It is very easy to operate. In the sidebar you can always see the balance of the wallet. And at the top four main functions are concentrated: replenishment, transfers, history of operations and access to the support service.

AdvCash are they useful for anything?




hannibal the cannibal

Well it has some significant benefits:

1) you can setup AdvCash anonymous
2) you can load it with btc
3) you can withdraw to a Visa or MasterCard

Not too bad if you know what you are doing.



I find it quite difficult to get money out of Adcash with a good rate. The wires are unreliable (often down for weeks or months), they have “exchange” part which takes a large cut.
Card withdrawals are also partially disabled. They offer “cash withdrawals” in four or five countries which sounds basically like ML.

If your business is whitehat, I do not see many benefits. And even if your business is blackhat, you’d better know someone from inside of Advcash.

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